Stunning Trophies from Mdina Glass at Battle of Malta 2018


The Battle of Malta came with a lot of new things for the players in 2018 including some brand new trophies from world renowned Maltese glass factory, Mdina Glass.

The first glass factory on the island, Mdina Glass is actually celebrating 50 years in 2018.

Founded in 1968, the company soon participated in international trade fairs and started exporting to Italy and America (more countries would follow later including Japan).

In 1987 Mdina Glass won the International Award for Tradition and Prestige in Brussels. And in 1996 former US president Jimmy Carter even visited Mdina Glass with his wife.

The company always focused on innovation and quality, also introducing new product lines every year – including trophies with glass engraving.

So how about these amazing new trophies at the BoM 2018?

BOM 2018 Trophies
BOM 2018 Trophies
Paul Jux Holderness winner Pink October Charity even at BOM 2018
BOM 2018 Trophies
BOM 2018 Trophies

Nevise Said, the daughter of Joseph Said, who took over the company after having been one of its first apprentices, told us more about these creations specially made for BoM 2018:

BM: How long does it take to craft a new creation like a poker trophy for the Battle of Malta?

NS: This needs our best master craftsmen – about 5 of them working together for the Main Event award. For the knights it takes our glass maker about 2 hours to do each one.

BM: How long does it take to actually “build” one of the trophies (once the idea is on paper)?

NS: Production takes a few hours and then we need another hour or so to put it together on the base.

BM: What was your inspiration for the trophies this year, and what did you try to express?

NS: We wanted to create trophies which reflected Malta and the battles that Malta faced in the past.

Eight persons in total worked on the creation of the Battle of Malta 2018 trophies! And one thing’s for sure; The winner of the BoM Main Event will need strong arms to hold the trophy. It weighs about 5 kgs!

If you want to know more about Mdina Glass and their products (and maybe order a very special gift for your beloved one), check out the website here:

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