Two Final Tables At The Battle Of Malta Live!


It’s the final day of the biggest Battle of all times (regarding the BOM poker world). The players are sitting down and the first hand is about to be dealt.

We’re playing down to a winner today, and that person is going to win €300,000.

Parallel to the main event, the high roller event will also play to find a winner today. November Nine player Fernando Pons is one of them, so this is going to be a high class final as well.

In the regulations, it says that we will shorten the level times in the main event to 45 min when we are down to six players, and then again to 30 min when we’re down to three.

Of course, the TD can still make changes if they deem it necessary, but this should prevent the event to all the way into the night.

For now, let the battle begin!

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