Sometimes 91% Just Isn’t Enough


Aces win 91 percent of all showdowns against A-K.

That’s quite a lot. But it’s not 100%.

Every now and then you lose a hand that you were essentially supposed to win.

If that happens during a small home game, that’s all fun and games.

If it happens in the late stages of a huge tournament in a pot worth almost one million chips, that’s a very harsh bad beat.

Italian Massimo Degiorgi just experienced such a bad beat when he was all-in for roughly 480k with aces against the Norwegian young gun Boerge Dypvik, who held ace-king.

The board fell K-K-7-6-8 and Dypvik raked in a massive pot.

Degiorgi lost most of his previously substantial stack and, probably, a lot of his poker spirit.

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