2022 Battle of Malta Champion Giuseppe Rosa Looking for Unique Title as Eight Progress to Final Day 10 Apr 01:45 by Frank

Three tables returned for Day 4 of the €600 Battle of Malta Spring Edition Main Event, hosted by Casino Malta. When the day had ended, only one table remained, with eight players on it. Those eight will return tomorrow, April 10, at 2 p.m. local time for the final day of the BoM Main Event. Among those eight is Giuseppe Rosa, who won the Battle of Malta Spring Edition Main Event in 2022. If he takes the crown, he would be the first two-time Batlle of Malta Main Event champion since the inception of the series.

Giuseppe Rosa

However, Rosa will be in the middle of the pack when the players return to the Eden Arena at Intercontinental Malta to battle it out. The person who will be eyeing the top prize of €100,000 the most will be chipleader Daniel Maunders, who finished the day with 15,130,000 chips, good for 130 big blinds when play resumes on the final day. Also fighting for the lion’s share of the €913,349 prize pool will be Greece’s Vasileios Zisis, who bagged up the chiplead on Day 2 and carried a big stack throughout the entire tournament before bagging up 14,170,000 chips at the end of Day 4, the only person besides Maunders to bag up an eight-figure stack.

In third, with a huge gap, is Italy’s Alfredo Cuti, who ended up with 5,630,000 chips in his stack, nearly three times less than Zisis. Also on the final table will be Swedish Malta regular Erik Lindqwist (4,815,000), Dutchman Jan-Joost van den Bogert (4,375,000), Italy’s Filippo Busatto (3,685,000) and the short-stacked Nico Frenn from Switzerland (1,965,000), all of whom are guaranteed €11,900 at the least for finishing in eighth.

Final Table Seating

Seat Player Country Chip Count Big Blinds
1 Daniel Maunders United Kingdom 15,130,000 126
2 Erik Lindqwist Sweden 4,815,000 40
3 Nico Frenn Switzerland 1,965,000 16
4 Filippo Busatto Italy 3,685,000 31
5 Vasileios Zisis Greece 14,170,000 118
6 Giuseppe Rosa Italy 4,750,000 40
7 Jan-Joost van den Bogert Netherlands 4,375,000 36
8 Alfredo Cuti Italy 5,630,000 47

Daniel Maunders

Remaining Payouts

Place Prize
1 €100,000
2 €76,200
3 €55,300
4 €34,320
5 €26,700
6 €21,050
7 €16,500
8 €11,900


Day 4 Recap

However, before the final table was reached, 16 players had to depart from the Main Event. The first to do so were the short-stacked Modestas Kryzanauskas and Andrea Agnoletto, who lost their preflop all-ins near the start of the day. Stefano Munafo was next to go, after his pocket queens lost against the Broadway of Antonino Calabro. Sokratis Papamavridis, Salvatore Lavolpe, and Kristian Dahl also lost their final few chips in preflop confrontations before Nicola Ciraolo jammed his pocket queens into the top pair of Antonino Arigo. The last player to go before the final two tables was the last non-European standing Mehdi Rebai. The Tunesian jammed his king-jack into the aces of Michal Janczarski and could not hit a miracle as he finished in 17th.

Slovakia’s Jakub Bosko had been navigating a short stack for a while at that point and finally got his final 12 big blinds in prelfop, but ran into aces as well. This time, Van den Bogert took the chips and Bosko was the first to leave the final two tables. One of three Greeks left, Dimitrios Gkatzas then jammed his ace-five into the sixes of Rosa and could not hit before Marko Lukso failed to hit his flopped flush draw against the pair of Busatto and exited in 14th.

After four double-ups for all-in players, Polish player Michal Janczarski lost a preflop flip for his final 12 big blinds and was shortly followed by start-of-day chipleader Rasmus Sepping, who knew a volatile day before losing a flip to then-chipleader Van der Bogert for 12 big blinds as well. The final 11 players went on a dinner break, and not long after they returned Calabro finished in tenth after losing the classic ace-king versus queens against Zisis. The unofficial final table bubble was Arigo, who jammed his second pair into the overpair of Maunders.

Antonino Arigo

The unofficial final table started with one ultimate short stack, Fotios Ntamaris. Ntamaris tripled up on one of the first hands of the final table and seemed to be back in contention, but not much later he got his top pair in against Maunder’s two pair on the turn and failed to hit the river to become the official final table bubble.

The eight players who remained then bagged up and will return tomorrow at 2 p.m. for a cards-up live-streamed final table. They will continue with blinds at 60,000/120,000 with a 120,000 big blind ante and play will not stop before a champion is crowned.

The live blog will operate at a 30-minute delay tomorrow in order to not spoil the live stream, so check back in at 2:30 p.m. tomorrow afternoon for full coverage of the finale of the 2024 Battle of Malta Spring Edition Main Event.


Final Day 4 Chip Counts 10 Apr 00:04 by Jason Glatzer

Check out the opening chip counts for tomorrow’s televised final table. Tomorrow’s action will resume with 21:24 remaining on the clock with Level 31 featuring blinds at 60,000/120,000 along with a 120,000 big blind ante. A full recap of the day will be posted shortly.

Place Player Country Chips Big Blinds
1 Daniel Maunders United Kingdom 15,130,000 126
2 Vasileios Zisis Greece 14,170,000 118
3 Alfredo Cuti Italy 5,630,000 47
4 Erik Lindqwist Sweden 4,815,000 40
5 Giuseppe Rosa Italy 4,750,000 40
6 Jan-Joost Van Den Bogert Netherlands 4,375,000 36
7 Filippo Busatto Italy 3,685,000 31
8 Nico Frenn Switzerland 1,965,000 16


BOM Photos – Day6 (Day4 main event) 10 Apr 00:01 by Igor Bezborodov
Giuseppe Rosa celebrating his Top8 Finish. 10 Apr 00:00 by Igor Bezborodov
Fotios Ntamaris Eliminated in 9th Place (€9,400) 9 Apr 23:53 by Jason Glatzer

Level 31: 60,000/120,000 (120,000)
Entries: 8/1,814

Fotios Ntamaris min-raised from under the gun and was called by Jan-Joost Van Den Bogert from the button and Daniel Maunders from the big blind.

Maunders checked the 9K4 flop before Ntamaris continued for 175,000. Van Den Bogert folded and Maunders called to see the T turn. Maunders jammed and Ntamaris called off his stack of 900,000.

Fotios Ntmarais: KJ
Daniel Maunders: T4

“Vamos!” shouted 2022 Battle of Malta Autumn Edition Main Event champion Giuseppe Rosa, who has been rooting for just about every player to hit the rail as the 4 river.

Ntamaris may have not made the official final table, but it was a heck of a run. He will not only have 9,400 reasons to wipe away his tears but he plans to join us in the commentating booth for tomorrow’s official final table with his unique insights on the final eight players.

Daniel Maunders – 15.1 million
Fotios Ntamaris – 0

Fotios Ntamaris


Fotios Ntamaris ha min-raisato da under the gun ed è stato chiamato da Jan-Joost Van Den Bogert dal bottone e da Daniel Maunders dal big blind.

Maunders controlla il flop 9K4 prima che Ntamaris continui per 175.000. Van Den Bogert ha foldato e Maunders ha chiamato per vedere il T al turn. Maunders ha fatto jamming e Ntamaris ha chiamato dal suo stack di 900.000.

Fotios Ntmarais: KJ
Daniel Maunders: T4

“Vamos!” ha gridato il campione del 2022 Battle of Malta Autumn Edition Main Event Giuseppe Rosa, che ha fatto il tifo per quasi tutti i giocatori che hanno colpito il rail quando il river 4.

Ntamaris potrebbe non aver raggiunto il tavolo finale ufficiale, ma è stata una corsa incredibile. Non solo avrà 9.400 motivi per asciugarsi le lacrime, ma ha in programma di unirsi a noi in cabina di commento per il tavolo finale ufficiale di domani con le sue intuizioni uniche sugli otto giocatori finali.

Fotios Ntamaris Lives To See Another Flop 9 Apr 23:31 by Aleksandar Georgiev

Level 31: 60,000/120,000 (120,000)
Entries: 9/1,814

Fotios Ntamaris was down to his last 400,000 which he shoved from an early position and got not one, but two callers in the face of Giuseppe Rosa and Jan-Joost Van De Bogert from the blinds.

The 29J flop was bet by Van De Bogert for 400,000 and Rosa threw his cards, he showed top pair J8 and on the other side of the table Ntamaris also had top pair with AJ but his kicker was way stronger. Fotios managed to hold through the last 2 cards 36 and got a full triple-up.

Fotios Ntamaris

Fotios Ntamaris è sceso fino alle sue ultime 400.000 unità che ha shovato da una posizione iniziale e ha ricevuto non uno, ma due call da Giuseppe Rosa e Jan-Joost Van De Bogert dai blinds.

Il flop 29J è stato puntato da Van De Bogert per 400.000 e Rosa ha sparigliato le carte, mostrando la top pair J8 e dall’altra parte del tavolo anche Ntamaris aveva la top pair con AJ ma il suo kicker era molto più forte. Fotios è riuscito a resistere alle ultime due carte 36 e ha ottenuto una tripla vincita completa.

Introducing Ladies Champion: “Champagne” Cheng Peng Tan 9 Apr 23:28 by Jonathan Raab

The Final Table of the Battle of Malta will be live-streamed tomorrow afternoon, but earlier in the festival the €150 FLIP Ladies Event was also covered, with Jason Glatzer calling the action. It was originally intended to be just the final table on the stream, but a late decision was made to cover the entire event.  A field of 53 players took to the felt, including double BOM ladies winner Emma “Emzy” Oliver, BOM host Patrisha Rimfire, and Daiva Byrne.

The final two players were Patrisha and Cheng Peng Tan from Singapore. It was a relatively short heads-up encounter in which Patrisha started with the chip lead, however, her opponent was more experienced and soon turned the tables in her favor. Cheng Peng was delighted with her win, you could see it in her celebratory pics afterward

Cheng Peng Tastes Victory Once Again

I talked to Cheng Peng following her victory to find out more about the new Battle of Malta Ladies Champion. 

Cheng Peng is a seasoned poker traveler who first learned the game in her twenties while visiting Macau. She had early success, winning a string of tournaments, and began to travel to other poker destinations soon after. However, this is her first trophy since 2011 and she is over the moon to have found her winning ways again. Despite it taking over a decade to lift another trophy (this is her 5th), she has made many final tables over the years, going close several times.

Macau has always been one of her favorite poker destinations, as that is where she learned the game, but she confessed that the result this week may have changed her opinion on this, saying: 

“Malta is now the place I love the most (for poker) as it has been 13 years since I last held a trophy in my hand”

Cheng Peng intends to return to play poker in Malta again but is also keen to see some of the island. She still has a few days left before returning home and hopes to do some sightseeing, with the Popeye Village high up on her list of tourist attractions. However, I think she already had her spinach this week, as she was invincible on Saturday evening. There was also some misfortune, as she ended up 19th in yesterday’s €200 IPF event, falling two places short of the money, or to put in another way, she bubbled the bubble. 

Cheng Peng has increased her poker travel since Covid, jetting off to play poker several times a year, as there is no place to play the game in Singapore, where she works as an administrator for an insurance company. But she is not office-based, so she is able to travel, play poker and keep up with her job during poker trips to places like Australia, London, Vietnam, and now Malta. 

Her nickname is ‘Champagne’ and this is purely because it sounds a bit like her name, however, she joked that maybe ‘Champion’ sounds even closer to how her name is pronounced…and maybe now it is more appropriate.

We love a success story on the Battle of Malta blog and to honor “Champion Champagne”, we broke out the bubbly once again!

Il tavolo finale del Battle of Malta sarà trasmesso in diretta streaming domani pomeriggio, ma all’inizio del festival è stato coperto anche l’evento FLIP Ladies da 150 euro, con Jason Glatzer a dirigere l’azione. Inizialmente si pensava di trasmettere in streaming solo il tavolo finale, ma è stata presa la decisione tardiva di coprire l’intero evento. Sono scese in campo 53 giocatrici, tra cui la vincitrice del doppio BOM ladies Emma (Emmzy) Denise Oliver, l’ospite del BOM Patrisha Rimfire e Daiva Byrne.

Le due giocatrici finali sono state Patrisha e Cheng Peng Tan di Singapore. Si è trattato di un incontro heads-up relativamente breve, in cui Patrisha ha iniziato in vantaggio di chip, ma la sua avversaria era più esperta e ha presto ribaltato la situazione a suo favore. Cheng Peng era felicissima della sua vittoria, come si può vedere nelle sue foto di festeggiamento successive.

Ho parlato con Cheng Peng dopo la sua vittoria per saperne di più sulla nuova campionessa del Battle of Malta Ladies.
Cheng Peng è una viaggiatrice esperta di poker che ha imparato a giocare per la prima volta a vent’anni mentre visitava Macao. Ha avuto subito successo, vincendo una serie di tornei e iniziando subito dopo a viaggiare in altre destinazioni del poker. Tuttavia, questo è il suo primo trofeo dal 2011 ed è al settimo cielo per aver ritrovato la strada delle vincite. Nonostante abbia impiegato più di un decennio a sollevare un altro trofeo (questo è il suo quinto), nel corso degli anni ha raggiunto molti tavoli finali, sfiorandoli più volte

Macao è sempre stata una delle sue destinazioni preferite per il poker, in quanto è lì che ha imparato il gioco, ma ha confessato che il risultato di questa settimana potrebbe aver cambiato la sua opinione in merito, dicendo:

“Malta è ora il posto che amo di più (per il poker), dato che sono passati 13 anni dall’ultima volta che ho tenuto un trofeo in mano”.

Cheng Peng intende tornare a giocare a poker a Malta, ma è anche desiderosa di vedere l’isola. Le restano ancora alcuni giorni prima di tornare a casa e spera di fare qualche visita turistica, con il Popeye Village in cima alla lista delle attrazioni turistiche. Tuttavia, credo che abbia già mangiato i suoi spinaci questa settimana, visto che sabato sera era invincibile. C’è stata anche un po’ di sfortuna, visto che è finita 19esima nell’evento IPF da 200 euro di ieri, finendo due posizioni sotto i soldi, o per dirla in un altro modo, è uscita dalla bolla.

Da Covid, Cheng Peng ha aumentato i suoi viaggi nel poker, partendo per giocare a poker diverse volte all’anno, dato che a Singapore, dove lavora come amministratrice per una compagnia di assicurazioni, non c’è posto per giocare. Ma non lavora in ufficio, quindi è in grado di viaggiare, giocare a poker e mantenere il suo lavoro durante i viaggi di poker in luoghi come l’Australia, Londra, il Vietnam e ora Malta.

Il suo soprannome è “Champagne” e questo solo perché suona un po’ come il suo nome, ma lei ha scherzato sul fatto che forse “Champion” suona ancora più vicino a come si pronuncia il suo nome… e forse ora è più appropriato.

Ci piacciono le storie di successo sul blog della Battaglia di Malta e per onorare il “Champion Champagne”, abbiamo tirato fuori le bollicine ancora una volta!



Unofficial Final Table Seat Draw 9 Apr 22:58 by Jason Glatzer
Seat Player Chips Big Blinds
1 Daniel Maunders 13,855,000 115
2 Fotios Ntamaris 830,000 7
3 Erik Lindqwist 6,095,000 51
4 Nico Frenn 2,210,000 18
5 Filippo Busatto 4,045,000 34
6 Vasileios Zisis 11,880,000 99
7 Giuseppe Rosa 5,690,000 47
8 Jan-Joost Van Den Bogert 6,495,000 54
9 Alfredo Cuti 3,420,000 29


Antonino Arigo Eliminated in 10th Place (€8,040) 9 Apr 22:51 by Aleksandar Georgiev

Level 31: 60,000/120,000 (120,000)
Entries: 9/1,814

Daniel Maunders raised 270,000 from the small blind and Antonino Arigo called from the big. The flop was low 637 Maunders check-raised Arigo to 450,000 after he bet 150,000 – Arigo called and we got a 8 turn which now had two flush draws.

Big 700,000 bet followed by Maunders, his opponent took his time and asked him some questions, the final one was “If I shove do you call” and Maunders responded with “If you shove I call” after which Arigo shoved for around 1,800,000 chips and Maunders didn’t lie – he snap-called.

