Full House Sees Barone Gain 3-1 Lead

Level 35: 200k / 400k (400k) Entries: 2/1992 On the button, Junyu limped with , and in the big blind Dario Barone checked with . Flop: (1.5m) Liu bet 500k and Barone called with king high. Turn: (2.5m) Barone turned top pair and Liu bet 1m. Barone only called. River: (4.5m) After Barone checked once…

Barone With an Untimely Hero Call

Level 35: 200k / 400k (400k) Entries: 3/1992 Dario Barone found on the button and raised on the button. Liu called with . Flop: (2.7m) Both players checked. Turn: Liu bet 1.3m and Barone called. River: (5.3m) Liu bet 2.5m and Barone, not believing him, called the bet. Liu won and regained the chips he…

Barone Calls Liu’s Bluff

Level 35: 200k / 400k (400k) Entries: 3/1992 The first noticeable hand in the heads-up began with Liu limping on the button with . Dario Barone checked his option with . Flop: (1.2m) Liu bet 600k and Barone called. Turn: (2.4m) Both players checked. River: (2.4m) Barone bet 400k with his third pair. Liu, smelling…

Raise And Take

The first hands of the heads up were mostly raise and take or raise, bet on the flop and fold. We have seen some limps, but no hand that went to showdown yet. The counts have not changed much and Barone leads with 35m to 14m chips.

Heads Up between Liu and Barone

We’re on another short break before the heads-up between Junyu commences. Barone has a substantial lead with 32m to 18m chips. But both players have over 40 big blinds and we expect a fierce battle. Each player has already €105,500 secured, but the winner will take home €156,500 and the coveted Batte of Malta trophy.