“Sometimes The Best Hand Wins”


It looked like the Austrian Pro Ivo Donev was down to his last lifeline already. The blinds are at 200 / 400 already and Ivo was down to 3,600 chips – only 9 big blinds. He found K J and the player in front of him raised. Ivo shoved all-in prompting his opponent – Andrea Murino  – to call.

Andrea turned over Q J and Ivo had him dominated. The flop made things interesting, falling T 9 5, giving Andrea outs for a straight. But the turn fell Q, giving Ivo a straight. “Sometimes the best hand wins”, Ivo exclaimed and after an insignificant 6 on the river, he raked in the pot. Now Ivo’s up to 8k chips and has at least some wiggle room.

By the way, if your best hand is a full house with 8-8-8, you’re going to win a nice 888 kit. Makes one feel like a sponsored pro. There’s also a prize for the first Royal Flush, but that one has already been taken to Italy. See below.

In the meantime, we’re closing in on 400 players for day 1A, and it’s still only the fifth level.

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