Day 1c End of Day Counts 4 Jun 03:28 by Arved Klöhn

With all set and done, we have a new overall chip leader. Lior Sahar manages to bag 639,500 chips and leads the pack going into Day 2.

Tomorrow Today at 10 am starts the last turbo starting flight and at 7 pm Day 2 will commence. We will be back for coverage of Day 2.


Name Chips Big Blinds
Lior Sahar 639,500 107
Edgaras Kausinis 600,000 100
Christos Paparistodemou 467,500 78
Vito La Barbera 434,500 72
Cyril Vieira 401,500 67
Maksym Sheingart 365,000 61
Alessio Isaia 363,000 61
Michael Ibba 359,000 60
Edikas Jurgutis 349,000 58
Nuno De Sales 344,000 57
Rytis Pranarauskas 339,500 57
David Keuftedjian 338,000 56
Andrea Argnani 326,000 54
Erez Hen 303,000 51
Michal Anzulewicz 300,000 50
Shmuel Hadad 300,000 50
Emanuele Cassibba 296,500 49
Itay Cahana 286,500 48
Gediminas Dirmantas 285,000 48
Karolis Masaitis 284,500 47
Federico Petruzzelli 283,000 47
Mateusz Asztemborski 278,500 46
Itay Barak 264,500 44
Mario Mancuso 263,500 44
Algirdas Saveikis 260,000 43
Miguel Aguilar 257,000 43
Guiseppe Spitale 250,000 42
Nicolaj D’Antoni 246,500 41
Xavier Zuczkowski 245,000 41
Massimo Centola 244,500 41
Riccardo Saraniero 241,000 40
Grzegorz Skawinski 235,000 39
Nikolaos Zacharakis 233,000 39
Yiftach Atia 222,500 37
Gilles Todaro 221,500 37
Rocco Ascia 217,000 36
Constantinos Miaris 216,000 36
Johan Guilbert 214,500 36
Giuseppe Dedoni 214,000 36
Pavle Pecelj 207,000 35
Lee Stewart 201,500 34
Giorgio Bellanca 201,000 34
Riccardo Arena 199,500 33
Christopher Campisano 181,000 30
Yotam Ashkenazi 176,000 29
Alessandro De Leo 173,000 29
Mateusz Pawlowski 173,000 29
Alex Montgomery 167,000 28
Eran Porath 165,000 28
Alaa Ganem 163,000 27
Ugo Gasparini 163,000 27
Stefano Munafo 162,000 27
Kevin Karenius 160,000 27
Emanuele Napolitano 158,500 26
Dimitrios Koultoukis 155,500 26
Antoine Berruel 148,500 25
Massimo Bruno 145,000 24
Giuseppe Domicoli 139,000 23
Jukka Vainio 136,000 23
Andrea Radicchi 134,000 22
Matteo La Fata 134,000 22
Lukasz Fraczek 133,500 22
Alistair Sparrow 131,500 22
Sergei Levin 128,500 21
Giuseppe Liotta 125,500 21
Plocki Maciej Jan 124,000 21
Vincenzo Pellegrino 122,500 20
Elio Caferro 121,000 20
Grant Pirie 121,000 20
Domenico Gala 118,500 20
Andrea Tedesco 118,000 20
Eylon Israel 117,000 20
Wissam Ouertani 109,500 18
Rain Moelderkivi 107,000 18
Flavio Guerra 105,000 18
Romain Nardin 102,500 17
Roberto Cilia 101,500 17
Andrea La Monica 97,000 16
Harding Jamie 95,000 16
Juri Recchi 94,000 16
Maurizio Falzea 93,000 16
Andrea Agnoletto 89,500 15
Arbel Hason 88,000 15
Giuseppe Di Marco 85,000 14
Shlomo Moalem 81,000 14
Feliciano Montalbetti 80,000 13
Renato Del Gaudio 77,000 13
Remus Pobirci 77,000 13
Andrea Atzeni 75,000 13
Costanza Vito Lucio 72,500 12
Hassan Nima 71,000 12
Mario Fontana 70,500 12
Arthur Emig 69,000 12
Kaidar Viikman 67,000 11
Desmond Farrell 66,500 11
Julian Selinger 66,000 11
Rytis Kriunas 65,500 11
Francesco Squillaci 65,000 11
Ronen Mirakov 64,500 11
Polys Christou 63,500 11
Francesco Galati 63,000 11
Michele Tocci 60,000 10
Roy Panivlov 54,500 9
Sabato Tortorella 54,500 9
Daniel Pereira 53,500 9
Matteo Liparulo 53,000 9
Meir Miron 49,000 8
Jon Persent 46,500 8
Justina Andriukeviciute 44,000 7
Joris Klein 44,000 7
Leonardo Romeo 40,000 7
Marcos De Oliveira 37,000 6
Herli Olop 37,000 6
Gregori Zubkov 30,000 5
Konstantin Poley 29,500 5
Gianluca Fichera 29,000 5
Or Misradi 29,000 5
Francesco Della Sala 25,500 4
Gal Yechezkel 7,000 1
Marco Bartolini Bubbles Day 1c of the Main Event 4 Jun 03:07 by Arved Klöhn

The bubble at the Main Event lasted only one hand. Over at table 13, Marco Bartolini was all-in in the first hand of the hand-for-hand mode with TXTX. He was called by AXAX and could not find any of his two outs to win the hand.

