Things Just Got Nutty


On Table 21 we came to a turn which read T T A T.

One player was all-in and Fakhreddine Abdalah and Mateusz Moolhuizen were still in the hand.

Both checked.

The river fell T and with roughly 400k in the middle Moolhuizen shoved all-in for 3m.

Abdalah shook his head, took a close look at the board and stated “Isn’t that the nuts?”

The table remained silent and Abdalah needed more time to think. Moolhuizen called the clock and the floor counted Abdalah down.

After 1 minute he actually folded his hand with the nuts on board. Moolhuizen and the all-in shorty split the pot.

Apparently you don’t need to play all your nuts when you’re gifted with aces, kings and straights multiple times in half an hour.


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