Scorching Success: Dario Barone Reigns Supreme at the Battle of Malta 6 Jun 20:01 by Arved Klöhn

The Battle of Malta Poker tournament set the Mediterranean island ablaze with its scorching action, as players from almost all corners of the globe gathered to put their skills to the test. This sizzling event had it all: intense showdowns, jaw-dropping bluffs, and a final table that left spectators gasping for breath.

With five starting flights and action spread over six adrenaline-fueled days, the Battle of Malta was a poker extravaganza that attracted a staggering 1,992 entries. The tables were ablaze as players vied for a shot at the coveted championship title and a share of the blazing €1,002,972 prize pool.

Four Nation Final, Italian Dominance

BOM Final Table

Final Table of the 2023 Battle of Malta Spring Edition

As the final table approached, the poker gods smiled upon four nations, with Italy, Switzerland, Israel, and Spain represented by their finest card-wielding warriors. The tension was palpable as the chip stacks fluctuated, setting the stage for a fiery battle like no other. Dario Barone blazed onto the scene as the chip leader early on. His relentless aggression and cunning play sent shockwaves through the poker arena, leaving his opponents scrambling to keep up with his blistering pace. However, Junyu Liu, a formidable contender from the start, momentarily stole the spotlight, his fiery gameplay threatening to dethrone Barone.

The final table was a pressure cooker of emotions, as each player fought tooth and nail for their slice of poker glory. The chips flew like sparks from a bonfire, with massive bluffs and epic hero calls setting the felts ablaze.

In the end, it was Dario Barone who emerged from the fiery battlefield as the Battle of Malta champion. He seized the victory and claimed the scorching €156,500 first-place prize. The crowd erupted in applause as he basked in the glow of his hard-earned triumph.

But let’s not forget the other valiant contenders who brought their A-game to the felt. Junyu Liu, a true force to be reckoned with, secured a blazing €101,500 for his second-place finish, while Andrea Dominici‘s fiery performance earned him €69,890 in third place. Miguel Bolivar, Giulio Di Salvo, Andrea Agnoletto, Fabian Rolli, Victor Fryda, and Mikhael Busiashvili also blazed their way to impressive payouts, leaving a scorching trail in their wake.

The Battle of Malta Poker tournament was an inferno of skill, excitement, and nail-biting moments. It showcased the very best that the poker world has to offer, with players from diverse backgrounds igniting the tables with their passion and talent. As the final chips were counted and the confetti settled, Dario Barone emerged as the undisputed king of the felt, leaving a legacy that will forever burn bright in the annals of poker history.

Dario Barone Wins the Battle of Malta 2023 Spring Edition

Dario Barone Wins the Battle of Malta 2023 Spring Edition

Now, grab your cards, buckle up, and get ready for the next poker inferno, because the Battle of Malta will come back in October, bringing the fiery action back to the Mediterranean. We hope to see you all in Malta again by then!

Dario Barone Wins the 2023 Battle of Malta Spring Edition 6 Jun 19:46 by Arved Klöhn
Dario Barone

Dario Barone

After six hours of play, Dario Barone won the 2023 Battle of Malta Spring Edition. He defeated his fellow countrymen Junyu Liu and Andrea Dominici, who finished 2nd and 3rd.

Barone took home over €156,000 in prize money and the coveted Battle of Malta Trophy.

Below are the final table payouts.

We will be back with a full recap shortly.

Place Player Prize Money
1 Dario Barone €156,500
2 Junyu Liu €101,500
3 Andrea Dominici €69,890
4 Miguel Bolivar €53,800
5 Giulio Di Salvo €41,100
6 Andrea Agnoletto €31,590
7 Fabian Rolli €24,200
8 Victor Fryda €18,800
9 Mikhael Busiashvili €14,480
Junyu Liu out in 2nd Place (€101,500) 6 Jun 19:43 by Arved Klöhn
Junyu Liu

Junyu Liu – Happy Second Place Finisher

Level 35: 200k / 400k (400k)
Entries: 2/1992

Dario Barone found another decent hand on the button – JJ. He raised to 1m and Junyu Liu with 15m behind, moved all-in with 66. Barone instantly called and we were all-in for all the marbles.