With that, all the other players are in the money and will be back for Day 2 tomorrow.

We’ll be back with chip counts in a bit.

Marco Bartolini before bubbling

Marco Bartolini just before bubbling

Day 1d Over, Day 1c Still Going on 4 Jun 02:49 by Arved Klöhn

We’re still 4 players away from the money ranks in the Main Event Day 1c. But the Turbo Flight Day 1d already commenced with 29 / 193 entries surviving the day.

We will come back with chip counts for this flight in a bit.

Last Break of the Day 4 Jun 02:27 by Arved Klöhn

We’re right before the bubble with 123 players left. 119 players will make Day 2 and be in the money.

After the end of Level 16, the players embark on the last 20-minute break of the day.

Exited for the bubble?

Excited about the bubble? Mr. Krabs sure is!

Nikolaos Zacharakis Folds Big Slick Before the Flop 4 Jun 02:12 by Arved Klöhn

Level 15: 3,000/6,000 (6,000)
Entries: 129/799

In a rather unusual hand, we saw Nikolaos Zacharakis fold Ace King before the flop.

The hand began with him raising from middle position. Behind him Johan Guilbert re-raised and the action was back on Zacharakis. He made it 55k.

Without skipping a beat Guilbert moved all-in for 142.5k. Zacharakis had him covered by a bit. The latter thought for quite some time, then exclaimed: “He might have Aces” and open-mucked his hand.

Johan Guilbert – 200,000
Nikolaos Zacharakis – 200,000


Saved by the Straight 4 Jun 01:38 by Arved Klöhn

Level 15: 2,000/4,000 (4,000)
Entries: 144/799

The blinds are high, the stacks are shallow, and the actions sometimes are forced.

One of those virtually forced actions was Desmond Farrell’s all-in with JX9X and 4.5 big blinds behind. Leonardo Romeo went along for the ride but had Farrell crushed with AX9X.

Lady luck had other plans than Farrell’s timely bust and the dealer fanned a board of TX7X2XKX8X. With a straight on the river, Desmond Farrell doubled up and now he has a wee bit under 10 big blinds and a fighting chance to make it to Day 2.

Desmond Farrell – 39,000

Desmond Farrell after doubling up

Desmond Farrell after doubling up

Some Shots from the Field 4 Jun 01:11 by Arved Klöhn
Straights For Everyone 4 Jun 01:01 by Arved Klöhn

Level 14: 1,500/3,000 (3,000)
Entries: 172/799

Alvaro Da Silva opened to 6.5k from the button and behind him, Alaa Ganem moved all-in from the small blind for 115k. In the big blind Kevin Karenius thought for a little while and moved all-in as well.

Da Silva quickly let go of his steal attempt and we saw a showdown:

Alaa Ganem: AXQX
Kevin Karenius: AXKX

The board was a little roller coaster of a suck and a semi-re-suck: KXJX2XTXKX – a straight for Ganem on the turn and a split pot on the river.

Alaa Ganem – 120,000
Kevin Karenius – 240,000

Alaa Ganem and Kevin Karenius

Alaa Ganem and Kevin Karenius stack their split pot chips

193 Entries in the Turbo Day 1d 4 Jun 00:35 by Jason Glatzer

Late registration is closed for the Turbo Day 1d flight with the field attracting 193 entries to bring the total up to 1,618 entries with still one turbo flight to go tomorrow morning at 11 a.m.

The prize pool has grown to a whopping €814,663 to crush the €500,000 guarantee slapped on the 2023 Battle of Malta Spring Edition Main Event.

We won’t have too many detailed reports about any of the turbo flights but we will provide updates now and then along with the final chip counts of the day.

Cheetahs playing fast poker

Play like a Cheetah in the Turbo Flight

Epic Battles and Unexpected Twists in the Mystery Bounty Tournament 4 Jun 00:33 by Arved Klöhn

At the Battle of Malta, one of the exciting side events that concluded yesterday was the Mystery Bounty. This thrilling tournament attracted a total of 430 entries, making it a fiercely competitive affair. As the event unfolded, tension filled the air, with players vying for the opportunity to claim their share of the €76,100 prize pool.

