Ting Climbing


While Rex Clinkscales is now on his 6th(!) bullet in the Battle of Malta main event, his girlfriend, Ting Ho, is on her 2nd. And she already made the money with her first bullet yesterday.

Right now it looks like she might make the money with her second bullet as well.

On table 59 she just took out another player in a nasty cooler. After a raise and reraise pre-flop both saw a flop: A J 3.

Ting Ho bet, her opponent raised and she went all-in for effectively 35k chips.

Her opponent called and showed A Q for top pair. Ting Ho had that easily out-kicked with A K.

Turn and river blanked and now Ting is up to more than 150k.

Yesterday she finished with 40k chips. Let’s see how far she can take her stack this time!

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