Fotios Ntamaris: T7
Daniel Maunders: KK

Mounders had a monster hand, his pocket kings were well ahead of Arigo’s pair of sevens. The player at risk needed to find a ten, nine for a straight, or seven to stay alive in the tournament. Unfortunately, he didn’t find any of these on the 2 brick river.

Antonino Arigo finished in 10th place and will claim the prize of €8,040.

Antonino Arigo

After the hand players took a small break to be setup on the unofficial final table of the final 9.

Daniel Maunders ha rilanciato di 270.000 dallo small blind e Fotios Ntamars ha chiamato dal big. Il flop era basso 637 Maunders ha check-raisato Ntamaris a 450.000 dopo aver puntato 150.000 – Ntamaris ha chiamato e abbiamo avuto un turn 8 che ora aveva due flush draw.

Maunders ha puntato 700.000, il suo avversario ha preso tempo e gli ha fatto alcune domande, l’ultima delle quali è stata “se shoveo chiami” e Maunders ha risposto “se shoveo chiamo”, dopodiché Ntamaris ha shovato per circa 1.800.000 fiches e Maunders non ha mentito: ha snapchiamato.

Fotios Ntamaris: T7
Daniel Maunders: KK

Mounders aveva una mano mostruosa, i suoi pocket king erano nettamente superiori alla coppia di sette di Ntamaris. Il giocatore a rischio doveva trovare un dieci, un nove per una scala o un sette per rimanere in vita nel torneo. Sfortunatamente, non ne ha trovato nessuno sul river del mattone 2.

Fotios si è classificato al 10° posto e si aggiudicherà il premio di 8.040 euro.

Antonino Calabro Eliminated in 11th Place (€8,040) 9 Apr 22:31 by Jason Glatzer

Level 31: 60,000/120,000 (120,000)
Entries: 10/1,814

The action is down to an unofficial final table bubble after Antonino Calabro lost the most classic coin flip in poker to Vasileios Zisis.

Zisis opened for a min-raise under the gun before Calabro jammed for about 3 million from the big blind. Zisis called with Calabro at risk.

Antonino Calabro: AK
Vasileios Zisis: QQ

Calabro bricked the J39T6 runout and ended his deep run in the Main Event in 11th place for €8,040.

Vasileios Zisis – 11 million
Antonino Calabro – 0

Antonino Calabro

L’azione si è ridotta a una bolla non ufficiale del tavolo finale dopo che Antonino Calabro ha perso il più classico coin flip del poker contro Vasileios Zisis.

Zisis ha aperto per un min-raise sotto la pistola prima che Calabro facesse un jamming per circa 3 milioni dal big blind. Zisis ha chiamato con Calabro a rischio.

Antonino Calabro: AK
Vasileios Zisis: QQ

Calabro ha brickato il runout J39T6 e ha concluso la sua deep run nel Main Event all’11° posto per 8.040 euro.

Arigo Arigo Arigooo Double Up 9 Apr 22:23 by Aleksandar Georgiev

Level 31: 60,000/120,000 (120,000)
Entries: 11/1,814

Antonino Arigo was the shortest stack coming back from break and he was heads-up against Alfredo Cuti on the big. The pot was nearly a million on the wet flop of A97 and Cuti led for 125,000 chips. Arigo raised him to 280,000 and Cuti put him all-in for his remaining 750,000 which Arigo snap called.

Antonino Arigo: 8T
Alfredo Cuti: A3

Arigo looked in great shape with his flush and also open-ended straight flush draw against his opponent’s top pair, but that was until the A turn which gave Arigo some sweat. The river cam 8 and Arigo stood up and screamed from his chair after he won the pot.

Alfredo Cuti – 3,400,000
Antonino Arigo – 3,000,000

Antonino Arigo


Antonino Arigo era lo stack più basso al rientro dalla pausa e si è trovato in heads-up contro Alfredo Cuti sul big. Il piatto era di quasi un milione sul flop A97 e Cuti ha puntato 125.000 chips. Arigo ha rilanciato a 280.000 e Cuti lo ha messo all-in per le sue restanti 750.000 che Arigo ha chiamato con uno snap.

Antonino Arigo: 8T
Alfredo Cuti: A3

Arigo sembrava in ottima forma con il suo flush e anche con un open-ended straight flush draw contro la top pair del suo avversario, ma questo fino al turn A che ha fatto sudare Arigo. Il river 8 e Arigo si alzò in piedi e urlò dalla sedia dopo aver vinto il piatto.

Top 11 Updated Chip Counts 9 Apr 21:49 by Aleksandar Georgiev

Van Den Bogert continues his lead in the top 11 and now has just a little over 10 million stack. Players will be returning to the table in 20 minutes after their dinner break is over. They will play on Level 31 with blinds 60,000/120,000 and Ante 120,000. Who will be the last 8 players only the cards will tell.

Take a look at the final 11 players and their chip counts below:

Player Chip Count Big Blinds
Jan-Joost Van Den Bogert 10,030,000 83
Daniel Maunders 7,810,000 65
Erik Lindqwist 7,050,000 59
Vasileios Zisis 6,445,000 65
Alfredo Cuti 4,820,000 40
Giuseppe Rosa 3,975,000 33
Fotios Ntamaris 3,750,000 31
Filippo Busatto 3,745,000 31
Antonino Calabro 3,155,000 26
Nico Frenn 2,330,000 19
Antonino Arigo` 1,410,000 12

Van Den Bogert continua a guidare la top 11 e ora ha poco più di 10 milioni di stack. I giocatori torneranno al tavolo tra 20 minuti dopo la pausa cena. Giocheranno il livello 31 con blinds 60.000/120.000 e Ante 120.000. Chi saranno gli ultimi 8 giocatori lo diranno solo le carte.

Dinner Break 9 Apr 20:56 by Frank

Only 11 players remain in the Main Event, and they have been sent on a 75-minute dinner break.

Play will resume around 10:05 p.m. local time.

Sono rimasti solo 11 giocatori nel Main Event e sono andati in pausa cena per 75 minuti.

Il gioco riprenderà intorno alle 22:05 ora locale.

Rasmus Sepping Eliminated in 12th Place (€8,040) 9 Apr 20:54 by Frank

Level 30: 50,000/100,000 (100,000)
Entries: 11/1,814

Start-of-day chipleader Rasmus Sepping jammed in his final 1,200,000 chips from under the gun and was called by current chipleader Jan-Joost van den Bogert.

Rasmus Sepping: AQ
Jan-Joost van den Bogert: 99

Sepping was down to four outs when Van den Bogert hit a set on the T98 flop. The K turn changed nothing, and the A river did not bring Sepping a straight either, sealing his fate.

He left the tournament in 12th place while the 11 remaining players went on a dinner break.

Jan-Joost van den Bogert – 9,650,000
Rasmus Sepping – 0

Il chipleader di inizio giornata Rasmus Sepping ha shovato le sue ultime 1.200.000 fiches da under the gun ed è stato chiamato dall’attuale chipleader Jan-Joost van den Bogert.

Rasmus Sepping: AQ
Jan-Joost van den Bogert: 99

Sepping aveva quattro out quando Van den Bogert ha centrato un set sul flop T98. Il turn K non ha cambiato nulla e nemmeno il river A segnando il destino dell’estone.

Ha lasciato il torneo al 12° posto, mentre gli 11 giocatori rimasti hanno fatto una pausa per la cena.

Jan-Joost van den Bogert – 9.650.000
Rasmus Sepping – 0

Rasmus Sepping

Michal Janczarski Eliminated in 13th Place (€6,850) 9 Apr 20:54 by Aleksandar Georgiev

Level 30: 50,000/100,000 (100,000)
Entries: 12/1,814

Vasileios Zisis opened to 200,000 and got jammed for 12 blinds by Michal Janczarski who was sitting on the small blind.

Michal Janczarski: 44
Vasileios Zisis: 89

Zisis didn’t hit any pairs on the 7QT flop, but got 8 more outs to win the pot. The turn A was safe for Janczarski and the dealer put the J on the river that completed a straight for Zisis. Mariusz Janczarski finished in 13th place and will claim the prize of €6,850.

Vasileios Zisis ha aperto a 200.000 e ha subito un jamming per 12 bui da parte di Mariusz Janczarski, che era seduto sullo small blind.

Mariusz Janczarski: 44
Vasileios Zisis: 89

Zisis non ha centrato nessuna coppia sul flop 7QT, ma ha ottenuto altri 8 out per vincere il piatto. Il turn A era sicuro per Janczarski e il dealer mise il J sul river che completò una scala per Zisis. Mariusz Janczarski si è classificato al 13° posto e si aggiudicherà un premio di 6.850 euro.


The Dark Knight’s Final Fling is in Play 9 Apr 20:32 by Jonathan Raab

The Dark Knight is one of the staple tournaments at the Battle of Malta. Its a recurring €220 No Limit Hold’em event and this is the fourth edition of it during the Spring Festival.

When most people think of the Dark Knight, they instantly conjure up images of Batman, the caped crusader of Gotham City. I’m sure if poker was popular in Gotham City, the Dark Knight would be out there busting the colluders, breaking up the bot rings and generally acting like a super charged tournament director, to keep the poker games in the DC Comics alternate universe legit.

Malta has a rich history and the island was once the domain of the Knights Templar, who ruled the for over 250 years before being swiftly defeated by Napoleon in 1798. For some, the image of the Dark Knight might be a medieval version.

Personally, when I think of Dark (K)nights, the image in my brain is the cover picture of that classic piece of literature “It Was a Dark and Stormy Night” written by the world’s most famous beagle, Snoopy.

The tournament started at 8pm and there are 10 levels for late entry.

Il Cavaliere Oscuro è uno dei tornei base del Battle of Malta. Si tratta di un evento ricorrente di 220 euro No Limit Hold’em e questa è la quarta edizione del torneo durante il Festival di Primavera.

Quando la maggior parte delle persone pensa al Cavaliere Oscuro, evoca immediatamente le immagini di Batman, il crociato con il mantello di Gotham City. Sono sicuro che se il poker fosse popolare a Gotham City, il Cavaliere Oscuro sarebbe là fuori a sgominare i collusi, a smantellare i bot ring e in generale a comportarsi come un direttore di torneo super carico, per mantenere legittime le partite di poker nell’universo alternativo della DC Comics.

Malta ha una ricca storia e un tempo era il dominio dei Cavalieri Templari, che hanno governato l’isola per oltre 250 anni prima di essere rapidamente sconfitti da Napoleone nel 1798. Per alcuni, l’immagine del Cavaliere Oscuro potrebbe essere una versione medievale.

Personalmente, quando penso alle notti buie, mi viene in mente l’immagine di copertina del classico della letteratura “Era una notte buia e tempestosa”, scritto dal beagle più famoso del mondo, Snoopy.
Il torneo è iniziato alle 20:00 e ci sono 10 livelli per l’iscrizione tardiva.

by Snoopy


Cuti Has Some Advise for Sepping 9 Apr 20:26 by Frank

Level 30: 50,000/100,000 (100,000)
Entries: 13/1,814

Alfredo Cuti had opened and Rasmus Sepping made a three-bet to 650,000. Cuti tossed in a call and the 82A flop subsequently appeared.

Cuti checked to Sepping, who put in a bet of 400,000. Cuti then slammed in a stack of chips worth 1,700,000, and Sepping took one last look at his cards before adding them to the muck.

“Go all-in next time,” Cuti told Sepping as he was stacking up his chips.

Alfredo Cuti – 6,300,000
Rasmus Sepping – 3,050,000

Alfredo Cuti ha aperto e Rasmus Sepping ha fatto una puntata di tre a 650.000. Cuti ha effettuato un call e successivamente è apparso il flop 82A.

Cuti ha fatto check a Sepping, che ha puntato 400.000 dollari. Cuti ha poi sbattuto una pila di fiches del valore di 1.700.000, e Sepping ha dato un’ultima occhiata alle sue carte prima di aggiungerle al muck.

“La prossima volta vai all-in”, ha detto Cuti a Sepping mentre impilava le sue fiches.

Alfredo Cuti – 6.300.000
Rasmus Sepping – 3.050.000

Alfredo Cuti

Another All-In, Another Flip, Another Double-Up 9 Apr 20:19 by Frank

Level 30: 50,000/100,000 (100,000)
Entries: 13/1,814

Antonino Calabro limped in from the hijack before Nico Frenn committed his final 965,000 chips in the middle from the cutoff. The action folded back Calabro, who asked for a count, tanked a bit, and then made the call.

Nico Frenn: AQ
Antonino Calabro: 55

The TQ9 flop saw Frenn take the lead in the flip, and he would secure his double on the Q6 runout, ending up with trip queens.

Antonino Calabro – 4,850,000
Nico Frenn – 2,180,000

Antonino Calabro ha limpato dall’hijack prima che Nico Frenn impegnasse le sue ultime 965.000 fiches al centro dal cutoff. L’azione è tornata a Calabro, che ha chiesto un conteggio, ha tankato un po’ e poi ha fatto il call.

Nico Frenn: AQ
Antonino Calabro: 55

Il flop TQ9 vede Frenn in vantaggio nel flip, e si assicura il raddoppio sul runout Q6, finendo con un tris di regine.

Antonino Calabro – 4.850.000
Nico Frenn – 2.180.000

Nico Frenn, 

Blind Versus Blind Flips Result in Two Double-Ups 9 Apr 20:07 by Frank

Level 30: 50,000/100,000
Entries: 13/1,814

Daniel Maunders raised to 250,000 in the small blind and Antonino Arigo made it 800,000 to go in the big blind. Maunders then jammed all-in for 3,955,000 and sent Arigo into a tank of several minutes. Eventually, Arigo made the call and the cards were flipped.

Daniel Maunders: AK
Antonino Arigo: QQ

Maunders won the classic flip as the T3A57 runout saw him pair his ace. Arigo was left behind short with a stack of roughly seven big blinds.

Almost simultaneously at the other table, Fotios Ntamaris and Erik Lindqwist’s chips also flew in the middle blind-on-blind, with Ntamaris’ stack of 2,290,000 being the one at risk.

Fotios Ntamaris: 22
Erik Lindqwist: AQ

The JK4 flop brought some extra outs for Lindqwist, but the 2 turn nullified his original ones as Ntamaris made a set. The J river upgraded him to a full house and the Greek player booked a nice double-up with his ducks.

Daniel Maunders – 8,010,000
Erik Lindqwist – 5,375,000
Fotios Ntamaris – 4,680,000
Antonino Arigo – 735,000

Daniel Maunders

Daniel Maunders ha rilanciato a 250.000 nel piccolo buio e Antonino Arigo ha puntato 800.000 nel grande buio. Maunders ha poi fatto un all-in per 3.955.000, mandando Arigo in un tank di diversi minuti. Alla fine, Arigo ha fatto il call e le carte sono state girate.

Daniel Maunders: AK
Antonino Arigo: QQ

Maunders vinse il classico flip: il runout T3A57 lo vide accoppiare il suo asso. Arigo è rimasto indietro con uno stack di circa sette big blind.

Quasi contemporaneamente all’altro tavolo, anche le fiches di Fotios Ntamaris ed Erik Lindqwist sono volate nel mezzo di un blind-on-blind, con lo stack di 2.290.000 di Ntamaris a rischio.

Fotios Ntamaris: 22
Erik Lindqwist: AQ

Il flop JK4 ha portato qualche out in più per Lindqwist, ma il turn 2 ha annullato i suoi out originari perché Ntamaris ha realizzato un set. Il river J lo ha aggiornato a un full e il giocatore greco ha prenotato un bel double-up con le sue anatre.

Daniel Maunders – 8.010.000
Erik Lindqwist – 5.375.000
Fotios Ntamaris – 4.680.000
Antonino Arigo – 735.000

Tank Double for Zisis 9 Apr 19:57 by Jason Glatzer

Level 30: 50,000/100,000 (100,000)
Entries: 13/1,814

Michal Janczarski min-raised from middle position before Vasileios Zisis defended his big blind. Zisis check-called a bet of 150,000 by Janczarski on the 469 flop before both players checked the 7 turn.

Zisis led out for 325,000 after the 9 river paired the board. Janczarski jammed for 4,700,000 and Zisis went into the tank for several minutes before he called off his stack of 1,080,000.

Janczarski turned over the AA but his aces were cracked to the delight of Zisis who rivered trips with T9 to double his stack.

Michal Janczarski – 3.5 million
Vasileios Zisis – 3.1 million

Vasileios Zisis


Michal Janczarski ha min-raisato da middle position prima che Vasileios Zisis difendesse il suo big blind. Zisis ha check-chiamato una puntata di 150.000 da parte di Janczarski sul flop 469 prima che entrambi i giocatori controllassero il turn 7.

