Well, Linni Meister might not be a poker professional but she definitely has heart and fun at the table.

With a bit more then 12k chips behind she found A 9 in early position and decided to make it 1,500 to go (mind you, the blinds are only 200/400).

The player in cut-off called and Eran Cohen in the big blind moved all-in for 7,500 chips.

Linni didn’t take long to call the all-in and the player in the cut-off folded. Cohan turned over K K and Linni seemed to be genuinely surprised her ace-nine was not the best hand.

But, as it so happens in poker, you don’t always need the best hand to win. The board fell 9 8 6 5 A to give Linni two pair on the river.

“Sorry!”, she shrugged and raked in the pot while Cohan is out.

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