The Chessmaster Makes a Move


One player we have not mentioned today so far is Ivo Donev. The Austrian bracelet winner and chess master is still in this tournament with his 2nd bullet after busting mid-day yesterday.

Right now we just saw him score a much needed double up. He was all-in again Daoud Nizar from Israel and Ivo had the best possible hand to be all-in with: A-A.

Nizar could only muster 9-9 and after the board produced 5 rags, Donevs aces prevailed. He has 85k chips now – still a bit below average, but a stack he can certainly work with.

Ivo Donev is a poker pioneer in Austria and has been playing in live tournaments way before anyone had ever heard about Chris Moneymaker.

The fact that he’s still around and doing well tells you something about a “young man’s game”.

We’ve mentioned it before and we’ll do it again. Poker is the big equalizer. How old was Pierre Neuville when he reached the November Nine? There you go.

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