Something Better Than Ace-Queen for Pirie

Level 7: 300/600 (600) Entries: 464/737 We caught up with the action with Ignazio Cugliandro having a three-bet for 4,900 in front of him. Grant Pirie four-bet to 12,000. Cugliandro tanked for a few moments before he called. Cugliano checked the flop before Pirie jammed for his six-figure stack. “Ace-queen?” asked Cugliandro. Pirie shrugged his…

Welcome to the Battle of Malta

One of the things the Battle of Malta is known for are its entertaining and informative introductions every day before the start of all of the opening flights for the Main Event. Patricia Rimfire and Jack Bonora put together our first video of the week about the festival’s grand opening in both English and Italian.