The dealer fanned KTT5A.

This meant Dario Barone won the Main Event of the Battle of Malta and Junyu Liu finished in 2nd place.

Dario Barone – 49m
Junyu Liu – 0

Full House Sees Barone Gain 3-1 Lead 6 Jun 19:34 by Arved Klöhn

Level 35: 200k / 400k (400k)
Entries: 2/1992

On the button, Junyu limped with 64, and in the big blind Dario Barone checked with K7.

Flop: 553 (1.5m)

Liu bet 500k and Barone called with king high.

Turn: K (2.5m)

Barone turned top pair and Liu bet 1m. Barone only called.

River: K (4.5m)

After Barone checked once more, Liu bet 2m, bluffing with his 6 high. Barone raised to 8m and Liu gave up on his bluff.

With this hand Barone has his 3-1 chip lead back.

Dario Barone – 37m
Junyu Liu – 13m

Barone With an Untimely Hero Call 6 Jun 19:24 by Arved Klöhn

Level 35: 200k / 400k (400k)
Entries: 3/1992

Dario Barone found AK on the button and raised on the button. Liu called with 97.

Flop: 986 (2.7m)

Both players checked.

Turn: 3

Liu bet 1.3m and Barone called.

River: 2 (5.3m)

Liu bet 2.5m and Barone, not believing him, called the bet.

Liu won and regained the chips he lost in the last hand.

Dario Barone – 34m
Junyu Liu – 16m

Barone Calls Liu’s Bluff 6 Jun 19:21 by Arved Klöhn

Level 35: 200k / 400k (400k)
Entries: 3/1992

The first noticeable hand in the heads-up began with Liu limping on the button with 53.

Dario Barone checked his option with T6.

Flop: JT2 (1.2m)

Liu bet 600k and Barone called.

Turn: 9 (2.4m)

Both players checked.

River: K (2.4m)

Barone bet 400k with his third pair. Liu, smelling weakness, raised to 1.5m. Barone quickly called, sniffing Liu’s ambitious raise out.

Dario Barone – 37m
Junyu Liu – 13m

Raise And Take 6 Jun 19:17 by Arved Klöhn

The first hands of the heads up were mostly raise and take or raise, bet on the flop and fold. We have seen some limps, but no hand that went to showdown yet.

The counts have not changed much and Barone leads with 35m to 14m chips.

Heads Up between Liu and Barone 6 Jun 19:02 by Arved Klöhn

We’re on another short break before the heads-up between Junyu commences. Barone has a substantial lead with 32m to 18m chips. But both players have over 40 big blinds and we expect a fierce battle.

Each player has already €105,500 secured, but the winner will take home €156,500 and the coveted Batte of Malta trophy.

BoM Trophy

Battle of Malta Trophy

Andrea Dominici out in 3rd Place (€69,890) 6 Jun 18:54 by Arved Klöhn
Andrea Dominici and Junyu Liu

Final hug between Andrea Dominici and Junyu Liu

Level 35: 200k / 400k (400k)
Entries: 3/1992

Junyu Liu raised from the button with A7 to 1.5m.

In the big blind, Andrea Dominici moved all-in for 4.1m with KQ.

Liu called rather quickly and we saw a showdown.

Board: A42T5

After two quick losses, Andrea Dominici was out in third place, securing almost €70,000 in prize money.

Dario Barone – 32m
Junyu Liu – 18m
Andrea Dominici – 0

Dario Barone Flop Two Pair, Regains Lead 6 Jun 18:46 by Arved Klöhn

Level 35: 200k / 400k (400k)
Entries: 3/1992

We’re back from the break and a fiery threehanded Italian action is unfolding.

Dario Barone made it 800k from the button with QT.

In the small blind Andrea Dominici made it 1.6m to go with A6. Barone called.

Flop: QT3 (4.1m)

Dominici kept going and made it 900k. With his flopped two pair, Barone only called.

Turn: A (5.9m)

Dominici just turned top pair and kept firing, this time 2.2m. Barone kept just calling.

