Battle of Malta Terms & Conditions:

Main Event: Registration closes after level 10

• The tournament will be played with a big blind ante.

• The big blind will take precedence in all-in situations.

• Unlimited re-entry

• Battle of Malta reserve the right to modify any part of this program.

• Day 1 will end with 15% of the remaining field (i.e. all players remaining in the prize zone)

• All 15% will be in the Money for Day 2 • The Day 2 timer will start on the average level that day 1’s finished.

• On Day 2 there will be 60-minute levels On Day 2, 7 levels will be played without interruption for dinner.

• Day 3 will be played until the final table • The levels will be 45 minutes when there are 6 players left; 30 minutes when there are 3 players left

• The Promoter (Battle of Malta/Casino Malta) reserves the right to amend or alter any portion of the schedule.

• 5% will be deducted from the prize pool.