The Bubble Bursts At 212


Day 1B of the Battle of Malta Main Event has produced a field of 1,400 players. Just like that.

Unfortunately, 1,100 of them have already failed to secure a spot in Day 2 and there will be more casualties tonight.

But not that many.

As the field is supposed to play down to 15% of the field and right into the money, we’ll play until some unlucky, hitherto unknown player busts in 212th place.

That’s where the bubble will burst tonight. As soon as that happens play will immediately stop and everyone who still has chips will go on to Day 2.

Except, of course, if you decide that your stack is so small it’s not worth coming back. In that case you can forfeit your stack and start afresh on Level 1 tomorrow.

Actually you can do that twice as there won’t only be a Day 1C there’ll also be a Day 1D. Day 1D is set up as a turbo event with 15 minute levels. A true tournament for maniacs this will be.

But for now, there’s a 20 min break. We know you like it, so here are some chip stacks.

Chmura Dawid 425,000
Hagen Anders Flem 370,000
Mangum Jerome Steven 365,000
Hills Andrew Christopher 355,000
Laprik Sander 350,000
Wozniak Mr Michal 320,000
Guzman Pons Javier 315,000
Mawlod Samir Akram 310,000
Benshoham Avihai Hai 295,000
Nizar Abu Daoud 280,000
Goslings Johan 270,000
Navarro Francisco Ramos 260,000
Sahlin Daniel Gustav 260,000
Sidoti Santo 240,000
Burdett Robert James 225,000
Radgen Marc Martin 215,000
Peters Erik Gerardus 200,000

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