Terms & Conditions


  1. In order to earn bonus points, insert the Club Card into the card reader while playing the slot machine or present your Club Card to the casino employee before the game starts at the gaming table.
  2. Bonus Point exchange value is 100 Bonus Points = 1 euro. The minimum amount of points that can be exchanged for money is 100 Bonus Points.
  3. Bonus Points can be used to pay for products and services, participation in campaigns or exchanged to money at Casino Malta’s Cash Desk.
  4. Client Card is personal and must not be given to another person.
  5. Casino Malta by Olympic Casino is entitled to change Client Card benefits
  6. Casino Malta by Olympic Casino is entitled to arrange the Bonus Points on the card in case of system error, any kinds of mistakes and cheating.
  7. If You have lost Your Client Card or it has been stolen, You must immediately contact Casino Malta by Olympic Casino reception by phone +35623710555 (24h)
  8. Olympic Casino has the right to close the Club Card and annul the earned Bonus Points if:
    1. The User has not used the Club Card for 6 consecutive months (unless agreed otherwise);
    2. The Club Card has been used contrary to the present Terms and Conditions;
    3. The User has violated the Gaming act (Chapter 400) of the Laws of Malta, the present Terms and Conditions, gaming rules of Casino Malta by Olympic Casino or other rules and regulations set up by Casino Malta.
  9. I agree that Casino Malta will process my personal data (first name, last name, personal identification code), My document data (identification document name, serial number, issuing time, issuing place, copy of identification document, identification document’s expiration date) and Club Card using data, incl. data about gaming sessions.
  10. Casino Malta Limited guarantees the security of any submitted personal information and allows any third person access the information only in the cases stipulated by law and in the terms of the program.
  11. I am aware that if I wish to add information about myself, edit or amend the data entered in this application, get information based on this data, decline it or make objections, then it can be done by sending a request to CasinoMalta@oc.eu or in Casino Malta by Olympic Casino Reception.