Battle of Malta Doubles the Guarantee (Again) 4 Jun 14:13 by Arved Klöhn

With 360 runners on Day 1e, we have a total of 1,978 entries and the prize pool is over €1,000,000.

Below are the starting flights in numbers:

Flight Entries Survivors Average % Advanced Chip Leader Chips Big Blinds
Day 1a 273 41 166,463 15.0% Antoine Talvard 691,000 115
Day 1b 353 53 166,509 15.0% David Oezmen 377,000 63
Day 1c 799 119 167,857 Lior Sahar 639,500 107
Day 1d turbo 193 29 166,379 15.0% Olyaev Raul 509,500 85
Day 1e turbo 360
Total 1,978 242 245,207 12.2%
Turbo Flight Day 1e Attacts Another Massive Field 4 Jun 13:42 by Arved Klöhn

While we slept the sleep of the just after three very long days, poker was already being played at Casino Malta early this morning from 10 o’clock. The last starting day of the Battle of Malta attracted over 300 entries, bringing the total number of entries across all starting days to almost 2000.

Flight 1e will be completed this afternoon, expectedly no later than 5:00 PM. From 7:00 PM, all players will gather in the tournament area to play Day 2 together.

We will then report with all the data, numbers, and information and resume the live blog.


Day 1d End of Day Counts 4 Jun 03:25 by Arved Klöhn
Name Chips Big Blinds
Ilyaev Raul 509,500 85
Shmuel Maman 434,500 72
Asciak Michael 360,500 60
Steven Smart 329,000 55
Kyriakos Mitsopoulos 297,500 50
Yair Kimhi 238,500 40
David Lappin 210,000 35
Dusan Bartak 181,500 30
Oliviero Bacchi 177,500 30
Andrea Dominici 171,500 29
Doron Ferenbach 165,500 28
Diego Grisiglione 150,000 25
Udo Hemmert 142,000 24
Whilhelm Isaak 140,500 23
Roman Bartak 137,000 23
Orro Sander 134,000 22
Liron Kroani 115,000 19
Antonio Caruso 104,000 17
Phedonas Phinicarides 101,500 17
Andreas Wagemaker 90,000 15
Itzhak Zaguri 84,500 14
Po Yi Wu 68,000 11
Omer Hagbi 62,000 10
Gil Preter 61,500 10
Nicola Cerini 60,500 10
Andrew Valenzia 60,500 10
Aviv Zohar 43,500 7
Victor Gonzalez 36,000 6
Michailas Miserkejevas 19,000 3
Day 1d Over, Day 1c Still Going on 4 Jun 02:49 by Arved Klöhn

We’re still 4 players away from the money ranks in the Main Event Day 1c. But the Turbo Flight Day 1d already commenced with 29 / 193 entries surviving the day.

We will come back with chip counts for this flight in a bit.

193 Entries in the Turbo Day 1d 4 Jun 00:35 by Jason Glatzer

Late registration is closed for the Turbo Day 1d flight with the field attracting 193 entries to bring the total up to 1,618 entries with still one turbo flight to go tomorrow morning at 11 a.m.

The prize pool has grown to a whopping €814,663 to crush the €500,000 guarantee slapped on the 2023 Battle of Malta Spring Edition Main Event.

We won’t have too many detailed reports about any of the turbo flights but we will provide updates now and then along with the final chip counts of the day.

Cheetahs playing fast poker

Play like a Cheetah in the Turbo Flight

Turbo Flight 1d Starts at 8pm 3 Jun 19:38 by Arved Klöhn
Time to go into turbo mode

Time to go into turbo mode

The anticipation is building as the Battle of Malta Poker Tournament’s Main Event flight 1d is about to kick off in less than half an hour. With a €600 buy-in, players are ready to showcase their skills and compete for a shot at glory. The action begins at 8pm. The flight promises a fast-paced experience with 20-minute blind levels, ensuring that players need to stay sharp and make strategic moves to stay ahead. Re-entries are allowed for the first 10 levels, giving participants a chance to bounce back and secure a strong position in the competition. The stakes are high as players vie for a spot in Day 2, where they will continue their quest for the coveted title.

The pressure is on as players aim to survive until only 15% remain, securing a place in the money and a spot for Day 2. Every decision made at the table could be a game-changer, and the tension is palpable. As the chips continue to shuffle, the Battle of Malta Main Event flight 1d showcases the true spirit of poker, where skill, strategy, and a bit of luck can make all the difference in claiming victory.

We expect that this turbo flight will finish approximately as the ongoing Day 1c flight which just now enters the 8th level.