Zisis ha puntato 325.000 dopo che il river 9 ha accoppiato il board. Janczarski ha fatto un jamming per 4.700.000 e Zisis è rimasto nel tank per diversi minuti prima di chiamare il suo stack di 1.080.000.

Janczarski ha girato AA, ma i suoi assi sono stati foldati per la gioia di Zisis, che ha fatto il river con T9 per raddoppiare il suo stack.

Sepping’s Raise Yields No Results 9 Apr 19:48 by Frank

Level 30: 50,000/100,000 (100,000)
Entries: 13/1,814

Alfredo Cuti limped in from the small blind and Rasmus Sepping checked his option in the big blind. Both players then checked on the 5K8 flop before the 6 appeared on the turn.

Cuti made a bet of 225,000, which Sepping raised to 500,000. Cuti cut out a call and slid it forward, after which the 3 river completed the board.

Cuti showed K9, which was enough to take down the pot as Sepping’s cards hit the muck.

Alfredo Cuti – 5,120,000
Rasmus Sepping – 3,450,000

Alfredo Cuti ha limpato dallo small blind e Rasmus Sepping ha controllato la sua opzione nel big blind. Entrambi i giocatori hanno poi fatto check sul flop 5K8 prima che sul turn apparisse 6.

Cuti effettua una puntata di 225.000, che Sepping rilancia a 500.000. Cuti ha effettuato un call e lo ha fatto slittare in avanti, dopodiché il river 3 ha completato il board.

Cuti ha mostrato K9, che è stato sufficiente per conquistare il piatto mentre le carte di Sepping sono finite nel muck.

Alfredo Cuti – 5.120.000
Rasmus Sepping – 3.450.000

Rasmus Sepping

Braco Mucks For A Huge Pot 9 Apr 19:43 by Aleksandar Georgiev

€1100 High Roller Amazing Bet Reggressive Final

Level 16: 2,000/4,000 (4,000)
Entries: 43/193

Mindaugas Jonaitis got involved in a big pot heads-up against Pasquale Braco (pictured below) who check-raised Jonaitis’s bet of 13,000 to 47,000 on the KQ5 flop. Jonaitis called and off to the 8 turn on which Braco bet smaller than his raise – 42,000. Jonaitis had some time to think and shoved his 145,000 all-in.

Braco tanked a bit and threw his cards into the muck, letting his opponent win a pot worth over 200,000 chips.

Mindagaus Jonaitis – 305,000
Pasquale Braco – 155,000

Mindaugas Jonaitis è stato coinvolto in un grande piatto heads-up contro Pasquale Braco, che ha check-raisato la puntata di 13.000 di Jonaitis a 47.000 sul flop KQ5. Jonaitis ha chiamato e si è passati al turn 8, sul quale Braco ha puntato una cifra inferiore al suo rilancio – 42.000. Jonaitis ha avuto un po’ di tempo per pensare e ha shovato i suoi 145.000 all-in.

Braco ha fatto un po’ di tanking e ha gettato le sue carte nel muck, lasciando che il suo avversario vincesse un piatto di oltre 200.000 fiches.


€250 MAS Full Bounty Knockout Kicks Off 9 Apr 19:40 by Jonathan Raab

The €250 MAS Full Bounty, which is a 100% Knockout Tournament is now underway. It’s €220+€30 and players get €220 for every bounty they take. Should be interesting! The players are just beginning to take their seats for this rare structure. It’s very tempting to just quit the day job on the spot and buy-in myself, as I’m a big fan of knockout tournaments, especially when you only need to take one bounty to be close to freerolling! Not sure Jason would go for that though…ah well, another poker dream shattered. There’s always next time.

Il MAS Full Bounty da 250 euro, che è un torneo a eliminazione diretta al 100%, è ora in corso. È di €220+€30 e i giocatori ricevono €220 per ogni taglia che prendono. Dovrebbe essere interessante! I giocatori stanno iniziando a prendere posto per questa rara struttura. Sono molto tentato di lasciare il lavoro sul posto e fare il buy-in, perché sono un grande fan dei tornei a eliminazione diretta, soprattutto quando basta prendere una taglia per essere vicini al freeroll! Non sono sicuro che Jason sarebbe d’accordo… ah beh, un altro sogno del poker infranto. C’è sempre una prossima volta.

Ntamaris Flips to Double 9 Apr 19:33 by Frank

Level 30: 50,000/100,000 (100,000)
Entries: 13/1,814

Fotios Ntamaris got all of his 1,195,000 chips in from the hijack against Giuseppe Rosa in the small blind.

Fotios Ntamaris: 99
Giuseppe Rosa: AQ

Rosa flopped some extra outs on K4J, and was screaming for an ace on the 2 turn. However, the 2 river did not bring it, nor any of his other outs, and Ntamaris raked in the double-up.

Giuseppe Rosa – 4,535,000
Fotios Ntamaris -2,590,000

Fotios Ntamaris ha puntato tutte le sue 1.195.000 fiches dall’hijack contro Giuseppe Rosa dallo small blind.

Fotios Ntamaris: 99
Giuseppe Rosa: AQ

Rosa ha floppato alcuni out extra su K4J, e stava gridando per un asso sul turn 2. Tuttavia, il river 2 non ha portato l’asso e nessuno degli altri outs, e Ntamaris ha incassato il double-up.

Giuseppe Rosa – 4.535.000
Fotios Ntamaris -2.590.000

Fotios Ntamaris

Updated Counts 9 Apr 19:27 by Frank
Player Chip Count Big Blinds
Jan-Joost Van Den Bogert 8,130,000 81
Erik Lindqwist 6,415,000 64
Giuseppe Rosa 5,730,000 57
Alfredo Cuti 5,345,000 53
Michal Janczarski 5,180,000 52
Daniel Maunders 5,055,000 51
Antonino Calabro 4,540,000 45
Rasmus Sepping 3,225,000 32
Antonino Arigo 3,090,000 31
Filippo Busatto 2,970,000 30
Nico Frenn 2,015,000 20
Vasileios Zisis 1,630,000 16
Fotios Ntamaris 1,195,000 12
Linkius Gets Paid 9 Apr 19:27 by Aleksandar Georgiev

€1100 High Roller Amazing Bet Reggressive Final

Level 16: 2,000/4,000 (4,000)
Entries: 46/193

Sarunas Linkius jammed 63,000 over an open from Laurynas Vaitkevicius and got paid by Goulven Gauchet who was sitting in the small blind. Linkius opened his hand and it was two black bullets AA against Gauchet’s AJ.

Way behind Gauchet found a pair on the J39 flop and only needed another one like that to win the pot. The 3 turn and 4 river sealed the deal for Linkius’s aces and he successfully doubled up.

Goulven Gauchet – 155,000
Sarunas Linkius –  142,000

Sarunas Linkius

Sarunas Linkius ha incastrato 63.000 su un’apertura di Laurynas Vaitkevicius ed è stato pagato da Goulven Gauchet, che era seduto nello small blind. Linkius ha aperto la mano ed erano due pallottole nere AA contro le AJ di Gauchet.

Molto indietro Gauchet ha trovato una coppia sul flop J39 e gliene bastava un’altra per vincere il piatto. Il turn 3 e il river 4 hanno chiuso l’affare per gli assi di Linkius, che ha raddoppiato con successo.

Second Break 9 Apr 19:10 by Jason Glatzer

The players are on their second break of Day 4. The action will resume in about 15 minutes with blinds at 50,000/100,000 along with a 100,000 big blind ante.


I giocatori sono alla seconda pausa del 4° giorno. L’azione riprenderà tra circa 15 minuti con i bui a 50.000/100.000 e un ante di 100.000 big blind.

Ungulaitis Is Short Of Luck 9 Apr 19:07 by Aleksandar Georgiev

€1100 High Roller Amazing Bet Reggressive Final

Level 16: 2,000/4,000 (4,000)
Entries: 50/193

Pasqualino DI Santo opened the pot top 8,000 and Mantas Ungulaitis put his last 10 blinds in, the other players folded and Di Santo asked for a count – 41,000 was the all-in and he called it.

Mantas Ungulaitis: AQ
Pasqualino DI Santo: QT

Di Santo looked like he didn’t even wanna show his hand after he saw he was dominated by his opponent. That didn’t mean a thing as the flop came T24 ten high and Di Santo was now in the lead. Ungulaitis got a gut shot on the 3 turn and a whole bunch of nothing on the 2 brick river.

Mantas Ungulaitis finished in 50th position after an unlucky hand for him.

Pasqualino DI Santo – 200,000
Mantas Ungulaitis – 0

Pasqualino DI Santo ha aperto il piatto con 8.000 e Mantas Ungulaitis ha puntato i suoi ultimi 10 bui, gli altri giocatori hanno ripiegato e Di Santo ha chiesto il conteggio – 41.000 era l’all-in e l’ha chiamato.

Mantas Ungulaitis: AQ
Pasqualino DI Santo: QT

Di Santo sembrava non voler nemmeno mostrare la mano dopo aver visto che era dominato dal suo avversario. Questo non ha significato nulla, perché il flop è arrivato con T24 dieci high e Di Santo era ora in testa. Ungulaitis ha ottenuto un colpo di pancia sul turn 3 e un bel niente sul river 2.

Mantas Ungulaitis ha chiuso in 50° posizione dopo una mano sfortunata per lui.

Marko Luksa Eliminated in 14th Place (€6,850) 9 Apr 19:05 by Frank

Level 29: 40,000/80,000 (80,000)
Entries: 13/1,814

Filippo Busatto had opened from middle position and the short-stacked Marko Luksa defended his big blind. He then check-raised all-in on the T2T flop for his final 645,000 and Busatto made the call.

Marko Luksa: K9
Filippo Busatto: 77

Luksa hit his flush on the 7 turn, but Luksa had him drawing dead as he turned a full house at the same time. The 5 river did not matter anymore and the last Serbian in the field took his exit in 14th place.

Filippo Busatto – 2,930,000
Marko Luksa – 0

Marko Luksa

Filippo Busatto ha aperto da middle position e lo short-stacked Marko Luksa ha difeso il suo big blind. Poi ha check-raisato all-in sul flop T2T per i suoi 645.000 dollari finali e Busatto ha fatto call.

Marko Luksa: K9
Filippo Busatto: 77

Luksa ha centrato il suo colore al turn 7, ma Luksa l’ha fatto morire per il suo draw, visto che ha girato un full house allo stesso tempo. Il river 5 non ha più avuto importanza e l’ultimo serbo del field è uscito di scena al 14° posto.

Filippo Busatto – 2.930.000
Marko Luksa – 0

Dimitrios Gkatzas Eliminated in 15th Place (€6,850) 9 Apr 19:04 by Jason Glatzer

Level 29: 40,000/80,000 (80,000)
Entries: 14/1,814

It was a heck of a run for Dimitrios Gkatzas but he recently headed to the cashier to collect the 15th place prize of €6,850.

Gkatzas jammed for 470,000 from middle position. Giuseppe Rosa asked for a count and moments later tossed in a single chip to call from the button. The cards were tabled after the players in the blinds folded.

Dimitrios Gkatzas: A5
Giuseppe Rosa: 66

Gkatzas immediately got out of his seat and began to say “good game” to the table shortly after he was drawing thin to his opponent’s set on the T6J flop. Rosa let out a small shout of joy after Gkatzas was drawing dead on the 7 turn and Gkatzas was officially on the rail after the Q river completed the board.

Gkatzas might come back to the rail as his friend Fotios Ntamaris is still in action in hopes of reaching the final table.

Giuseppe Rosa – 6 million
Dimitrios Gkatzas – 0

Dimitrios Gkatzas


Dimitrios Gkatzas è stato protagonista di un’ottima corsa, ma di recente si è recato alla cassa per riscuotere il 15° premio di 6.850 euro.

Gkatzas ha fatto jamming per 470.000 da middle position. Giuseppe Rosa ha chiesto un conteggio e pochi istanti dopo ha lanciato una singola fiche per chiamare dal bottone. Le carte sono state presentate dopo il fold dei giocatori nei blinds.

Dimitrios Gkatzas: A5
Giuseppe Rosa: 66

Gkatzas si è immediatamente alzato dal suo posto e ha iniziato a dire “buon gioco” al tavolo poco dopo aver pescato un set del suo avversario sul flop T6J. Rosa ha emesso un piccolo grido di gioia dopo che Gkatzas è stato draftato al turn 7 e Gkatzas è ufficialmente sul rail dopo che il river Q ha completato il board.

Gkatzas potrebbe tornare al rail perché il suo amico Fotios Ntamaris è ancora in azione nella speranza di raggiungere il tavolo finale.

Rosa Cracks Aces to Double Up 9 Apr 19:00 by Frank

Level 29: 40,000/80,000 (80,000)
Entries: 15/1,814

Giuseppe Rosa opened under the gun and was called by Vasileios Zisis in the hijack. The 9Q4 flop then emerged from the deck, which saw Rosa continue for 150,000. 

Zisis put in a raise to 475,000, after which Rosa quickly jammed all-in. A snap call followed from Zisis and the cards went face-up.

Giuseppe Rosa: QQ
Vasileios Zisis: AA

Zisis’ plan to slowplay aces had backfired, as he was drawing thin against Rosa’s flopped set. Neither the 9 turn nor the 3 river brought an ace on the board, and Rosa let out a few “Vamos” before sitting back down and enjoying his newly acquired chips.

Giuseppe Rosa – 5,500,000
Vasileios Zisis – 1,725,000

Giuseppe Rosa ha aperto sotto il gun ed è stato chiamato da Vasileios Zisis nell’hijack. Il flop 9Q4 è emerso dal mazzo e ha visto Rosa continuare per 150.000.

Zisis ha rilanciato a 475.000, dopodiché Rosa ha rapidamente fatto un all-in. Zisis ha effettuato uno snap call e le carte sono state scoperte.

Giuseppe Rosa: QQ
Vasileios Zisis: AA

Il piano di Zisis di giocare lentamente gli assi gli si era ritorto contro il set floppato di Rosa. Né il turn 9 né il river 3 hanno portato un asso sul board e Rosa ha emesso qualche “Vamos” prima di sedersi e godersi le fiches appena acquisite.

Giuseppe Rosa – 5.500.000
Vasileios Zisis – 1.725.000

Giuseppe Rosa

Big Blind Special for Lindqvist 9 Apr 18:53 by Jason Glatzer

Level 29: 40,000/80,000 (80,000)
Entries: 15/1,814

There was more than 500,000 in the pot when Erik Lindqvist fired out for 275,000 with the 57T9 on the board. Vaselios Zisis, who began Day 2 with the chip lead, called before calling against for a bigger bet of 650,000 after the 2 river completed the board.

Lindqvist turned over the 75 for the flopped two pair and was ahead the entire way with Zisis mucking his hand.

Erik Lindqvist – 6.5 million
Vaselios Zisis – 2.6 million

Erik Lindqwist


C’erano più di 500.000 dollari nel piatto quando Erik Lindqvist ha sparato per 275.000 con il 57T9 sul board. Vaselios Zisis, che ha iniziato il Day 2 con il vantaggio di chip, ha chiamato prima di fare una puntata maggiore di 650.000 dopo che il river 2 ha completato il board.

Lindqvist ha girato 75 per le due coppie del flop ed è rimasto in vantaggio per tutto il tempo, mentre Zisis ha muckato la mano.

Almost A Triple Up For Lalas 9 Apr 18:43 by Aleksandar Georgiev

€1100 High Roller Amazing Bet Reggressive Final

Level 15: 1,500/3,000 (3,000)
Entries: 53/193

Salvatore Caruso started the action with an under-the-gun open to 6,000, Vincent Smith went all-in for 60,500, and behind him was Martynas Lalas who had about 6 blinds left behind who called. Caruso asked for a count but ended up folding his hand.

Martynas Lalas: AK
Vincent Smith: JJ

Lalas was flipping for his High Roller tournament life and got a much-needed high card on the K3Q flop. He managed to hold his top pair through the 3 turn and 5 river and got up to 52,500 chips.

Martynas Lalas – 52,500
Vincent Smith – 42,500

Salvatore Caruso ha iniziato l’azione con un’apertura under-the-gun a 6.000, Vincent Smith è andato all-in per 60.500 e dietro di lui c’era Martynas Lalas, che aveva circa 6 bui, che ha chiamato. Caruso ha chiesto un conteggio ma ha finito per foldare la mano.