River: 9 (10m)

Andrea didn’t slow down and bet 3.7m. Barone instantly called and his two pair were good enough to win this 18m pot.

Andrea Dominici – 6.2m
Dario Barone – 30m

Short Break, All Italian Final 6 Jun 18:12 by Arved Klöhn

With three players left we’re on a short break.

Those are the counts:

Final Three Counts

Miguel Bolivar out in 4th Place (€53,800) 6 Jun 18:10 by Arved Klöhn
Miguel Bolivar

Miguel Bolivar

Level 35: 200k / 400k (400k)
Entries: 3/1992

The very next hand saw some fireworks.

Dario Barone had 99 under the gun and raised to 800k.

On the button, Andrea Dominici called with A4.

In the small blind Junyu Liu 3-bet to 2.2m with KT.

Miguel Bolivar had Q7 and was all-in with his last chips automatically.

Barone called and Dominici got out of the way.

Flop: 752

Liu followed through, betting 2m. Dario Barone needed a long while to make up his mind and eventually called.

Turn: 6

Now Liu slowed down and checked. Barone took over and bet 2.5m, feeling comfortable with his overpair.

Liu folded and it went to showdown.

River: 4

The board provided no help for Bolivar and he was out in 4th place.

Dario Barone – 22m
Junyu Liu – 16m
Miguel Bolivar – 0

Andrea Dominici Doubles Through Miguel Bolivar 6 Jun 18:01 by Arved Klöhn
Andrea Dominic Doubling Up

Andrea Dominic Doubling Up

Level 35: 200k / 400k (400k)
Entries: 4/1992

After the blinds increased to 200k / 400k, Miguel Bolivar found A6 under the gun and he moved all-in for 6.3m.

Behind him in the small blind Andre Dominici had AJ and he had 5.9m behind.

Dominici needed some time and eventually went along for the ride, risking his tournament life.

The big blind folded and the board came down KT895

With his courageous call, Dominici doubled up and left Miguel Bolivar crippled.

Andrea Dominici – 13m
Miguel Bolivar – 0.225m

Giulio Di Salvo out in 5th Place (€41,100) 6 Jun 17:41 by Arved Klöhn
Giulio Di Salvo

Giulio Di Salvo

Level 35: 150k / 300k (300k)
Entries: 4/1992

On the button, Giulio Di Salvo shoved all-in for 3.8m after finding AT.

In the big blind Junyu Liu called with JJ.

Board: K86K5

Di Salvo found no help and just like that, we’re down to 4 players.

Junyu Liu – 23m
Giulio Di Salvo – 0


Those are the chip counts fourhanded:


Dario Barone Turns Pair, Rivers Trips, Wins Pot 6 Jun 17:38 by Arved Klöhn

Level 35: 150k / 300k (300k)
Entries: 5/1992

In the cut-off, Miguel Bolivar found 22 and raised to 600k.

Behind him, Dario Barone had AJ and called the raise. In the big blinds, Andrea Dominici called the raise with T4.

Flop: KQ3

It was checked to Bolivar and he bet 850. Barone called with his gutshot.

Turn: A

Now Bolivar made it 1.9m and Barone called with his newly found top pair.

River: A

Finally, Bolivar slowed down and checked. Barone elected to check behind and took down this 4.4m pot.

Dario Barone – 13m
Miguel Bolivar – 6.3m

Andrea Dominici Dominici Wins With Aces 6 Jun 17:29 by Arved Klöhn

Level 35: 150k / 300k (300k)
Entries: 5/1992

The first really big hand after the break saw Andrea Dominici add a lot to his stack when he found Aces under the gun and won a 5m pot against Dario Barone, who hat A-T and made a pair on a JJ6-T-8 board.


Andrea Dominici – 8.2m
Dario Barone – 7.1m

20 Minute Break 6 Jun 16:50 by Arved Klöhn

The players are now on a 20-minute break. Below are the current chip counts:

Break Chip Counts

Giulio Di Salvo Doubles Through Bolivar 6 Jun 16:45 by Arved Klöhn

Level 34: 100k / 250k (250k)
Entries: 5/1992

Giulio Di Salvo, who was down to 1.3m, shoved from UTG with QT. It was folded to Miguel Bolivar in the big blind and he called after some deliberation with J6.

