Stubborn Opponents And Early Busts


Into the third level of day 1C, we’ve already been hearing dreaded “seat open” cry quite some times. Although the stacks are huge compared to the blinds – the average stack is over 100 big blinds at the moment – some players seem to become impatient or they run into set-ups and stubborn opponents.

The latter just so happened to the Norwegian Eirik Presterud. With J 8 he raised preflop and got one caller – Giuseppe Gambadoro from Italy. The flop gave Presterud seemingly an extremely strong hand: J T 7 – top pair, a flush draw and a gutshot to go along with it. He bet and after his opponent check-raised, the Norwegian went all-in on the flop.

Gambadoro didn’t waste any time and called with K J. Why bat an eye, when you have top pair, eh? Presterud’s hand now looked much less strong and after turn and river bricked he saw himself out the door. At least it’s still early and he can get on the waiting list for a second barrel.

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