So That’s Why You Play 5-3 Offsuit


Because you can flop awesome things with it!

Day 2 chip leader Flaviano Cammisuli just demonstrated his ability to flop tremendously well.

After Bryan Peterkin opened from UTG with a min-raise to 32k, Cammisuli defended the small blind. Moraru Romania came along for the ride in the big blind.

Flop (roughly 100k in the middle): 4 3 3

Cammisuli checked, Romania bet out 35k, Peterkin called and now Cammisuli check-raised to 105k.

After Romania folded Peterkin came over the top with a re-raise all-in for almost 500k. Cammisuli called instantly.


Cammisuli: 5 3 – trips
Peterkin: K T – flush draw

Now Cammisuli just had to fade a flush, and fade he did. After the turn and river fell T 6 this 1m+ pot went to the Italian who now is once again among the chip leaders with around 2.2m.

We’ll see whether he can make it to the final table of the Battle of Malta again. Once, two years ago, he was there and took home €37,500 for finishing 6th.

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