The Last Break?


With just 81 out of 451 players left we’re going into what could be the last break of the day.

Espen Uhlen Jorstad unfortunately is still short but all he needs is a double up.

Thanks to a huge hand we’ve posted for you below, Luigi d’Alterio has risen to the top of the chip counts and he’s looking down from far above.

D’Alterio is an online regular from Italy and his online skill translates quite well into the real world today. He sits comfortably with over 500,000 chips. That’s almost a ticket to Day 3.

Talking about the number three, all three female players are still hanging in there. There are also a few local heroes trying to keep the title in its hometown.

We all remember Alan Brincat, who came as close as possible when he finished second only to Antoan Katsarov back in 2014.

Live video coverage is called off for the rest of the day but will return tomorrow for with Day 1b action and the Pink October Charity tournament with Boris Becker at 6:30 pm.

Check out the Battle of Malta Facebook page to watch!

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