Three All-ins and Just Two Outs!


This classic suck-out just happened at Table 58 of the main event.

Swiss player Karl-Heinz Hochstrasser went all-in with what is widely known as the best starting hand in poker and he managed to get called in not one, but two spots!

The first player had queens. And then there was Hungarian player Mezei Antal, apparently a player with a rather loose approach to all-in situations. He called with pocket nines.

You know what’s coming. A nine on the river.

Antal brings the pot home and busts two opponents who, judging by their faces, expected everything except this happy end for the Hungarian.

Bad beat stories will be told tonight, that much is for sure.

The surprises might keep coming at this table since Hendrik Koops (3rd-place finisher at BoM 2015) has just taken his seat …

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