Sofia Lövgren is a 10%er


Welcome among the chip leaders, Sofia Lövgren!

888poker pro Sofia Lövgren wont be bullied around any longer. Right after the break she managed to score a substantial double up against the German player Nils Berggren.

Berggren opened from middle position with a raise to 9k (minimally more than 2 big blinds). Sofia reraised to 31k from the cut-off.

It was folded to Berggren and he quickly came over the top and moved all-in for over 100k. Sofia had 70k behind and after a minute of deliberation she called the all-in.


Lövgren: A Q
Berggren: A J
Board: 2 4 5 T 5

Lövgren had her opponent dominated and the board didn’t bring any surprises. The Swedish poker pro now has more than 200k chips and is among the top 10 per cent in the field right now.

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