Sofia Lövgren Getting Bullied

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888poker pro Sofia Lövgren fired her 2nd bullet today after she busted yesterday late in the evening.

Today things started to look decent for her – and she even doubled her starting stack – but right now it’s looking a bit grim.

We just saw her lose a big(ish) pot against the French player Norman Renard. Sofia opened from early position to 1.3k and got two callers – one of them Renard in the big blind.

The flop was 8 7 5, and after a check Sofia fired 1.8k. One opponent folded but Renard check-raised immediately to 4.8k. Sofia called rather quickly.

The turn fell Q, putting a second flush draw on the board. Renard almost instantly moved all his chips – a bit over 23k – over the betting line and announced all-in.

It took Sofia several minutes to make up her mind what to make of this considerable overbet. Eventually she folded and surrendered the pot.

Now she is down to 30k chips – a bit below average.

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