Martynas Lalas: AK
Vincent Smith: JJ

Lalas stava flippando per la sua vita nel torneo High Roller e ha ottenuto una carta alta molto necessaria sul flop K3Q. È riuscito a mantenere la sua top pair anche al turn 3 e al river 5 e si è portato a 52.500 chips.

Min-Click Works Out for Frenn 9 Apr 18:37 by Frank

Level 29: 40,000/80,000 (80,000)
Entries: 15/1,814

Antonino Calabro raised to 200,000 from the hijack. Nico Frenn then eyed his opponent’s stack before putting in a tiny raise to 360,000 from the cutoff.

The action folded back to Calabro, who made sure the amount was correct before mucking his cards and forfeiting the pot.

Nico Fenn – 5,300,000
Antonino Calabro – 925,000

Antonino Calabro ha rilanciato a 200.000 dall’hijack. Nico Frenn ha quindi osservato lo stack dell’avversario prima di effettuare un piccolo rilancio a 360.000 dal cutoff.

L’azione è passata di nuovo a Calabro, che si è assicurato che l’importo fosse corretto prima di muckare le sue carte e perdere il piatto.

Nico Fenn – 5.300.000
Antonino Calabro – 925.000

Nico Frenn

Sixes Good for Calabro 9 Apr 18:29 by Jason Glatzer

Level 29: 40,000/80,000 (80,000)
Entries: 15/1,814

The tables were turned an orbit after Dimitrios Gkatzas won a decent pot against Antonino Calabro. Gkatzas opened for a min-raised under the gun. Calabro called from the cutoff before Fotios Ntamaris defended his big blind.

Ntamaris checked the 242 flop. Gkatzas bet 200,000 which was called by Calabro before Ntamaris folded. Gkatzas checked the 9 turn. Calabro bet 400,000. Gkatzas tanked for nearly two minutes before he called.

Both players checked the 8 river. Gkatzas turned over the AT and his ace-high didn’t hold as Calabro took down the pot with 66.

Antonino Calabro – 5 million
Fotios Ntmararis – 1.5 million
Dimitrios Gkatzas – 1 million

Antonino Calabro

Le carte in tavola sono state ribaltate un’orbita dopo che Dimitrios Gkatzas ha vinto un discreto piatto contro Antonino Calabro. Gkatzas ha aperto per un min-raise sotto il gun. Calabro ha chiamato dal cutoff prima che Fotios Ntamaris difendesse il suo big blind.

Ntamaris controlla il flop 242. Gkatzas ha puntato 200.000 che sono stati chiamati da Calabro prima che Ntamaris si ritirasse. Gkatzas controlla il turn 9. Calabro puntò 400.000. Gkatzas rimase in tanking per quasi due minuti prima di chiamare.

Entrambi i giocatori controllano il river 8. Gkatzas gira AT e il suo asso-alto non regge, mentre Calabro si aggiudica il piatto con 66.

Too Many Ladies For Peluso 9 Apr 18:26 by Aleksandar Georgiev

€1100 High Roller Amazing Bet Reggressive Final

Level 15: 1,500/3,000 (3,000)
Entries: 57/193

Fabio Peluso who was down to his last 21,000 chips shoved them forward with his AQ. Bad news for his good hand as he got called by Francesco Gambino’s pocket queens QQ. The flop 8T8 showed Peluso no aces and the turn Q ended his run in the High Roller as his opponent made a set.

Peluso is out in 57th – 30 away from the money.

Fabio Peluso

Francesco Gambino – 95,000
Fabio Peluso – 0

Fabio Peluso, che era sceso alle sue ultime 21.000 fiches, le ha puntate con le sue AQ. Brutte notizie per la sua buona mano, perché è stato chiamato dalle regine pocket QQ di Francesco Gambino. Il flop 8T8 ha mostrato che Peluso non aveva assi e il turn Q ha messo fine alla sua corsa nell’High Roller, poiché il suo avversario ha realizzato un set.

Peluso è fuori in 57esima posizione, a 30 punti dai soldi.

Cuti Doubles Up in Five-Bet Flip 9 Apr 18:12 by Frank

Level 29: 40,000/80,000 (80,000)
Entries: 15/1,814

Jan-Joost van den Bogert open-raised to 175,000 from the hijack and was three-bet to 500,000 by Alfredo Cuti in the cutoff. Marko Luksa then four-bet to 1,000,000 on the button, forcing a fold from Van den Bogert.

Cuti inquired after Luksa’s stack before jamming all-in, being at risk with his 3,050,000 chips. Luksa thought it over for a while, counting his chips several times, but eventually decided he could not fold and stuck in the call.

Alfredo Cuti: JJ
Marko Luksa: AQ

It was a flip, and it remained so as Luksa flopped a flush draw on 2K4. The 8 turn blanked, and so did the 7 river. Cuti banked a huge double-up while Luksa was left with less than 11 big blinds.

Jan-Joost van den Bogert – 6,550,000
Alfredo Cuti – 6,475,000
Marko Luksa – 875,000

Jan-Joost van den Bogert ha open-raisato a 175.000 dall’hijack e ha ricevuto una three-bet a 500.000 da Alfredo Cuti nel cutoff. Marko Luksa ha poi four-bettato a 1.000.000 dal bottone, costringendo Van den Bogert al fold.

Cuti ha chiesto informazioni sullo stack di Luksa prima di andare all-in, rischiando con le sue 3.050.000 fiches. Luksa ci ha pensato un po’, contando più volte le sue fiches, ma alla fine ha deciso che non poteva foldare e ha fatto call.

Alfredo Cuti: JJ
Marko Luksa: AQ

Si trattava di un flip, e tale è rimasto quando Luksa ha floppato un flush draw con 2K4. Il turn 8 è andato a vuoto, così come il river 7. Cuti ha incassato un enorme double-up, mentre Luksa è rimasto con meno di 11 big blind.

Jan-Joost van den Bogert – 6.550.000
Alfredo Cuti – 6.475.000
Marko Luksa – 875.000

Prela Niki Stabs At The Chip Leader 9 Apr 18:07 by Aleksandar Georgiev

€1100 High Roller Amazing Bet Reggressive Final

Level 14: 1,000/2,500 (2,500)
Entries: 61/193

Enrico Perra opened the pot to 5,500 and Bulgaria’s Kostadin Mihaylov called behind, next to him was standing the current chip leader Gediminas Dirmantas and he three-bet to 18,500. Prela Niki cold-called from the small and the other players folded.

Off to the 93K flop and Niki check-raised Dirmantas’s 15,000 bet to 30,000 – his opponent just called. The turn saw Q on which Niki put some pressure with a 50,000 bet and got called again.

The river was another queen Q and Niki checked without even thinking, on the other hand, Dirmantas took his time before he also checked. First to show was Prela Niki and he opened his pocket rockets AA. Dirmantas probably didn’t expect to see this hand and mucked his cards.

Gediminas Dirmantas – 380,000
Prela Niki – 290,000

Enrico Perra ha aperto il piatto a 5.500 e il bulgaro Kostadin Mihaylov ha chiamato dietro di sé, accanto a lui c’era l’attuale chip leader Gediminas Dirmantas che ha fatto una tripletta a 18.500. Prela Niki ha fatto cold call dallo small e gli altri giocatori hanno foldato.

Si passa al flop 93K e Niki fa check e rilancia la puntata di 15.000 di Dirmantas a 30.000 – il suo avversario chiama. Il turn vede Q su cui Niki mette pressione con una puntata di 50.000 e viene nuovamente chiamato.

Il river è un’altra regina Q e Niki fa check senza nemmeno pensarci, mentre Dirmantas prende tempo prima di fare anch’egli check. Il primo a mostrare è Prela Niki e apre i suoi pocket rocket AA. Dirmantas probabilmente non si aspettava di vedere questa mano e mucka le sue carte.


Jakub Bosko Eliminated in 16th Place (€5,840) 9 Apr 17:56 by Frank

Level 29: 40,000/80,000 (80,000)
Entries: 15/1,814

Antonino Arigo raised to 175,000 on the button before Jakub Bosko jammed all-in for 940,000 in the small blind. Jan-Joost van den Bogert then called in the big blind after tanking for a while. Arigo got out of the way and the players showed down heads-up.

Jakub Bosko: QJ
Jan-Joost van den Bogert: AA

“One time,” pleaded Bosko, but the 3K8 flop was looking bleak for him. He turned some hope with the A, but his gutshot failed to come in on the 3 river.

Van den Bogert raked in Bosko’s chips, while the Slovakian was the final player to leave the Main Event with €5,840.

Jan-Joost van den Bogert – 6,490,000
Antonino Arigo – 3,100,000
Jakub Bosko – 0

Antonino Arigo ha rilanciato a 175.000 da bottone e Jakub Bosko mmanda tutto per 940.000 da piccolo buio. Jan-Joost van den Bogert gioca dal big blind dopo aver tankato per un po’. Arigo passa e siamo in heads-up.

Jakub Bosko: QJ
Jan-Joost van den Bogert: AA

“One time”, ha urlato Bosko, ma il flop 3K8 non gli ha dato speranza. Ha acceso qualche speranza con A, ma il suo gutshot non si è concretizzato sul river 3.

Van den Bogert ha preso le chips di Bosko, mentre lo slovacco è stato l’ultimo giocatore a lasciare il Main Event con 5.840 euro.

Jan-Joost van den Bogert – 6.490.000
Antonino Arigo – 3.100.000
Jakub Bosko – 0

Jakub Bosko

James Paris Gets A Bit Cheeky 9 Apr 17:46 by Aleksandar Georgiev

€1100 High Roller Amazing Bet Reggressive Final

Level 14: 1,000/2,500 (2,500)
Entries: 65/193

Something strange happened on table 81 after an open from Edgaras Kausinis to 6,000 and two calls behind James Paris decided to push his 130,000 stack forward and got everyone else to fold. He then showed the table 2 with a smile on his face as he took the free 25,000 chips from the pot and is up to 155,000 after stealing the hand.

Al tavolo 81 è successo qualcosa di strano: dopo un’apertura di Edgaras Kausinis a 6.000 e due call dietro, James Paris ha deciso di spingere il suo stack di 130.000 in avanti, facendo foldare tutti gli altri. Ha poi mostrato al tavolo 2 con un sorriso sul volto, prendendo le 25.000 fiches gratuite del piatto e salendo a 155.000.

Cowboys for Gkatzas 9 Apr 17:46 by Jason Glatzer

Level 29: 40,000/80,000 (80,000)
Entries: 16/1,814

Dimitrios Gkatzas open-jammed from under the gun for 870,000. The action folded around to Antonino Calabro who tossed in a single chip from the cutoff before the rest of the table quickly folded.

Dimitrios Gkatzas: KK
Antonino Calabro: AQ

Gkatzas doubled instead of hitting the rail after his cowboys proved to be more than enough on the 58564 runout.

Antonino Calabro – 4.8 million
Dimitrios Gkatzas – 2 million

Dimitrios Gkatzas


Dimitrios Gkatzas ha aperto da under the gun per 870.000 dollari. L’azione passa da Antonino Calabro, che ha lanciato una singola fiche dal cutoff prima che il resto del tavolo foldasse rapidamente.

Dimitrios Gkatzas: KK
Antonino Calabro: AQ

Gkatzas ha raddoppiato grazie a questo runout 58564.

Rosa Chips Up as Gkatzis and Ntamaris Get Shorter 9 Apr 17:36 by Frank

Level 28: 30,000/60,000 (60,000)
Entries: 16/1,814

Giuseppe Rosa raised to 125,000 in middle position, and Fotios Ntamaris and Dimitrios Gkatzas called in the blinds. All three players then checked on the 7K8 flop before Ntamaris led out for 300,000 on the J turn. 

Gkatzas quickly folded but Rosa threw in some calling chips. The 7 river then went check-check again and Ntamaris showed AT for ace-high. Rosa tabled K6 for a pair of kings and won the important pot.

Giuseppe Rosa – 2,070,000
Fotios Ntamaris – 1,800,000
Dimitrios Gkatzas – 900,000

Giuseppe Rosa apre a 125.000 da middle position e Fotios Ntamaris e Dimitrios Gkatzas hanno chiamato dai bui. Tutti check sul flop 7K8 prima che Ntamaris puntasse 300.000 sul turn J.

Gkatzas passa, Rosa lancia alcune chip e chiama Il river 7 e i due fanno ancora check: Ntamaris ha mostrato AT Rosa K6 per una coppia di re e ha vinto il pot che lo fa risalire nel count.

Giuseppe Rosa – 2.070.000
Fotios Ntamaris – 1.800.000
Dimitrios Gkatzas – 900.000

Giuseppe Rosa

€330 H.O.R.S.E Players Under Starter’s Orders 9 Apr 17:35 by Jonathan Raab

The final mixed-game event of the festival started slightly later than the 5pm advertised time, as most of the contenders were still out in the paddock and had not even put their saddles on by then. But they soon began to trot into the venue and the tournament is now in-running with nine players now on-track to win one of the final events of the festival

Battle of Malta reporter Frank Visser won’t have much chance to make a third final of the week, unless the Main Event reaches the last eight well ahead of schedule. Antoine Degiorgio, legend of the Maltese mixed game scene is expected to join the game later today, but will arrive in fashionably late style.

L’ultimo evento di gioco misto del festival è iniziato con un po’ di ritardo rispetto all’orario annunciato delle 17:00, poiché la maggior parte dei contendenti era ancora fuori nel paddock e non aveva ancora indossato le selle. Ma presto hanno cominciato a entrare nella sede e il torneo è ora in corso, con nove giocatori in corsa per vincere uno degli eventi finali del festival.
Il giornalista del Battle of Malta Frank Visser non avrà molte possibilità di partecipare a questo evento, a meno che il Main Event non raggiunga i nove giocatori finali prima del previsto. Antoine Degiorgio, leggenda della scena maltese del gioco misto, dovrebbe unirsi al gioco nel corso della giornata, ma arriverà in ritardo.

Antoine Degiorgio

Dirmantas Leads The Chip Counts 9 Apr 17:29 by Aleksandar Georgiev

€1100 High Roller Amazing Bet Reggressive Final

The 67 Players left are now back from their break and will continue the battle at Level 14 with blinds 1,000/2,500 and Ante 2,500.

Gediminas Dirmantas is far ahead in the leaderboard with the massive 445,000 stack which amounts to 178 big blinds. He won a big pot at the start of the day with his Aces against QQ and 99 and won about 270,000 chips. He managed to extend his chip lead and sits comfortably in first for now.

Check out the top ten biggest stacks below:

Player Name Chip Count
Gediminas Dirmantas 445,000
Nikodemas Staniukaitis 285,000
Carmelo Zappala 240,000
Alexandros Papadopulus 234,000
Egidijus Zube 225,000
Andrea Crobu 220,000
Sarunas Linkius 220,000
Vili Vartinen 218,000
Elvijs Kuceruks 215,000


Gediminas Dirmantas in the High Roller

Gediminas Dirmantas in the High Roller

I 67 giocatori rimasti sono tornati dalla pausa e continueranno la battaglia al livello 14 con bui 1.000/2.500 e Ante 2.500.

Gediminas Dirmantas è in testa alla classifica con un enorme stack di 445.000, pari a 178 big blinds. Ha vinto un grande piatto all’inizio della giornata con i suoi Assi contro QQ e 99 e ha vinto circa 270.000 chip. È riuscito a estendere il suo vantaggio in termini di chip e per ora si trova comodamente al primo posto.

Di seguito sono riportati i dieci maggiori stack:

Two-Table Redraw 9 Apr 17:24 by Frank
Table Seat Player Country Chip Count Big Blinds
1 1 Marko Luksa Serbia 4,005,000 67
1 2 Rasmus Sepping Estonia 4,455,000 74
1 3 Filippo Busatto Italy 2,930,000 49
1 4 Daniel Maunders United Kingdom 3,380,000 56
1 5 Antonino Arigo Italy 3,350,000 56
1 6 Jakub Bosko Slovakia 1,095,000 18
1 7 Jan-Joost Van Den Bogert United Kingdom 5,200,000 87
1 8 Alfredo Cuti Italy 3,400,000 57
2 1 Giuseppe Rosa Italy 1,435,000 24
2 2 Antonino Calabro Italy 6,395,000 107
2 3 Nico Frenn Switzerland 1,965,000 33
2 4 Vasileios Zisis Greece 2,195,000 37
2 5 Fotios Ntamaris Greece 2,465,000 41
2 6 Dimitrios Gkatzas Greece 1,085,000 18
2 7 Erik Lindqwist Sweden 6,015,000 100
2 8 Michal Janczarski Poland 5,150,000 86
Fabio Peluso River Jams 9 Apr 17:18 by Jonathan Raab

€1100 High Roller Amazing Bet Reggressive Final

As I arrived today for the start of my shift, I happened to pass table 76 of the Battle of Malta High Roller, where the colorful and enigmatic Italian player Fabio Peluso was in the act of shoving all-in for his remaining chips on a 64635 board.

