Who Wants to Meet a (10) Millionaire?


We just saw a nice family pot on Table 24.

The 4x-raising-nut-folding-chiplead-contending Fakhreddine Abdalah is at said table and is involved in seemingly every other hand.

This hand began with Jen Ostergaard opening to 275k.

He got three calls, including Abdalah on the button.

Flop: Q T 3 (1.4m in the middle)

All players checked.

Turn: 5

Now Ostergaard bet 550k and only Abdalah called.

River: Q (2.5m)

Ostergaard quickly slid 800k over the betting line and almost as quickly Abdalah called.

Ostergaard showed A J for a bluff and Abdalah J T for a nice bluff catcher.

Abdalah now has 10m in chips!

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