Urbonas Scales Chip Leader Mountain


With more than 4m chips Mantas Urbonas was the 2nd chip leader behind Andrew Hills.

He was just moved to Sofia Lövgren’s table and the two just were involved in a medium sized pot.

It began with Urbonas raising from early position and Sofia calling in the big blind.

Flop: J 8 Q (200-ish in the middle)

Both players checked.

Turn: 2

After Sofia checked, Urbonas bet 75k and Sofia called.

River: J (350k)

Again Sofia checked and now Urbonas made a rather large bet – 300k. It took Sofia some time to make up her mind. Eventually she let got of her hand, handing Urbonas this 650k pot. Sofia is below average with 1.3m now.

Urbonas then scooped another big pot against the German player Marc Radgen. The two of them were all-in with Urbonas holding Q-J against Radgen’s A-K.

The board fell A-K-8-T-T to give Urbonas a straight. With this scoop he’s up to over 6m now and the new chip leader!

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