Siege Sold Out, No Re-Entries


We told you so. The Siege of Malta is running, and it’s running red hot. Almost 500 players are besieging the tables already, and there’s a waiting list, too.

To accommodate for the alternates, the tournament direction has cancelled the re-entry option. The Siege is now a Freeze-out like almost every tournament used to be 10 years ago.

The prize pool in this one will get close to a million Euro, and the winner will take home way more than early winners of the BOM did. It’s going to be a long two days for the players. In the past, there have been Sieges that were extended to a day three, so the finalists would get some sleep before crunch time. We wouldn’t rule that out for this year, too.

The late registration for the High Roller satellite is now closed. There are 183 players, and 20 of them will receive a ticket to the only official 3-day event this year.

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