Tonight, There Will Be a Roar


We’ve once again reached Level 16, the level when yesterday’s Day 1A finished and the bubble burst.

Today, however, we’re talking about three times as many players as yesterday. That’s a lot more short stacks trying to hold on to their last few chips.

The action has already seriously slowed down, and we’re looking just as anxiously at the tournament clock as the shorties.

Yesterday, there were cheers when the bubble burst. Tonight, there will be a roar.

Once again every player who makes the money will receive €500 in cash as part of their min cash. The rest will be paid out later when all the payouts have been determined.

Whoever chooses to do so can also forfeit their stack and just get a “new,” full starting stack tomorrow.

Meanwhile in the Crazy 888 Battle they’re down to the final two tables.

There’s almost €5k for the winner so expect that guy to show up on Day 1C and 1D tomorrow.

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