The Story So Far


1,855 unique players in the first two days – 1855!

With 1.855 entries during the days 1A and 1B there were quite some who took advantage of the re-entry-option.

Re-Enter-King is Rex Clinkscales, who managed to enter 6(!) times. It all seemed to have worked out in the end as he bagged 152k chips yesterday. But he will have to finish somewhere among the top-50 to make up for the €3,300 investment.

With 5 re-entries Moshe Dahan has invested 2,750 Euros over the days 1A and 1B. He’s coming back tomorrow with 68k chips – below average and he’ll have a hard time to turn that into a positive ROI.

But the vast majority of the players did not to re-enter (as of yet). In total 1,855 unique players registered for the first two starting days and today this number is easily going to exceed 2,000 unique players, making this the biggest BOM by far – even without the re-entries.

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