Out of the numerous participants, 75 players managed to secure a spot “in the money”. However, it was Vikentios Fisentzou who emerged victorious, displaying exceptional skill and determination. Fisentzou’s remarkable performance earned him the top prize of €14,700, along with the well-deserved title of the Mystery Bounty champion.

One notable highlight of the event was the prestigious bounty won by Giuseppe Dedoni. His formidable skills and strategic gameplay paid off handsomely, as he successfully claimed the most lucrative bounty worth an impressive €10,000. The Mystery Bounty event at the Battle of Malta provided a thrilling showcase of talent and excitement, solidifying its reputation as a premier poker tournament. Check out our video about the event below.

Cyril Vieira & Lior Sahar Lead After Last Break 4 Jun 00:21 by Arved Klöhn

We counted some more chips during the break. Currently, Cyril Vieira & Lior Sahar lead the pack.

Name Chips Big Blinds Table Seat
Cyril Vieira 405,000 135 3 5
Lior Sahar 390,000 130 23 7
Albert Keuftedjian 340,000 113 25 3
Ugo Gasparini 310,000 103 2 9
Christos Paparistodemou 310,000 103 14 9
Michal Anzulewicz 300,000 100 10 5
Alex Montgomery 255,000 85 1 2
Romain Nardin 250,000 83 1 6
Michael Ibba 245,000 82 20 3
Olivier Klat 245,000 82 25 7
Mario Fontana 240,000 80 7 1
Mateusz Asztemborski 225,000 75 20 1
Andrea Argnani 220,000 73 1 1
Dimitrios Koultoukis 220,000 73 13 1
Giuseppe Dedoni 215,000 72 3 6
Gilles Todaro 210,000 70 1 5
Edikas Jurgutis 210,000 70 21 5
Roberto Cilia 210,000 70 21 8
Itay Cahana 200,000 67 12 5
Riccardo Saraniero 195,000 65 18 1
Alessandro LaBarbera 195,000 65 12 6
Andrea La Monica 195,000 65 18 9
Claudio Lauretta 190,000 63 16 7
Guiseppe Spitale 190,000 63 19 7
Rytis Pranarauskas 175,000 58 2 1
Pavle Pecelj 175,000 58 9 2
Alessandro Spata 175,000 58 21 4
Nuno De Sales 170,000 57 21 7
Matteo Liparulo 165,000 55 15 3
Nikolaos Zacharakis 160,000 53 22 3
Yiftach Atia 155,000 52 8 8
Francesco Squillaci 155,000 52 13 8
Massimo Bruno 155,000 52 13 9
Wissam Ouertani 150,000 50 9 4
Kevin Karenius 145,000 48 10 2
Angelo Patane 140,000 47 9 5
Stefano Munafo 140,000 47 5 6
Yigal Shafian 140,000 47 14 7
Eylon Israel 135,000 45 3 2
Renato Del Gaudio 135,000 45 5 4
Feliciano Montalbetti 135,000 45 20 5
Lucio Vito 135,000 45 2 8
Nicodemo Piccolo 130,000 43 6 4
Konstantin Poley 120,000 40 6 1
Break Time 4 Jun 00:18 by Jason Glatzer

Players are on a 20-minute break. The field is down to 192 players who will return to blinds at 1,500/3,000 along with a 3,000 big blind ante.

Day 1c will conclude when the field is down to 120 players or less. So this might not be the last break but it will be the last break of the day that we will update the biggest stacks from around the room until the final chip counts are ready to be shared.


King on the River for Alaa Ganem 3 Jun 23:33 by Arved Klöhn

Level 13: 1,000/2,000 (2,000)
Entries: 213/799

Some hands just play themselves without much strategy and thinking. One of those hands is aces versus kings.

One of those hands we just witnessed over at Table 10. It began with Alaa Ganem raising and Hassan Nima reraising. Gaspare Sposato was caught in the middle and caught the reraise. After that Ganem went all-in, Nima went all-in as well and Sposato got out of the way. Showdown:

Alaa Ganem: KXKX
Hassan Nima: AXAX

Board: 8X7X4X7XKX

With a king on the river, Ganem managed to more than double up, leaving Nima crippled.

Alaa Ganem – 120,000
Hassan Nima – 30,000

Alaa Ganem

Alaa Ganem assesses his winnings  

Russo Loses His Short Stack to Vainio 3 Jun 23:24 by Jason Glatzer

Level 12: 1,000/1,500 (1,500)
Entries: 220/799

Giovanni Russo jammed for 3,700 from middle position. The action paused on Jukka Vainio from the button. However, Alessandro Spata likely didn’t see this from the small blind and appeared prepared to act.

“How much is it?” asked Spata.

He reached for his chips soon after but the dealer stopped him before it was too late. Vainio three-bet to 8,000 and both Spata and Edikas Jurgitis folded from the blinds.