The board ran down 97488 and Di Salvo doubled up.

Giulio Di Salvo – 3m
Miguel Bolivar – 10m

Di Salvo on Life Support 6 Jun 16:31 by Arved Klöhn
Giulio Di Salvo

Giulio Di Salvo

Level 34: 100k / 250k (250k)
Entries: 5/1992

From the cut-off, Junyu Liu raised with 65 to 500k. In the big blind Giulio Di Salvo defended with T9.

Flop: J73

Bother players flopped a gutshot draw. Di Salvo checked and Liu made it 350k to go.

Di Salvo, who had 2.4m behind, called the bet.

Turn: 2

Di Salvo checked once more and now Liu put out the big guns, moving all-in. Di Salvo was forced to fold and is now down to 8 big blinds.

Giulio Di Salvo – 2m
Junyu Liu – 19m

Dominici Takes Some From Liu 6 Jun 16:21 by Arved Klöhn

Level 34: 100k / 250k (250k)
Entries: 5/1992

It was folded to Andrea Dominici in the small blind and with A5 he made it 600k to go.

In the big blind Junyu Liu called with 63.

Flop: AK6

After a check, Dominici bet 500k and Liu called.

Turn: 5

Liu checked once more and with his two pair, Dominici bet 850k.

Liu thought briefly, but eventually folded his cards.

Andrea Dominici – 7.6m
Junyu Liu – 18m

Andrea Agnoletto out in 6th Place (€31,590) 6 Jun 16:13 by Arved Klöhn
Andrea Agnoleto

Andrea Agnoleto

Level 34: 100k / 250k (250k)
Entries: 5/1992

We just lost the first Italian at the Final Table.

It was folded to the small blind and with just 11 big blinds in his stack, Andrea Agnoletto shoved with JT. In the big blind Dario Barone called with A4

Board: 8877Q

Agnoletto could not find any help and just like that, we’re down to 5 players.

Dario Barone – 12m
Andrea Agnoletto – 0


Those are the current counts:

FT Chip counts

Live Stream With Jason Glatzer 6 Jun 16:08 by Arved Klöhn

Check out our live stream with Jason Glatzer live reporting the action and adding many knowledge tidbits to the action, providing a fantastic viewer experience.


Jason Glatzer Live Reporting

Jason Glatzer Live Reporting

Youtube Live Stream

Andrea Dominici Hits an Ace on the River 6 Jun 16:06 by Arved Klöhn

Andrea DominiciLevel 33: 100k / 200k (200k)
Entries: 6/1992

From the button, Andrea Dominici raised with A9 and in the big blind Miguel Bolivar defended with Q8.

Flop: 854

After a check, Dominici bet 275k and Bolivar called.

Turn: 4

The action went check / bet / call again, this time Dominici bet 475k.

River: A

Now Dominici was suddenly ahead and again Bolivar checked. Dominici elected to bet 1m into this 2.7m pot.

Bolivar was unsure about the action and eventually made the correct decision and folded his pair.

Andrea Dominici – 7m
Miguel Bolivar – 7.6m

Short Break, Some Counts 6 Jun 15:51 by Arved Klöhn

The final six players are on a short unscheduled break. The blinds will now increase every 45 minutes, adding to the intense action.

Those are the current counts:

Fabian Rolli out in 7th Place (€24,200) 6 Jun 15:49 by Arved Klöhn
Fabian Rolli

Fabian Rolli

Level 33: 100k / 200k (200k)
Entries: 6/1992

Junyu Liu found AQ in early position and he raised to 450k. On the button, Fabian Rolli held 99 and he had 3.6m chips behind. Rolli took some time but eventually, he raised to 2.3m, leaving only 1.3m behind.

It was folded to Liu and he called.

Flop: T6A

Now Liu shoved and Rolli made the call with his Nines.

Turn and River fell J, J – no help for the player from Switzerland.

Rolli is out in 7th and Liu now has an overwhelming chip lead.

Junyu Liu – 19m
Fabian Rolli – 0