I’d missed the action up until that point, but it looked like the river bet from Fabio was slightly more than the size of the pot. He was on the big blind and the player facing the all-in was Lithuanian Povilas Jakutis, who deliberated for quite a while before deciding whether to call or not.

Fabio Peluso

Fabio partially covered his face as he waited for Povilas’s decision, then gave a great sigh of relief, chuckled and beamed a wide smile, dramatically tossing his cards back to the dealer, as he raked in the pot.

Quando sono arrivato oggi per l’inizio del mio turno, mi è capitato di passare davanti al tavolo 76 del Battle of Malta High Roller, dove il colorito ed enigmatico giocatore italiano Fabio Peluso era nell’atto di shoppare all-in per le sue rimanenti xxx fiches su un board 64635.

Mi ero perso l’azione fino a quel momento, ma sembrava che la puntata al river di Fabio fosse leggermente superiore alla dimensione del piatto. Era sul big blind e il giocatore che affrontava l’all-in era il lituano Povilas Jakutis, che ha riflettuto per un po’ prima di decidere se chiamare o meno.

Fabio si coprì parzialmente il volto mentre aspettava la decisione di Povilas, poi tirò un grande sospiro di sollievo, fece una risatina e sfoggiò un ampio sorriso, gettando drammaticamente le sue carte al dealer, mentre incassava il piatto.

Second Break For The High Rollers 9 Apr 17:11 by Aleksandar Georgiev

€1100 High Roller Amazing Bet Reggressive Final

Players are going for another 20-minute break. The High Roller saw 36 players bust from the tournament in the last 3 levels since the late registration was closed. 67 players remain and only 27 of them will cash the tournament. After the break, they will start at Level 14 with blinds 1,000/2,500 and Ante 2,500.

I giocatori stanno facendo un’altra pausa di 20 minuti. L’High Roller ha visto 36 giocatori uscire dal torneo negli ultimi 3 livelli dopo la chiusura della registrazione tardiva. Restano 67 giocatori e solo 27 di loro incasseranno il torneo. Dopo la pausa, si ripartirà dal livello 14 con bui 1.000/2.500 e Ante 2.500.

Gerth Loses It All In Two Hands 9 Apr 17:06 by Aleksandar Georgiev

€1100 High Roller Amazing Bet Reggressive Final

Level 13: 1,000/2,000 (2,000)
Entries: 71/193

Dirk Gerth played a three-bet pot against Andrea Crobu and both had put over 45,000 chips each in the pot on a 9A5J9 board. Crobu was first to act and pushed his 65,500 chips in the middle, not long after Gerth called with his A2 top pair, but his opponent’s hand was the better one as Crobu showed down AK top pair with a better kicker.  Andrea Crobu went up to 225,000 after the pot and Dirk Gerth had around 38,000 left.

Next hand Gerth raised again and this time Vidar Oie just shoved him for 42,000 chips and Gerth called.

Dirk Gerth: Q6
Vidar Oie: AK

Oie flopped the top pair on TJA board, but it was quickly turned around at the K turn on which Gerth made a straight. Lucky K river for Oie as it completes his full house. Dirk Gerth is out in 71st place after these two grim hands.

Andrea Crobu – 225,000
Vidar Oie – 85,000
Dirk Gerth – 0

Dirk Gerth ha giocato un piatto con tre puntate contro Andrea Crobu ed entrambi hanno messo nel piatto oltre 45.000 fiches ciascuno su un board 9A5J9. Crobu è stato il primo ad agire e ha spinto le sue 65.500 fiches al centro, non molto dopo Gerth ha chiamato con la sua top pair A2, ma la mano del suo avversario era migliore in quanto Crobu ha mostrato una top pair AK con un kicker migliore. Andrea Crobu è salito a 225.000 dopo il piatto e a Dirk Gerth sono rimasti circa 38.000 dollari.

Nella mano successiva Gerth ha rilanciato e questa volta Vidar Oie ha shovato per 42.000 chips e Gerth ha chiamato.

Dirk Gerth: Q6
Vidar Oie: AK

Oie ha floppato la top pair sul board TJA, ma è stato rapidamente ribaltato al turn K su cui Gerth ha realizzato una scala. Fortunato il river K per Oie, che completa il suo full house. Dirk Gerth è fuori al 71° posto dopo queste due mani.

Small Break for the Final Sixteen 9 Apr 17:02 by Frank

The last two tables have been sent on a 15-minute break before play resumes on Day 4 of the Battle of Malta Spring Edition Main Event.

Mehdi Rebai Eliminated in 17th Place (€5,840) 9 Apr 17:00 by Frank

Level 28: 30,000/60,000 (60,000)
Entries: 16/1,814

Michal Janczarski opened for 120,000 in the cutoff and Rasmus Sepping called on the button Mehdi Rebai then jammed all-in for 1,120,000 in the small blind was was called by Janczarski.

Mehdi Rebai: KJ
Michal Janczarski: AA

Janczarski flopped Rebai near-dead on 49A and sealed the deal on the 5 turn. Rebai headed to the payout desk as the meaningless 3 river completed the board, and the 16 remaining players redrew for the final two tables.

Michal Janczarski – 5,050,000
Rasmus Sepping – 4,800,000
Mehdi Rebai – 0

Michal Janczarski ha aperto per 120.000 nel cutoff e Rasmus Sepping ha chiamato dal bottone Mehdi Rebai ha poi fatto un all-in per 1.120.000 nel piccolo buio ed è stato chiamato da Janczarski.

Mehdi Rebai: KJ
Michal Janczarski: AA

Janczarski ha fatto flop a Rebai quasi morto con 49A e ha siglato l’accordo sul turn 5. Rebai si diresse al banco dei pagamenti mentre il river 3, privo di significato, completava il board, e i 16 giocatori rimasti si ritrovarono per i due tavoli finali.

Michal Janczarski – 5.050.000
Rasmus Sepping – 4.800.000
Mehdi Rebai – 0

Mehdi Rebai

Osak Builds Some Stack 9 Apr 16:47 by Aleksandar Georgiev

€1100 High Roller Amazing Bet Reggressive Final

Level 13: 1,000/2,000 (2,000)
Entries: 75/193

Akser Osak started up the hand with a 4,000 raise from the cutoff, action folded to Szymon Kuczerski on the big and he three-bet to 13,500 – his opponent called. Kuczerski continued with the aggression on the 6J5 flop with an 11,000 bet. Osak didn’t back down and the dealer turned the 5 which both players checked.

Another check from Kuczerski on the 6 river which double paired the board and Osak slowly pushed all of his chips forward and got the red triangle for around 38,000 chips – Kuczerski threw his hand into the muck and Osak won a nice pot of over 50,000 chips.

Akser Osak – 90,000
Szymon Kuczerski – 65,000

Akser Osak ha iniziato la mano con un rilancio di 4.000 dal cutoff, l’azione è passata a Szymon Kuczerski sul big ed egli ha effettuato una three-bet a 13.500 – il suo avversario ha chiamato. Kuczerski ha continuato con l’aggressione sul flop 6J5 puntando 11.000. Osak non si è tirato indietro e il dealer ha girato 5 che entrambi i giocatori hanno controllato.

Un altro check da parte di Kuczerski sul river 6, che ha raddoppiato il board, e Osak ha lentamente spinto tutte le sue fiches in avanti e ha ottenuto il triangolo rosso per circa 38.000 fiches – Kuczerski ha gettato la mano nel muck e Osak ha vinto un bel piatto di oltre 50.000 fiches.


Rosa’s Limp Leads to Huge Pot for Lindqwist 9 Apr 16:40 by Frank

Level 28: 30,000/60,000 (60,000)
Entries: 17/1,814

Giuseppe Rosa limped in from the small blind before Erik Lindqwist made it 200,000 to go in the big blind. Rosa tossed in a call and the 8K3 flop was dealt.

Lindqwist continued for 140,000 chips and Rosa check-called. The same recipe was followed on the K turn, except this time Lindqwist sized up to 500,000 chips.

On the A river, Rosa checked for a third time, after which Lindqwist made a bet of 800,000 chips.

Rosa frustratedly slammed in a call, and could only grimace when Lindqwist showed KT for trip kings. Rosa tabled his AJ before it disappeared into the muck, and the big pot was shipped to the Swede.

Erik Lindqwist – 6,720,000
Giuseppe Rosa – 1,090,000

Giuseppe Rosa ha puntato dallo small blind prima che Erik Lindqwist puntasse 200.000 dollari dal big blind. Rosa ha fatto call e il flop 8K3 è stato distribuito.

Lindqwist ha continuato per 140.000 chips e Rosa ha fatto check. La stessa ricetta è stata seguita sul turn K, ma questa volta Lindqwist ha puntato fino a 500.000 fiches.

Sul river A, Rosa fa check per la terza volta, dopodiché Lindqwist fa una puntata di 800.000 fiches.

Rosa, frustrato, ha fatto call e ha potuto solo fare una smorfia quando Lindqwist ha mostrato KT per un tris di re. Rosa ha presentato le sue AJ prima che sparissero nel muck e il piatto grosso è stato distribuito allo svedese.

Erik Lindqwist – 6.720.000
Giuseppe Rosa – 1.090.000

Erik Lindqwis

Payouts Announced – 41,800€ For First In The High Roller 9 Apr 16:31 by Aleksandar Georgiev

€1100 High Roller Amazing Bet Reggressive Final

Payouts were announced and 27 out of the remaining 83 players will share a prize pool of 183,350€ – The winner of the 1100€ High Roller Amazing Bet will win the sum of 41,800€.

Check out all of the payouts below:

# 1 €41,800.00
# 2 €28,860.00
# 3 €18,650.00
# 4 €14,950.00
# 5 €11,850.00
# 6 €9,350.00
# 7 €7,150.00
# 8 €5,610.00
# 9 €4,430.00
# 10 €3,150.00
# 11 €3,150.00
# 12 €2,550.00
# 13 €2,550.00
# 14 €2,550.00
# 15 €2,550.00
# 16 €2,000.00
# 17 €2,000.00
# 18 €2,000.00
# 19 €2,000.00
# 20 €2,000.00
# 21 €1,750.00
# 22 €1,750.00
# 23 €1,750.00
# 24 €1,750.00
# 25 €1,750.00
# 26 €1,750.00
# 27 €1,750.00

€330 Novibet Ultra Deep PKO Starts 9 Apr 16:28 by Jonathan Raab

With the Main Event resuming and the High Roller also attracting a sizeable field of late entries today, it was already a busy room by 1.30pm. The first side event of the day to shuffle up and start dealing is the €330 Novibet Ultra Deep PKO. There were just over 100 players in their seats during the second level of the tournament, with late registration open for 10 levels, on a 20-minute clock. 

Nicola Ciraolo Eliminated in 18th Place (€5,840) 9 Apr 16:25 by Frank

Level 28: 30,000/60,000 (60,000)
Entries: 17/1,814

Antonino Arigo made a bet of 125,000 from the big blind on a turn of K9T3. With 400,000 chips in the pot prior to that, Nicola Ciraolo jammed all-in for 1,180,000 on the button.

Arigo spent several minutes in the tank until Ciraolo called the clock on him. Before the countdown was started, however, Arigo tossed in a calling chip and the cards were tabled.

Nicola Ciraolo: QQ
Antonino Arigo: KJ

Arigo slammed the table in excitement as the 2 river saw him lock up the pot. Ciraolo, meanwhile, quickly took his exit in 18th place.

Antonino Arigo – 3,700,000
Nicola Ciraolo – 0

Antonino Arigo ha fatto una puntata di 125.000 dal big blind su un turn di K9T3. Con 400.000 fiches nel piatto prima di ciò, Nicola Ciraolo ha fatto un all-in per 1.180.000 sul bottone.

Arigo ha trascorso diversi minuti nel tank finché Ciraolo non ha chiamato il tempo. Prima che iniziasse il conto alla rovescia, tuttavia, Arigo ha lanciato una chip di chiamata e le carte sono state scoperte.

Nicola Ciraolo: QQ
Antonino Arigo: KJ

Arigo sbatte il tavolo in preda all’eccitazione quando il river 2 lo vede chiudere il piatto. Ciraolo, nel frattempo, è uscito rapidamente di scena al 18° posto.

Antonino Arigo – 3.700.000
Nicola Ciraolo – 0

Can The Rouquet Fly ? 9 Apr 16:20 by Aleksandar Georgiev

€1100 High Roller Amazing Bet Reggressive Final

Level 12: 800/1,600 (1,600)
Entries: 86/193

Julian Rouquet jammed his last 10 blinds into Prela Niki who opened from under the gun, everyone folded and it was an easy call for Niki.

Julian Rouquet: A5
Prela Niki: 33

It’s a flip ladies and gentlemen and the cards will decide who is going to win. A brilliant flop for Rouquet as his engine started on the 5J9 flop, he now had a pair and needed to fade the two black threes left in the deck. The A turn and 9 river helped him fly off to a double and he now has 22 big blinds.


Julian Rouquet – 36,000
Prela Niki –  64,000

Julian Rouquet ha puntato i suoi ultimi 10 bui su Prela Niki che ha aperto da under gun, tutti hanno foldato e per Niki è stato un facile call.

Julian Rouquet: A5
Prela Niki: 33

È un flip signore e signori e le carte decideranno chi vincerà. Un flop brillante per Rouquet: il suo motore si è acceso sul flop 5J9, ora aveva una coppia e doveva sfumare i due tre neri rimasti nel mazzo. Il turn A e il river 9 lo hanno aiutato a raggiungere il double up e si è portato a 22 big blinds.


Kristian Dahl Eliminated in 19th Place (€5,840) 9 Apr 16:16 by Jason Glatzer

Level 28: 30,000/60,000 (60,000)
Entries: 18/1,814

Antonino Calabro opened from early position. Kristian Dahl three-bet jammed for about 5 big blinds from the button and Calabro called.

Kristian Dahl: QJ
Antonino Calabro: AQ

Dahl got nowhere on the 5T329 board and his deep run ended in 19th place for €5,840.

Antonino Calabro – 4 million
Kristian Dahl – 0

Kristian Dahl


Antonino Calabro ha aperto da early position. Kristian Dahl ha fatto three-bet jammed per circa 5 big blinds dal bottone e Calabro ha chiamato.

Kristian Dahl: QJ
Antonino Calabro: AQ

Dahl non ha ottenuto nulla sul board 5T329 e la sua deep run si è conclusa al 19° posto per 5.840 euro.

Bosko Gets It All With Aces 9 Apr 16:10 by Frank

Level 28: 30,000/60,000 (60,000)
Entries: 19/1,814

Jakub Bosko raised to 125,000 from middle position and Dimitrios Gkatzas three-bet to 300,000 in the cutoff. The action folded back to Bosko, who made the call.

Gkatzas continued for 125,000 on the 4J2 flop and Bosko check-called. Bosko then checked again on the Q turn and snap-called when Gkatzas put him all-in for 800,000 chips.

Jakub Bosko: AA
Dimitrios Gkatzas: KQ

The river was an inconsequential 8 and Gkatzas had to relinquish the majority of the chips he had just acquired to Bosko.

Jakub Bosko – 2,600,000
Dimitrios Gkatzas – 1,015,000

Jakub Bosko ha rilanciato a 125.000 da middle position e Dimitrios Gkatzas ha fatto una three-bet a 300.000 nel cutoff. L’azione è tornata a Bosko, che ha fatto il call.

Gkatzas ha continuato per 125.000 sul flop 4J2 e Bosko ha fatto check. Bosko ha poi fatto di nuovo check sul turn Q e ha snapchiamato quando Gkatzas lo ha messo all-in per 800.000 chips.

Jakub Bosko: AA
Dimitrios Gkatzas: KQ

Il river è stato un 8 insignificante e Gkatzas ha dovuto cedere a Bosko la maggior parte delle fiches appena acquisite.

