BOM Main Event T&C

  • Registration closes after level 10.
  • Tournament will be played with a Big Blind Ante. The Big Blind will be posted prior the Ante in All-In situation.
  • Day 1 will end at 15% of the field remaining (all survivors will be In The Money).
  • Any player can forfeit his stack at the end of Day 1a & 1b and must announce it before sealing his chips in the bag.
  • Day 2 clock will restart from the earliest point in which a Day1 ended.
  • Day 2 onwards will have 60 Minutes Levels.
  • Day 2 will play 8 Levels with no dinner break.
  • Day 3 will play down to the Final Table.
  • The levels will be 45 Minutes when down to 6 Players, 30 Minutes when down to 3 Players.
  • We reserve the right to amend or alter any portion of the schedule.