Vadenbring vanishes in 7th – (€41,000)


The next all-in followed shortly after. It was the Swede Gustav Vadenbring, now the super short stack at the table. He was left with less than 5 big blinds and thus his gameplay simplified enormously. He just had to find a somewhat decent hand, move all-in and hope for the best.

So that’s what he did.

He moved all-in with 9 7 and was called by Maxime Canevet wih T 5 in the big blind.

The board fell 2 3 K 4 6 and Vadenbring was out with a €41k payday. It’s by far the biggest payday for the rercreational player, and once he’s over the disappointment about having busted, he’s going to realize what a great feat this was for him.

With only 6 players left the level time will now be reduced to 45 minute to ensure the play finishes in a timely manner.

Nex payout: €53,000

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