Jakub Bosko – 2.600.000
Dimitrios Gkatzas – 1.015.000

Jakub Bosko

Bogusz Pulls The Trigger – It Backfires 9 Apr 16:05 by Aleksandar Georgiev

€1100 High Roller Amazing Bet Reggressive Final

Level 12: 800/1,600 (1,600)
Entries: 92/193

Karol Bogusz was heads-up against Carmelo Zappala on a TTA7Q board with a massive pot that was over 90,000 chips. Zappala was first to act and checked, Bogusz had some time to think and bet 38,000 leaving himself only 7,000 chips behind. Zappala didn’t take too much time and made the call. Karol turned a 45 bluff and it’s the second time his missed flush draw bluff didn’t work.

Carmelo Zappala now has over 250,000 chips to his name, while Bogusz busted on the next hand with his last 7,000 chips.

Karol Bogusz era in heads-up contro Carmelo Zappala su un board TTA7Q con un piatto enorme che superava le 90.000 chips. Zappala è stato il primo ad agire e ha fatto check, Bogusz ha avuto un po’ di tempo per pensare e ha puntato 38.000 lasciando solo 7.000 chips dietro di sé. Zappala non ci ha messo troppo tempo e ha fatto il call. Karol ha girato un bluff 45 ed è la seconda volta che il suo bluff di flush draw non ha funzionato.

Carmelo Zappala ha ora più di 250.000 fiches a suo nome, mentre Bogusz si è ritirato nella mano successiva con le sue ultime 7.000 fiches.

Gkatzas Sees Through Bluff, Doubles Up 9 Apr 16:00 by Frank

Level 28: 30,000/60,000 (60,000)
Entries: 19/1,814

Giuseppe Rosa raised to 125,000 under the gun and was called by Dimitrios Gkatzas in the big blind. The flop fell 723, on which Rosa made a continuation-bet and Gkatzas check-raised to 175,000. Rosa tossed in a call before the J turn was checked by both players.

On the subsequent 6 river, Gkatzas made a bet of 350,000, after which Rosa pushed all-in, covering the 850,000 total chips of Gkatzas.

Gkatzas did not have to think long before making the call for his tournament life, and Rosa sighed as he opened A4 for ace-high. Gkatzas cheered as he tabled J8 for top pair and he raked in a vital double-up at the final three tables of the Main Event.

Giuseppe Rosa – 2,610,000
Dimitrios Gkatzas – 2,390,000

Giuseppe Rosa ha rilanciato a 125.000 sotto il gun ed è stato chiamato da Dimitrios Gkatzas nel big blind. Il flop è caduto 723, sul quale Rosa ha fatto una continuation-bet e Gkatzas ha fatto check-raise a 175.000. Rosa effettua un call prima che il turn J venga controllato da entrambi i giocatori.

Sul successivo river 6, Gkatzas ha fatto una puntata di 350.000, dopodiché Rosa ha pushato all-in, coprendo le 850.000 chips totali di Gkatzas.

Gkatzas non ha dovuto pensare a lungo prima di fare il call per la sua vita nel torneo, e Rosa ha sospirato aprendo A4 per l’asso alto. Gkatzas ha esultato quando ha presentato J8 per la top pair e ha incassato un double-up fondamentale ai tre tavoli finali del Main Event.

Giuseppe Rosa – 2.610.000
Dimitrios Gkatzas – 2.390.000

Dimitrios Gkatzas

Desnos Was Asking For It 9 Apr 15:52 by Aleksandar Georgiev

€1100 High Roller Amazing Bet Reggressive Final

Level 12: 800/1,600 (1,600)
Entries: 93/193

Killian Desnos jammed his 45,000 chips from under the gun and for a moment it looked like no one would be interested as the action folded to Carmelo Zappala on the big blind who pretty much snap-called.

Killian Desnos: AQ
Carmelo Zappala: AA

Desnos saw the worst hand he could see and was drawing very very thin. The 8K7 flop didn’t give him any draws and the 4 turn cemented Zappala’s win. Insult to injury on the A river with Zappala even making a set.

Not the most standard play from Desnos with him being finished in 93th place.

Carmelo Zappala

Killian Desnos ha incassato le sue 45.000 fiches da under the gun e per un momento sembrava che nessuno fosse interessato, dato che l’azione si è spostata su Carmelo Zappala sul big blind, che ha praticamente snapchiamato.

Killian Desnos: AQ
Carmelo Zappala: AA

Desnos ha visto la mano peggiore che potesse vedere e si è trovato con un draw molto molto sottile. Il flop 8K7 non gli ha dato alcun draw e il turn 4 ha sancito la vittoria di Zappala. Il river A gli ha fatto un ulteriore affronto, con Zappala che ha addirittura realizzato un set.

Il gioco di Desnos non è stato dei più normali e si è classificato al 92° posto.

Updated Chip Counts 9 Apr 15:40 by Frank
Player Chip Count Big Blinds
Rasmus Sepping 5,395,000 90
Marko Luksa 4,885,000 81
Erik Lindqwist 4,510,000 75
Alfredo Cuti 3,910,000 65
Giuseppe Rosa 3,735,000 62
Antonino Calabro 3,660,000 61
Jan-Joost Van Den Bogert 3,410,000 57
Michal Janczarski 3,250,000 54
Daniel Maunders 2,855,000 48
Fotios Ntamaris 2,775,000 46
Nico Frenn 2,760,000 46
Vasileios Zisis 2,230,000 37
Antonino Arigo` 2,190,000 37
Mehdi Rebai 2,135,000 36
Filippo Busatto 1,680,000 28
Nicola Ciraolo 1,545,000 26
Jakub Bosko 1,335,000 22
Kristian Dahl 1,100,000 18
Dimitrios Gkatzas 1,060,000 18
Little Chip Up For Rodoplu 9 Apr 15:39 by Aleksandar Georgiev

€1100 High Roller Amazing Bet Reggressive Final

Level 11: 600/1,200 (1,200)
Entries: 95/193

Tayfun Rodoplu opened the pot from under the gun and got calls from both Killian Desnos and  Karol Bogusz on the blinds. The flop came JQ3 and had a flush draw, both checked and Rodoplu continued for 3,200 chips, only Bogusz paid the bet.

Both players checked the 4 turn and the dealer turned the 5 on the river which Bogusz led for 7,000 chips and Rodoplu quickly called. Bogusz showed a missed flush draw bluff T2 and Rodoplu won the pot with AJ.

Tayfun Rodoplu

Karol Bogusz – 70,000
Tayfun Rodoplu – 60,000

Tayfun Rodoplu ha aperto il piatto da under the gun e ha ricevuto il call di Killian Desnos e Karol Bogusz sui blinds. Il flop è arrivato JQ3 e aveva un flush draw, entrambi hanno fatto check e Rodoplu ha continuato per 3.200 chips, solo Bogusz ha pagato la puntata.

Entrambi i giocatori controllano il turn 4 e il dealer gira 5 sul river, che Bogusz conduce per 7.000 fiches e Rodoplu chiama rapidamente. Bogusz ha mostrato un bluff T2 e Rodoplu ha vinto il piatto con AJ.

Stewert Kirby At Risk 9 Apr 15:28 by Aleksandar Georgiev

€1100 High Roller Amazing Bet Reggressive Final

Level 11: 600/1,200 (1,200)
Entries: 99/193

Marco Angioni opened to 2,500 from a middle position and Stewert Kirby jammed it on him for about 27,000 chips from the small blind. Angioni quickly called and both revealed their cards.

Stewert Kirby: AJ
Marco Angioni: AK

Kirby had his tournament life on the line and unfortunately for him, he was behind his opponent’s big slick. Kirby found only one heart on the 594 flop. The turn 7 changed nothing and the K river made sure the pot went to Angioni’s side.

Marco Angioni – 110,000
Stewert Kirby – 0

Marco Angioni


Marco Angioni ha aperto a 2.500 da una posizione centrale e Stewert Kirby ha fatto un jamming su di lui per circa 27.000 chips dallo small blind. Angioni ha subito chiamato ed entrambi hanno scoperto le loro carte.

Stewert Kirby: AJ
Marco Angioni: AK

Kirby aveva in gioco la sua vita nel torneo e, sfortunatamente per lui, si trovava dietro la grande slick del suo avversario. Kirby ha trovato solo una cuori sul flop 594. Il turn 7 non ha cambiato nulla e il river K ha fatto sì che il piatto andasse dalla parte di Angioni.


Szczotka move to 120k chips with Queens, Diop out! 9 Apr 15:25 by Cesare

€1100 High Roller Amazing Bet Reggressive Final

Livello 600/1200/1200

Emilian Mansour Diop opens 2400 from low jack, Jakub Franciszek Szczotka 3bets from the cutoff and calls the Frenchman’s all in.

Szczotka: Q Q
Diop: T T

The board that gives the French player no hope: 7 J 8 J A. Szczotka up to 120,000 chips.

Jakub Franciszek Szczotka


Apre Emilian Mansour Diop 2400, Jakub Franciszek Szczotka 3betta e chiama l’all in del francese.

Szczotka: Q Q
Diop: T T

Il board che non regala speranze al player francese: 7 J 8 J A. Il polacco sale a 120.000 chips.

A Well-Deserved Break 9 Apr 15:19 by Frank

After an action-packed first level and a half, the 19 remaining players have been sent on a 20-minute break.

Salvatore Lavolpe Eliminated in 20th Place (€5,840) 9 Apr 15:08 by Frank

Level 27: 25,000/50,000 (50,000)
Entries 19/1,814

Salvatore Lavolpe had survived on his short stack all day, but he finally got his stack of 310,000 chip in the middle from the small blind against Fotios Ntamaris, who had opened under the gun.

Salvatore Lavolpe: A7
Fotios Ntamaris: AT

The 699 board brought some chop opportunities for Lavolpe, but the QT runout saw Ntamaris pair up to secure the knock-out.

Fotios Ntamaris – 3,500,000
Salvatore Lavolpe – 0

Salvatore Lavolpe è sopravvissuto con il suo short stack per tutto il giorno, ma alla fine ha portato il suo stack di 310.000 chip nel mezzo dallo small blind contro Fotios Ntamaris, che aveva aperto sotto il gun.

Salvatore Lavolpe: A7
Fotios Ntamaris: AT

Il board 699 ha portato alcune opportunità di chop per Lavolpe, ma il runout QT ha visto Ntamaris fare coppia per assicurarsi il knock-out.

Fotios Ntamaris – 3.500.000
Salvatore Lavolpe – 0

Salvatore Lavolpe

Sokratis Papavramidis Eliminated in 21st Place (€5,840) 9 Apr 15:03 by Frank

Level 27: 25,000/50,000 (50,000)
Entries 20/1,814

Sokratis Papavramidis got his final 675,000 chips in from the big blind against Antonino Arigo in the small blind.

Sokratis Papavramidis: K3
Antonino Arigo: A7

Neither player paired their hole cards on the 955J6 runout, and Arigo’s ace kicker remained best.

He took Papavramidis’ last chips as the Greek took his exit in 21st place.

Antonino Arigo – 2,550,000
Sokratis Papavramidis – 0

Sokratis Papavramidis ha puntato le sue ultime 675.000 fiches dal big blind contro Antonino Arigo dallo small blind.

Sokratis Papavramidis: K3
Antonino Arigo: A7

Nessuno dei due giocatori ha accoppiato le proprie hole card sul runout 955J6 e l’asso kicker di Arigo è rimasto il migliore.

Arigo ha preso le ultime fiches di Papavramidis, mentre il greco è uscito di scena al 21° posto.

Antonino Arigo – 2.550.000
Sokratis Papavramidis – 0

Sokratis Papavramidis

Top Stacks After Registration Is Closed 9 Apr 14:57 by Aleksandar Georgiev

€1100 High Roller Amazing Bet Reggressive Final

The break after Level 10 is over and the players return to their respective seats. Late registration is now officially closed and the 1100€ High Roller got a total of 193 entries and a prize pool of  €183,350.

Players will return for Level 11 on blinds 600/1,200 and 1,200 Ante – this level and each after will last for 45 minutes, up from the 30-minute levels so far.

106 players remain at the current moment, check out some of the top stacks below:

Player Name Chip Count
Gediminas Dirmantas 240,000
Mateusz Wargin 225,000
Roxana Hemmert 220,000
Silvio De Petrillo 220,000
Pasqualino Di Santo 200,000
Jarmo Salonen 190,000
Alexandros Papadopulus 185,000
Audrius Laimelis 180,000
Carmelo Zappala 165,000


Gediminas Dirmantas on Break

La pausa dopo il livello 10 è terminata e i giocatori tornano ai loro rispettivi posti. La registrazione tardiva è ora ufficialmente chiusa e l’High Roller da 1100€ ha ottenuto un totale di 193 iscrizioni e un montepremi di 183.350€.

Al momento sono rimasti 106 giocatori, e di seguito sono riportati alcuni dei top stack:

Stefano Munafo Eliminated in 22nd Place (€5,840) 9 Apr 14:57 by Jason Glatzer

Level 27: 25,000/50,000 (50,000)
Entries: 21/1,814

Nico Fren opened for 100,000 from middle position before Stefano Munafo three-bet to 300,000 from one seat over. Antonino Calabro cold-called from the button before Fren came alone for the ride to the see the JKT flop.

Fren checked before Munafo fired out for 450,000. Calabro called and Fren called to leave heads-up action on the 3 turn.

Munafo checked before Calabro bet 755,000 leaving just a small bit left in his stack. Munafo tanked for more than five minutes before he called. The 3 river completed the board and the rest of the chips went in with Munafo slightly covered.

Calabro turned over the AQ for the flopped Broadway to eliminated Munafo in 22nd for €5,840 after he turned over the QQ.

Antonino Calabro – 4 million
Nico Fren – 2 million
Stefano Munafo – 0

Stefano Munafo elimianted in 22nd place


Nico Fren ha aperto per 100.000 da middle position prima che Stefano Munafo three-betasse a 300.000 da un posto più in là. Antonino Calabro ha fatto cold call dal bottone prima che Fren si presentasse da solo per vedere il flop JKT.

Fren ha fatto check prima che Munafo sparasse per 450.000. Calabro chiama e Fren chiama per lasciare l’azione in heads-up sul turn 3.

Munafo controllò prima che Calabro puntasse 755.000 lasciando solo una piccola parte del suo stack. Munafo ha tankato per più di cinque minuti prima di chiamare. Il river 3 completò il board e il resto delle fiches entrò con Munafo leggermente coperto.

Calabro ha girato AQ per il Broadway del flop e ha eliminato Munafo al 22° posto per 5.840 euro dopo aver girato QQ.

Luksa Puts Pressure On Papavramidis 9 Apr 14:53 by Frank

Level 27: 25,000/50,000 (50,000)
Entries 22/1,814

Sokratis Papavramidis put in a raise to 100,000 chips from the hijack and was three-bet to 300,000 by Marko Luksa in the cutoff. Papavramidis made the call and a T67 flop was dealt, on which he check-called Luksa’s continuation-bet of 230,000.

On the 4 river, Luksa sized up to 550,000 chips and Papavramidis called once more, leaving himself 725,000 behind. The J river then completed the board and Luksa put Papavramidis all-in for his final chips.

Papavramidis spent some minutes in the tank, agonizingly thinking over his decision. Eventually, he let his cards go as he was left with less than 15 big blinds.

Marko Luksa – 4,310,000
Sokratis Papavramidis – 725,000

Sokratis Papavramidis ha effettuato un rilancio a 100.000 fiches dall’hijack e ha ricevuto una three-bet a 300.000 da Marko Luksa nel cutoff. Papavramidis effettua il call e viene distribuito un flop T67, sul quale effettua un check sulla continuation-bet di 230.000 di Luksa.

Sul river 4, Luksa si è portato a 550.000 fiches e Papavramidis ha chiamato ancora una volta, lasciandosi dietro 725.000 fiches. Il river J ha poi completato il board e Luksa ha messo Papavramidis all-in per le sue ultime chips.

Papavramidis ha trascorso alcuni minuti nella vasca, riflettendo a lungo sulla sua decisione. Alla fine ha lasciato andare le carte e si è ritrovato con meno di 15 big blinds.

Marko Luksa – 4.310.000
Sokratis Papavramidis – 725.000

Marko Luksa

First Break Begins 9 Apr 14:32 by Aleksandar Georgiev

€1100 High Roller Amazing Bet Reggressive Final

The 103 players left in the High Roller will now take a short break to freshen up. The ones that want to still enter or re-enter the tournament have their last chance to do so as late registration will be closed after the break ends.

