So That’s Why You Play Suited Rags!


Ting Ho doesn’t have too many chips but she definitely has a lot of heart (and her dog, of course).

The American woman is one of the most active players at her table and she seems to be always in there, no matter her hand.

Speaking of which, she was just in there with 6 3. She called a raise on the button and the flop was what dreams are made of: T 8 2 – a diamond flush.

It was checked through on the flop and the turn was another red card, the K.

Ting bet out and her opponent, who had now hit top pair (and the nut flush draw) with A K, moved all-in. Ting called instantly and after the river bricked she took home a 50k pot, eliminating her opponent in the process.

Now she does have some chips and, given the way she has been playing so far, it’s only a matter of time before she either increases her stack to six figures or goes bust.

We’ll be rooting for the six figures!

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