Two Hands, Two All-ins, Two for Montagna


Salvatore Montagna was down to 14k chips – 6 big blinds – and sitting two spots to the right of Fabrice Soulier. It looked like he was out hte door when he moved all-in with 7 5 and was called by the German Jonas Rothmund with A J.

The flop even gave Rothmund top pair: A 3 5. Montagna was already up from his chair when the dealer turned over the last 2 cards: 4 6 – and unlikely straight saved Montagna.

The very next hand Montagna faced an all-in for 10k chips from another short stack – Robin Olsen. Montagna found virtually the same hand he just won against: A J. Montagna called and Olsen showed 9 7.

But the Swede didn’t have any luck with his suited semi-connector. The board gave Montagna two pair and just like that he’s up to more than 50k within two hands.

Meanwhile, Sofia Lövgren seems to have a better day today than yesterday, as she is now up to over 100k in chips.

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