I 103 giocatori rimasti nell’High Roller faranno ora una breve pausa per rinfrescarsi. Coloro che vogliono ancora partecipare o rientrare nel torneo hanno l’ultima possibilità di farlo, poiché la registrazione tardiva sarà chiusa al termine della pausa.

Ciraolo Back-Raise Shoves 9 Apr 14:31 by Frank

Level 27: 25,000/50,000 (50,000)
Entries: 22/1,814

Marko Luksa raised to 100,000 in middle position and was called by Alfredo Cutin in the cutoff and Nicola Ciraolo on the button. Antonino Arigo then made it 400,000 to go in the big blind, and the action folded to Ciraolo.

He promptly jammed all-in, for what amounted to 1,380,000 chips. Arigo sat with his hands in his hair and asked for a count. After a few painfully sounding groans, he let his hand go as he left himself a healthy stack of 40 big blinds.

Marko Luksa – 3,300,000
Alfredo Cutin – 4,000,000
Nicola Ciraolo – 2,055,000
Antonino Ariga – 2,000,000

Marko Luksa ha rilanciato a 100.000 in posizione centrale ed è stato chiamato da Alfredo Cutin nel cutoff e da Nicola Ciraolo sul bottone. Antonino Arigo ha poi puntato 400.000 nel big blind e l’azione è passata a Ciraolo.

Quest’ultimo ha subito fatto un all-in, per un totale di 1.380.000 fiches. Arigo si è seduto con le mani nei capelli e ha chiesto il conteggio. Dopo alcuni dolorosi gemiti, ha lasciato la mano e si è ritrovato con uno stack di 40 big blinds.

Marko Luksa – 3.300.000
Alfredo Cutin – 4.000.000
Nicola Ciraolo – 2.055.000
Antonino Ariga – 2.000.000

Nicola Ciraolo

Nikitins Found Himself In A Bad Spot 9 Apr 14:30 by Aleksandar Georgiev

€1100 High Roller Amazing Bet Reggressive Final

Level 10: 500/1,000 (1,000)
Entries: 103/189

Sarunas Linkius re-raised an early position open to 5,500 and got shoved by Mihails Nikitins who was sitting on the small blind for roughly 35,000 chips. The original raiser folded and Linkius snap-called the all-in.

Mihails Nikitins: 77
Sarunas Linkius: AA

Nikitins certainly didn’t look pleased when he saw his opponent’s pocket rockets and didn’t find another seven on the 358 flop. The turn was the K and no help on the 5 river as Nikitins busts his stack right before the end of Level 10.

Sarunas Linkius – 130,000
Mihails Nikitins – 0

Sarunas Linkius

Sarunas Linkius ha rilanciato in una posizione iniziale aperta a 5.500 e ha ricevuto uno shopper da Mihails Nikitins che era seduto sullo small blind per circa 35.000 chips. Il raiser originale ha foldato e Linkius ha snapchiamato l’all-in.

Mihails Nikitins: 77
Sarunas Linkius: AA

Nikitins non sembrava certo contento quando ha visto i pocket rocket del suo avversario e non ha trovato un altro sette sul flop 358. Il turn è K e il river 5 non lo aiuta: Nikitins chiude il suo stack proprio prima della fine del Livello 10.

Tamauskas can’t find the double up! Zappalà at 155k chips 9 Apr 14:29 by Cesare

€1100 High Roller Amazing Bet Reggressive Final

Livello 500/1000/1000

Carmelo Zappalà limp from utg and Ignotas Tamasauskas jam from the button for 5bb. Snap call from the Italian.

Zappalà: A 6
Tamasauskas: K Q

The board with the bad surprise on the river for Tamasauskas: 6 K 2 9 A

Zappalà flies to 155k chips but could have been on 200k: “I lost two incredible hands against Yakub Dincer, the player to my left. He plays with K2 and J2 and hits a straight or full house on the river. I could have had 200,000.”


Carmelo Zappalà limpa da utg e Ignotas Tamasauskas jam dal bottone per 5bb. Snap call dell’italiano.

Zappalà: A 6
Tamasauskas: K Q

Il board con la brutta sorpresa al river per Tamasauskas: 6 K 2 9 A

Zappalà vola a 155k chips ma poteva essere sulle 200k: “Ho perso due colpi incredibili contro Yakub Dincer, il player alla mia sinistra. Gioca con K2 e J2 e chiude scala o full al river. Potevo avere 200.000.”


Great Call From Vidar Oie 9 Apr 14:25 by Aleksandar Georgiev

€1100 High Roller Amazing Bet Reggressive Final

Level 10: 500/1,000 (1,000)

Entries: 103/186

Vidar Oie was the chip leader of BoM Main Event Day 1A and managed to finish 112th place out of the 1814 entries. He is now getting another chance at a trophy with the 1100€ High Roller.

The action was between him and Ivane Khazaradze on a  TJTA5 where the latter put Oie all-in for his last 24,300 chips in a pot of nearly 22,000 chips. Vidar Oie took his time to think and made the call with his JQ that would usually be losing to any ace or a ten, lucky for him Khazaradze showed pocket sevens 77 and Oie scooped the pot after a good call.

Ivane Khazaradze was already leaving the table before the dealer told him he had 300 chips left.

Vidar Oie – 68,000
Ivane Khazaradze – 300

Vidar Oie

Vidar Oie era il chip leader del Day 1A del Main Event del BoM ed è riuscito a piazzarsi al 112° posto su 1814 partecipanti. Ora ha un’altra possibilità di vincere un trofeo con l’High Roller da 1100€.

L’azione era tra lui e Ivane Khazaradze su un TJTA5 dove quest’ultimo ha messo Oie all-in per le sue ultime 24.300 fiches in un piatto di quasi 22.000 fiches. Vidar Oie si è preso del tempo per riflettere e ha fatto call con le sue JQ che di solito sarebbero state perdenti contro un asso o un dieci, ma per sua fortuna Khazaradze ha mostrato i sette pocket 77 e Oie ha vinto il piatto dopo un buon call.

Ivane Khazaradze stava già lasciando il tavolo prima che il dealer gli dicesse che gli erano rimaste 300 fiches.

Cuti Cuts Into Busatto’s Stack 9 Apr 14:21 by Jason Glatzer

Level 27: 25,000/50,000 (50,000
Entries: 22/1,814

Alfredo Cuti bet 425,000 into a pot of approximately 1,200,000 with the 8378 on the board after the turn and was called by Fillipo Busatto.

The J river brought even more action. Cuti asked to take a look at his opponent’s stack before he jammed for 2 million. Busatto, with about 1.5 million in his stack immediately appeared in pain. He then appeared to be deep in thought for 5 minutes before he let go of the hand.

Alfredo Cuti – 4.1 million
Filippo Busatto – 1.5 million

Alfredo Cuti

Alfredo Cuti ha puntato 425.000 su un piatto di circa 1.200.000 con le 8378 sul board dopo il turn ed è stato chiamato da Fillipo Busatto.

Il river J ha portato ancora più azione. Cuti ha chiesto di dare un’occhiata allo stack del suo avversario prima di fare jamming per 2 milioni. Busatto, con circa 1,5 milioni nel suo stack, è apparso immediatamente sofferente. Sembrava che stesse pensando profondamente per 5 minuti prima di lasciare la mano.

Incredible Crobu! Aces cracked from Khazaradze 9 Apr 14:16 by Cesare

€1100 High Roller Amazing Bet Reggressive Final

Level 500/1000/1000

Andrea Crobu opens under the gun and small blind calls. Kakha Khazaradze 3bet 6100 from the big blind and Crobu instant 4bet 20000 chips. The Georgian’s 5bet shove and Andrea’s call were equally instant.

Crobu: A A
Khazaradze: Q Q

Board smooth on the flop but a Q on the turn eliminates Crobu while the Georgian returns to average 72,000 chips.

Kakha Khazaradze


 Andrea Crobu apre da under the gun e gioca lo small blind. Kakha Khazaradze 3betta 6100 dal big blind e Crobu instant 4bet 20.000 chips. Altrettanto istant il 5bet shove del georgiano e il call di Andrea.

Crobu: A A
Khazaradze: Q Q

Board liscio al flop ma una Q al turn elimina Crobu mentre il georgiano torna in average 72.000 chips.

Ntamaris Shoves on Janczarski 9 Apr 14:16 by Frank

Level 27: 25,000/50,000 (50,000
Entries: 22/1,814

Fotios Ntamaris raised to 10,000 under the gun and was three-bet to 215,000 by Michal Janczarski in middle position.

The action folded back to Ntamaris, who jammed all-in, covering Janczarski’s 1,355,000 stack.

Janczarski instantly let his cards go as he left himself with 23 big blinds.

Fotios Ntamaris – 3,160,000
Michal Janczarski – 1,140,000

Fotios Ntamaris ha rilanciato a 10.000 sotto il banco e ha ricevuto una three-bet a 215.000 da Michal Janczarski in middle position.

L’azione è tornata a Ntamaris, che ha fatto un all-in, coprendo lo stack di 1.355.000 di Janczarski.

Janczarski ha lasciato immediatamente le sue carte e si è ritrovato con 23 big blinds.

Fotios Ntamaris – 3.160.000
Michal Janczarski – 1.140.000

Fotios Ntamaris

Lindqwist Makes It Four Bets 9 Apr 14:07 by Frank

Level 27: 25,000/50,000 (50,000)
Entries: 22/1,814

Dimitrios Gkatzas raised to 100,000 on the button and was reraised by Giuseppe Rosa in the small blind to 375,000. The action was then on Erik Lindqwist in the big blind, who weighed his options before putting in 925,000 chips.

Gkatzas quickly folded, and Rosa eventually followed suit, seeing the pot shipped to Lindqwist without the need for a flop.

Erik Lindqwist – 4,150,000
Giuseppe Rosa – 3,175,000
Dimitrios Gkatzas – 1,625,000

Dimitrios Gkatzas ha rilanciato a 100.000 sul bottone ed è stato rilanciato da Giuseppe Rosa nello small blind, a 375.000. L’azione passa quindi a Erik Lindqwist nel big blind, che valuta le sue opzioni prima di puntare 925.000 fiches.

Gkatzas ha rapidamente foldato e Rosa ha seguito l’esempio, vedendo il piatto passare a Lindqwist senza un flop.

Erik Lindqwist – 4.150.000
Giuseppe Rosa – 3.175.000
Dimitrios Gkatzas – 1.625.000

Erik Lindqwist

Last Level Of Late Registration 9 Apr 14:01 by Aleksandar Georgiev

€1100 High Roller Amazing Bet Reggressive Final

Level 10: 500/1,000 (1,000)
Entries: 100/181

Level 10 has started with the same blinds as the last level and players will have the opportunity to register or re-enter until the end of the 20-minute break that will follow after the current level ends.

Papavramidis Folds Chop 9 Apr 13:53 by Frank

Level 26: 20,000/40,000 (40,000)
Entries: 22/1,814

In a blind-on-blind battle worth 290,000 chips, Antonino Arigo and Sokratis Papavramidis arrived on a turn of Q89T. Arigo checked to Papavramidis, who made a bet of 180,000. Arigo then tossed in a call and the J river put a straight on the board.

Arigo decided to lead out for a big bet of 500,000 chips. Papavramidis spent some time in the tank but eventually found a fold, and Arigo showed the table AT for a bluff.

Antonino Arigo – 2,100,000
Sokratis Papavramidis – 1,630,000

In una battaglia blind-on-blind del valore di 290.000 fiches, Antonino Arigo e Sokratis Papavramidis sono arrivati al turn di Q89T. Arigo ha fatto check a Papavramidis, che ha fatto una puntata di 180.000. Arigo effettua un call e il river J mette una scala sul board.

Arigo decise di fare lead out per una grande puntata di 500.000 fiches. Papavramidis ha passato un po’ di tempo nel tank ma alla fine ha trovato un fold e Arigo ha mostrato al tavolo AT per un bluff.

Antonino Arigo – 2.100.000
Sokratis Papavramidis – 1.630.000

Sokratis Papavramidis

Massive Three-Way Chip Lead Pot 9 Apr 13:47 by Aleksandar Georgiev

€1100 High Roller Amazing Bet Reggressive Final

Level 9: 500/1,000 (1,000)
Entries: 97/169

An Enormous 260,000 pot was played between Georgios Tavoularis 60,000 who shoved after a three-bet and both Gediminas Dirmantas who had 97,400 chips and Reza Karimkhanezand who was second in chips at the start of the day with his 165,000 stack.

Georgios Tavoularis: QQ
Gediminas Dirmantas: AA
Reza Karimkhanezand: 99

Crazy big pot between the three players and Dirmantas was the only one happy after he held through the low cards board. Dirmantas is now probably the chip leader of the High Roller with around 270,000 chips.

Gediminas Dirmantas – 260,000
Reza Karimkhanezand – 68,000
Georgios Tavoularis – 0

Gedimanas Dirmantas

Un enorme piatto da 260.000 è stato giocato tra Georgios Tavoularis, 60.000, che ha shovato dopo una three-bet, e Gediminas Dirmantas, che aveva 97.400 fiches, e Reza Karimkhanezand, che era secondo in fiches all’inizio della giornata con il suo stack di 165.000 fiches.

Georgios Tavoularis: QQ
Gediminas Dirmantas: AA
Reza Karimkhanezand: 99

Un piatto pazzesco tra i tre giocatori e Dirmantas è stato l’unico a essere contento dopo aver tenuto per tutto il board di carte basse. Dirmantas è ora probabilmente il chip leader dell’High Roller con circa 270.000 chips.

Calabro Doubling Bet Sizings on All Streets 9 Apr 13:41 by Jason Glatzer

Level 26: 20,000/40,000 (40,000)
Entries: 22/1,814 

Antonino Calabro bet 100,000 into a pot of around 250,000 with the 786 flop and was called by Michal Janczarski. The bets doubled on the turn and river with Calabro firing out for 200,000 on the J turn and 400,000 on the 9 river.

Janczarski called both times online to muck his hand after Calabro turned over the T8 for the flopped top pair and the rivered straight.

Antonino Calabro

Antonino Calabro – 4 million
Michal Janczarski – 1.5 million


Antonino Calabro ha puntato 100.000 su un piatto di circa 250.000 con il flop 786 ed è stato chiamato da Michal Janczarski. Le puntate sono raddoppiate sul turn e sul river: Calabro ha puntato 200.000 sul turn J e 400.000 sul river 9.

Janczarski ha chiamato entrambe le volte per muckare la mano dopo che Calabro ha girato T8 per la top pair del flop e la scala rivered.

Monday at the Battle of Malta – How the Day Unfolded 9 Apr 13:30 by Jonathan Raab

Day 3 of the Battle of Malta Spring Edition’s Main Event on Monday saw 101 players return to the Eden Arena at the Intercontinental Hotel to fight it out for a place in the fourth day of the €600 buy-in event. 

But not only that, there were also several other tournaments in play throughout the day, including the €1,100 Amazingbet High Roller, another two-day event. There were also three one-day side events that were completed yesterday. 

Highlights from Monday April 8th at the 2024 Battle of Malta Spring Edition:

  • Day 3 of the main event saw the field reduced from 101 to just 24 players
  • Day 1 of the Amazingbet €1,100 High Roller
  • The final day of the €250 Full Tilt Catania PKO Regressive
  • Battle of Malta Blogger Frank Visser scoops €330 PLO Knockout Win
  • Live updates of the Main Event Day 3 on the Battle of Malta Blog
  • Photos, interviews and more on the Battle of Malta’s social channels Facebook and Instagram

Main Event Day 3

Rasmus Sepping

The Battle of Malta’s Spring Edition has just 24 players left in contention for the €100,000 first prize, with Estonian Rasmus Sepping leading the way on just under 5m chips. He holds a lead of over 1m chips on Erik Lindqwist from Sweden and Vasileios Zisis, who both posted 3,650,000 chip counts. Zisis from Greece had been the chip leader of the 101 players who began Day 2, of which 77 hit the rail.

Lithuanian Modestas Kryzanauskas, who tasted victory earlier in the week in the Montecarlo Poker House event, went into the day third in chips but it didn’t go according to plan. He is still in the field for Day 4 but as the shortest stack of the remaining contestants, with just 260,000 chips, equivalent to just seven big blinds.

