Things Get Heated at Table 19


While strolling through the tournament area we came to Table 19 where a huge argument between players Daniel Zakod and Renato Rusmigo cooked up.

The hand was on the river and the board read 5 4 3 2 3. There were roughly 60k in the pot and Zakod checked.

Rusmigo mumbled a bit – what exactly he said was unintelligible and he fumbled with his chips. Eventually he had a stack of blue chips (worth 60k) in his hand and one white chip (worth 25k) on top.

He dumped them on the table and, while he was dumping them, Zakod announced a call and turned over A Q for a straight.

He called while Rusmigo was still in the process of putting his chips on the table. As soon as Rusmigo realized his opponent called he took back the single white chip and stated he never intended to bet it.

He also turned over his hand – Q T for a bluff.

Obviously what Rusmigo did was a string bet but it was unclear what the correct ruling would be. The dealer wanted to rule the bet as an all-in because she thought she heard him mumble “all-in.”

Zakod (obviously) agreed with this ruling. Rusmigo stated he only wanted to bet 60k and never intended to bet the single white chip.

One player at the table even suggested Rusmigo’s bet was made so slowly that only the first chip should count (as is usual when ruling against a string bet). The floor and eventually the tournament director were called.

After a discussion of almost 10 minutes they ruled that Rusmigo had to bet the blue chips and the white chips – 85k. Rusmigo was visually angry about this ruling, but at least his move was not ruled as an all-in.

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Table Seat Chips Lastname Firstname 6 5 2,165,000 Anastasakis Dimitrios 4 2 3,455,000 Angelousis Konstantinos  5 6 1,025,000 Atzeni Luca 2 8


Table Seat Chips Lastname Firstname 1 8 2,075,000 Demos Demosthenous 1 1 5,600,000 Diola Valentinos 1 4 3,490,000  Houssais Emmanuel Yamm Hubert