Sofia Lövgren Is The Bully


We had an opposite post yesterday, but now the Swedish 888poker player is on a roll!

Swedish 888pro Sofia Lövgren came in today with an above average chip stack and it seems like, she’s having a blast at the table.

Right now we saw her take down a nicely sized pot against no less than 3 opponents.

Arild Flosvik from Norway opened UTG to 12k – a minraise – and got 3 callers, including Sofia at the button. The flop fell 8 6 3 and Flosvik fired another 12k as continuation bet.

After one fold Sofia quickly slid a stack of blue chips over the line, making it 45k. It folded back to Flosvik who thought for a good minute and finally flashed an ace and folded.

Sofia is up to 250k now.

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