If you missed the action, the full story of how the day unfolded can be read on event’s dedicated blog.

End of Day 3 Chip Counts

Player Country Chip Count
Rasmus Sepping Estonia 4,880,000
Erik Lindqwist Sweden 3,650,000
Vasileios Zisis Greece 3,650,000
Giuseppe Rosa Italy 3,575,000
Marko Luksa Serbia 3,125,000
Antonino Calabro Italy 3,000,000
Alfredo Cuti Italy 2,935,000
Nico Frenn Switzerland 2,765,000
Stefano Munafo Italy 2,545,000
Daniel Maunders United Kingdom 2,430,000
Michal Janczarski Poland 2,170,000
Filippe Busatto Italy 2,140,000
Nicola Ciraolo Italy 2,100,000
Antonino Arigo Italy 2,095,000
Sokratis Papavramidis Greece 2,080,000
Jan-Joost van den Bogert United Kingdom 1,940,000
Jakub Bosko Slovakia 1,865,000
Kristian Dahl Denmark 1,790,000
Mehdi Rebai Tunesia 1,650,000
Fotios Ntamaris Greece 1,525,000
Dimitrios Gkatzas Greece 1,335,000
Andrea Agnoletto Italy 650,000
Salvatore Lavolpe Italy 555,000
Modestas Kryzanauskas Lithuania 260,000

€1,100 Amazingbet High Roller Regressive

The Battle of Malta’s High Roller, sponsored by Amazingbet began on Monday evening, when 122 players took their seats. It has a regressive structure, so blinds get rolled back three levels at the start of Day 2 and late registration remains open during these. The largest stack of the 65 players who made it through the day was posted by Silvio De Petrillo, who bagged up 226,500. He has a healthy lead over second placed Reza Karimkhanezand on 165,500. Play resumes at 1pm and we will be covering the final day action with live updates on the Battle of Malta Blog.

High Roller Top 10 Chipcounts

Country Player Chip Count
Italy Silvio De Petrillo 226,500
Iran Reza Karimkhanezand 165,500
Lithuania Audrius Laimelis 158,400
Poland Michal Wargin 157,100
Italy Pasqualino Di Santo 149,500
Italy Salvatore Caruso 145,000
Croatia Prela Niki 137,000
Switzerland Dirk Gerth 135,500
Lithuania Sarunas Linkius 123,300
Latvia Elvijs Kuceruks 118,700

Tomas Dusanek wins €250 NLH PKO Full Tilt Catania Regressive

The €250 NLH PKO sponsored by Full Tilt Catania also featured a regressive structure and late registration also remained open for the first three levels of the day. There were over 80 players who joined on Day 2 to bring the total field up to 332 entries. It was won by Czech player Tomas Dusanek, who claimed 8 bounties along the way.  The payouts listed below do not include bounty prizes. For the full result, please visit the Results Page

Position Player Prize
1 Tomas Dusanek € 5,380
2 Benedetto Caruso € 4,050
3 Duarte Inacio € 3,020
4 Gabriel Rymar € 2,360
5 Francesco Urso € 1,760
6 Salvatore Giliberti € 1,350
7 Giovanni Preveti € 1,050
8 Francesco Montalto € 800
9 Jakub Szczotka € 640


Jun Li wins €200 NLH Old School Bloom (€2,430)

The tournament with the name most in keeping with the Battle of Malta Spring Edition’s floral theme was the €200 No Limit Hold’em ‘Old School Bloom.’ It was a quieter tournament than most with just 29 entries, from which Jun Li from China came out on top, for €2,430

Position Player Prize
1 Jun Li € 2,430
2 Daniel Istrofor € 1,620
3 Max Gerritsen € 1,040
4 Giovanni Russo € 690

Georgios Grigoropoulos wins €250 NLH IPF Event (€4,260)

The Italian Poker Federation (IPF) €250 NLH event was won by Greek player Georgios Grigoropoulos. The tournament had 133 entrants, including Ladies Event winner Cheng Peng Tan. Unfortunately for the Singapore player, who’s nickname is “Champagne”, she exited in 19th place, two places short of the prize money.

Position Player Prize
1 Georgios Grigoropoulos € 4,260
2 Tor Andre Nesse € 2,660
3 Kristof Everaerts € 2,060
4 Georgios Boutsakis € 1,660
5 Domenico Tresa € 1,310
6 Giannis Mantonanakis € 1,010
7 Eleonora Barlini € 810
8 Michal Urbanski € 640
9 Abdellah Baali € 510
10 Nunzio La Mattia € 420
11 Antonio Viselli € 420
12 David Strbacka € 350
13 Cen Mingrui € 350
14 Costantino Giannuzzi € 300
15 Lukas Fiam € 300
16 Daniele Raimondi € 300
17 Michele Mercurio € 300

Frank Visser Wins €330 PLO (4 Cards) Knockout (€3,500 including bounties)

Today’s non-Hold’em tournament was the €330 PLO (4 Cards) Knockout. The bounties were not progressive and worth €150 each. It was a well attended event with 48 players taking their seats, including Battle of Malta bloggers Aleksander Giorgiev and Frank Visser, who were able to join the game due to Day 3 of the Battle of Malta Main Event finishing early. 

Aleksander started out really well, amassing over 160,000 chips in the first few levels to become on of the chip leaders, however his early chip haul came without bounties. Frank started a little bit slower, but also well, claiming some bounties in the first few levels and had trebled his stack by the time the field had been cut in half.

Both bloggers remained in contention as the tournament approached the money, but unfortunately for Aleksander he bubbled and his vanquisher was none other than his colleague Frank!

Frank never looked back from this point, built a healthy chip lead and went on to claim the first prize. He scooped nine bounties along the way for a total payout of €3,500. Luckily he’s a get-it-quietly type of person and didn’t go out on the town to celebrate, so there’s no danger that he won’t show up for his duties when Day 4 of the Battle of Malta resumes.

Position Player Prize # Bounties Bounty Prize Total Prize
1 Frank Visser € 2,150 9 € 1,350 € 3,500
2 Fabio Angelo Bianchi € 1,570 4 € 600 € 2,170
3 Daniel Marsden € 1,000 5 € 750 € 1,750
4 Matthias Lang € 760 2 € 300 € 1,060
5 Martin Byrne € 590 1 € 150 € 740
6 Benjamin Nuler € 450 2 € 300 € 750
7 Nikolay Dobrev € 360 3 € 450 € 810


Frank Visser (and David Kilmartin Lappin)

Tuesday’s Tournament Schedule at the Battle of Malta

Tuesday is the penultimate day of the Battle of Malta Spring Edition and the last day in which there is a full schedule of tournaments. But it’s still set to be a busy one, with several tournaments on the schedule, including the Main Event and the High Roller, which both resume at 1pm. Although it is the second and final day of the High Roller tournament, late registration will remain open during the first three levels of the day. Cash games are still running within Casino Malta (two floors below the conference hall).

Time Event
1 p.m. Battle of Malta Day 4
1 p.m. €1,100 NLH Amazingbet High Roller Regressive Day 1
4 p.m. €330 NLH Novibet Ultradeep PKO
5 p.m. €330 H.O.R.S.E
7 p.m. €250 MAS Full Bounty
9 p.m. €220 Dark Knight IV
10 p.m. €130 NLH Cash Your Seat at 100k Chips
Andrea Agnoletto Eliminated in 23rd Place (€5,840) 9 Apr 13:26 by Frank

Level 26: 20,000/40,000 (40,000)
Entries: 22/1,814 

Jakub Bosko raised to 80,000 from the cutoff and was met with an all-in jam for 510,000 from big blind Andrea Agnoletto. Bosko asked for a count and mulled it over for a bit before ultimately deciding to call.

Andrea Agnoletto: KT
Jakub Bosko: 66

“Well, that seems pretty dead,” Angoletto commented when the 6KA flop gave Bosko a set. The 2 turn indeed left Angoletto drawing dead and he took his leave in 23rd place as the Q river rolled off.

Jakub Bosko – 3,775,000
Andrea Agnoletto – 0

Jakub Bosko ha rilanciato a 80.000 dal cutoff e ha ricevuto un all-in di 510.000 dal big blind Andrea Agnoletto. Bosko ha chiesto il conteggio e ha riflettuto un po’ prima di decidere di chiamare.

Andrea Agnoletto: KT
Jakub Bosko: 66

“Beh, sembra piuttosto morto”, ha commentato Angoletto quando il flop 6KA ha dato a Bosko un set. Il turn 2 ha effettivamente lasciato Angoletto in una situazione di draw dead e si è congedato al 23° posto con il river Q.

Jakub Bosko – 3.775.000
Andrea Agnoletto – 0

Andrea Agnoletto

Modestas Kryzanauskas Eliminated in 24th Place (€4,930) 9 Apr 13:11 by Frank

Level 26: 20,000/40,000 (40,000)
Entries 23/1,814

Vasileios Zisis raised to 85,000 from the cutoff before Modestas Kryzanauskas jammed in his final 220,000 in from the big blind. Zisis immediately called and the cards were tabled.

Modestas Kryzanauskas: AT
Vasileios Zisis: AQ

The 884 flop brought some chop outs, but Kryzanauskas could not survive on the 6K runout and was the first to depart Day 4.

Vasileios Zisis – 3,930,000
Modestas Kryzanauskas – 0

Vasileios Zisis ha rilanciato a 85.000 dal cutoff, prima che Modestas Kryzanauskas facesse un jamming finale di 220.000 dal big blind. Zisis ha immediatamente chiamato e le carte sono state scoperte.

Modestas Kryzanauskas: AT
Vasileios Zisis: AQ

Il flop 884 ha portato alcuni chop out, ma Kryzanauskas non è riuscito a sopravvivere al runout 6K ed è stato il primo ad abbandonare il Day 4.
Vasileios Zisis – 3.930.000
Modestas Kryzanauskas – 0

Modestas Kryzanauskass

Shuffle Up And Deal 9 Apr 13:05 by Aleksandar Georgiev

€1100 High Roller Amazing Bet Reggressive Final

Late registration is still open and more than 31 players have registered for the final day. The action continues with more than a hundred participants currently playing and more to come. So far the High Roller has a total of 162 entries and a prize pool of over 150,000€.

La registrazione tardiva è ancora aperta e più di 31 giocatori si sono registrati per il giorno finale. L’azione continua con più di cento partecipanti attualmente in gioco e altri in arrivo. Finora l’High Roller ha un totale di 162 iscrizioni e un montepremi di oltre 150.000 euro.

Day 4 Underway 9 Apr 13:04 by Frank

The 24 remaining players have found their seats and the cards are in the air for the penultimate day of the Battle of Malta Spring Edition Main Event.

I 24 giocatori rimasti hanno trovato posto e le carte sono in aria per il penultimo giorno del Battle of Malta Spring Edition Main Event.

Final Day Of The High Roller Begins 9 Apr 12:45 by Aleksandar Georgiev

€1100 High Roller Amazing Bet Reggressive Final

Welcome to the €1,100 High Roller Amazing Bet Regressive Final. The action will start at 13:00 at Casino Malta.

69 players made the final day out of the 131 entries with Silvio Petrilo leading the pack. He managed to turn his 40,000 starting stack into 226,500 chips which is 61,000 more than Reza Karimkhanezand who sits in second with 165,500.

Players will start at Level 8 with blinds 400/800 – Ante 800 and late registration will close after the end of Level 10 and each level will last for exactly 30 minutes.

Top Ten Stacks from Day 1:

Player Name Chip Count
Silvio Petrillo 226,500
Reza Karimkhanezand 165,500
Audrius Laimelis 158,400
Michal Wargin 157,100
Pasqualino Di Santo 149,500
Salvatore Caruso 145,000
Prela Niki 137,000
Dirk Gerth 135,500
Sarunas Linkius 123,300
Elvijs Kuceruks 118,700


Benvenuti alla finale di €1100 High Roller Amazing Bet Regressive. L’azione inizierà alle 13:00 al Casinò di Malta.

69 giocatori hanno raggiunto il final day su 131 iscritti, con Silvio Petrilo in testa al gruppo. È riuscito a trasformare il suo stack iniziale di 40.000 in 226.500 fiches, 61.000 in più di Reza Karimkhanezand che si trova al secondo posto con 165.500 fiches.

I giocatori inizieranno dal livello 8 con bui 400/800 – Ante 800 e la registrazione tardiva si chiuderà dopo la fine del livello 10 e ogni livello durerà esattamente 30 minuti.

Rasmus Sepping Leads Final 24 in the Main Event 9 Apr 12:25 by Jason Glatzer

Rasmus Sepping


Welcome to the penultimate day of the 2024 Battle of Malta Spring Edition €600 Main Event at Casino Malta and the adjoining Eden Arena at the luxurious Intercontinental Hotel.

The action is down to just 24 hopefuls to start Day 4 from the original field of 1,814 entries, each locking up at least €4,930. By the end of the day, we will be down to just eight players vying for the €100,000 top prize on tap during the live-streamed final table on Wednesday.

Estonian Rasmus Sepping had a day to remember on Day 3 and will kick off Day 4 with a chip-leading stack of 4,880,000. Erik Lindqwist, Vasileios Zisis, 2022 Battle of Malta Spring Edition Main Event champion Giuseppe Rosa, Marko Luksa, Antonino Calabro, Alfredo Cuti, Nico Frenn, Stefano Munafo, and Daniel Maunders all will begin the day in the top 10.

Giuseppe Rosa


Day 4 Top 10 Chip Counts

Rank Player Country Chip Big Blinds
1 Rasmus Sepping Estonia 4,880,000 122
2 Erik Lindqwist Sweden 3,650,000 91
3 Vasileios Zisis Greece 3,650,000 91
4 Giuseppe Rosa Italy 3,575,000 89
5 Marko Luksa Serbia 3,125,000 78
6 Antonino Calabro Italy 3,000,000 75
7 Alfredo Cuti Italy 2,935,000 73
8 Nico Frenn Switzerland 2,765,000 69
9 Stefano Munafo Italy 2,545,000 64
10 Daniel Maunders United Kingdom 2,430,000 61


Remaining Payouts

Place Prize
1 €100,000
2 €76,200
3 €55,300
4 €34,320
5 €26,700
6 €21,050
7 €16,500
8 €11,900
9 €9,400
10-12 €8,040
13-15 €6,850
16-23 €5,840
24 €4,930


Players will have more time than ever before with Day 4 featuring long 90-minute blind levels starting with 43 minutes remaining on the clock in Level 26 with blinds at 20,000/40,000 along with a 40,000 big blind ante. Cards are in the air at 1 p.m. with our crack team of reporters covering both Day 4 of the Main Event and the final day of the €1,100 Amazingbet High Roller. So be sure to tune in throughout the day to see who will make the final table of the Main Event and who will be the champion of the High Roller on Tuesday.

Erik Lindqwist

Day 4 Seat Draw 8 Apr 21:35 by Frank
Table Seat Player Country Chip Count Big Blinds
1 1 Modestas Kryzanauskas Lithuania 260,000 7
1 2 Dimitrios Gkatzas Greece 1,335,000 33
1 3 Giuseppe Rosa Italy 3,575,000 89
1 4 Andrea Agnoletto Italy 650,000 16
1 5 Erik Lindqwist Sweden 3,650,000 91
1 6 Vasileios Zisis Greece 3,650,000 91
1 7 Jan-Joost van den Bogert United Kingdom 1,940,000 49
1 8 Jakub Bosko Slovakia 1,865,000 47
2 1 Fotios Ntamaris Greece 1,525,000 38
2 2 Antonino Calabro Italy 3,000,000 75
2 3 Michal Janczarski Poland 2,170,000 54
2 4 Rasmus Sepping Estonia 4,880,000 122
2 5 Kristian Dahl Denmark 1,790,000 45
2 6 Salvatore Lavolpe Italy 555,000 14
2 7 Nico Frenn Switzerland 2,765,000 69
2 8 Stefano Munafo Italy 2,545,000 64
3 1 Marko Luksa Serbia 3,125,000 78
3 2 Daniel Maunders United Kingdom 2,430,000 61
3 3 Alfredo Cuti Italy 2,935,000 73
3 4 Mehdi Rebai Tunesia 1,650,000 41
3 5 Nicola Ciraolo Italy 2,100,000 53
3 6 Filippe Busatto Italy 2,140,000 54
3 7 Antonino Arigo Italy 2,095,000 52
3 8 Sokratis Papavramidis Greece 2,080,000 52