Want to Bet On Your Pals at BoM? Try OlyBet!


Want to bet on who makes the 2018 Battle of Malta final table? Or which nationalities will be represented there?

How about on Patrik Antonius (or your poker home game buddy) to take down the title and legendary status as the BoM sole survivor?

This year you can! As party of the Olympic Casino group that now runs the BoM you can dial up an account on OlyBet and place your bets on the bets mentioned above.

Having trouble with one particular player at your table who has a lot of game (and a lot of chips)? Find him in the OlyBet menu and put a side bet down.

Never hurts to hedge, right?

If only this was around in 2015 when one BoM reporter (cough, this one) declared early on Day 2 that Nicolas Proust would win the whole thing. And then he did. 

We made nothing. Sigh. Check the video below to find out more.

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