The Most Important Numbers of BOM 2018 Day 2


You can find the full data of all players that made day 2 below, but here are the key numbers in a nutshell.

The prize pool is €1,850,760.

1st prize is €300,000.

The min cash is €700.

The average stack at the start of day 2 was 167k.

The number of chips in play is 95.4 million.

The biggest stack at the start of day 2 was Flaviano Cammisuli form Italy with 808,000 chips.

The smallest stack at the start of day 2 was Giovanni Amato with 1,000 equalling a fifth of an ante.

Overall turnout is 3816 players. 570 players made day 2.

The Battle of Malta 2018 is the second largest live tournament ever played in Europe – second to the Colossus at the WSOPE.

The first prize is the highest ever to be paid out in Europe for this buy-in level.

The number of players we lost in the first 45 min of day 2 is 83.

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