Giovanni Russo: 82
Jukka Vainio: AT

Russo was unable to snag even a small piece of the 396JT board for Vainio to snag all of his chips.

Jukka Vainio – 120,000
Giovanni Russo – 0

Jukka Vainio

Only Quads for Pawlowski 3 Jun 23:08 by Jason Glatzer

Level 12: 1,000/1,500 (1,500)
Entries: 232/799

There was a bit of betting going with not much in the pot preflop on the 623 flop when we caught up with the hand with Mateusz Pawlowski committed his stack of 24,000 against Henriques Pereira.

Mateusz Pawlowski: 33
Henriques Pereira: A6

Pawlowski was miles ahead but Pereira still had slim hopes of getting ahead with a pair of runners. One of those runners came on the A turn giving him a four-outer to a full house. Not that Pawlowski needed it, as all but four cards in the deck were safe, but the table erupted after the 3 landed on the river for Pawlowski to ultimately double with quads.

Mateusz Pawlowski – 60,000
Henriques Pereira – 40,000

Mateusz Pawlowski

Yigal Shafian Wins Race to Eliminate Assaf Cabra 3 Jun 23:04 by Arved Klöhn
Yigal Shafian

Yigal Shafian right after winning a race

Level 12: 1,000/1,500 (1,500)
Entries: 235/799

With the blinds ever increasing, the action becomes faster and faster and we are seeing all-ins virtually every minute.

Yigal Shafian just eliminated his countryman Assaf Cabra in one of those all-ins. Both had all their chips in the middle before the flop with Assaf Cabra being minimally ahead with TXTX while Yigal Shafian had two overcards with AXQX.

But a queen in the door of the flop sealed Cabra’s fate. The board fell QX5X2XJXKX and Cabra was eliminated from this flight, while Shafian, who barely covered Cabra doubled up.

Yigal Shafian – 61,000
Assaf Cabra – 0

Watching Poker and Winning at Poker 3 Jun 22:50 by Arved Klöhn
Poker Inception (Marco Labate in front watching and playing poker)

Poker Inception (Marco Labate in front watching and playing poker)

Level 12: 1,000/1,500 (1,500)
Entries: 252/799

Watching poker and playing poker doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive. Over at Table 13, Marco Labate spent most of the day watching poker episodes on his phone.

We just witnessed him increase his stack significantly while watching other people play poker on his phone.

We arrived at his table with 10k in the middle on the turn and the board reading AQT4.

After his opponent, Federico Constantini checked, Labate bet 5k and Constantini check-raised to 12k. Labate called.

The river fell A and again Constantini checked. Now Labate pulled out the big guns and bet all his chips – roughly 25k. Labate contemplated his actions, but eventually let go of his hand.

Marco Labate – 59,000
Federico Constantini – 30,000

Maybe Seman Should Have Waiting Another Second 3 Jun 22:45 by Jason Glatzer

Level 11: 600/1,200 (1,200)
Entries: 258/799

Vitalii Seman fired out for 16,500 into a pot of 31,000 with the 9J962 on the board after the river. Andrea La Monica jammed for 55,600 and Seman went into the tank for around five minutes until La Monica called the clock.

The floor promptly came and the clock started after a brief discussion with the dealer.

“Five, four, three, two, one…” the dealer counted down.

“Call,” said Seman as he threw a chip in before the floor announced that his hand was dead.

La Monica turned over the AT for the nut-flush. Seman nearly made a sick laydown but instead witnessed his stack dwindle as he turned over the KQ for the second-nut flush.

A couple of the players at the table were either shocked that both players had a strong flush or that Seman nearly folded.

Andrea La Monica – 162,000
Vitalii Seman – 22,000

Marcello Caloro About Dealing Big Poker Games 3 Jun 22:28 by Arved Klöhn

The most important people in the casino are the dealers. Without a skilled and motivated team of dealers, no cash game and no tournament can run.

Patrisha Rimfire met up with Marcello Caloro. He’s the senior Dealer Coordinator here at the Battle of Malta and shares his insights into running successful poker tournaments.

Learn how a tournament with hundreds of people and over 1,000 entries is run from a dealer and coordinator perspective.

Vieira Wins Massive Pot With a Set of Nines 3 Jun 22:26 by Jason Glatzer

Level 11: 600/1,200 (1,200)
Entries: 272/799

It was a three-bet pot preflop when Cyril Vieira check-called a bet by Meir Vaqnin on the 796 flop. Things got more interesting after the J landed on the turn.

Vieira led out for 9,000. Vaqnin jacked it up to 20,000. Vieira three-bet to 50,000. Vagnin four-bet shoved and Vagnin called off for about 137,000 in total.

Cyril Vieira: 99
Meir Vaqnin: KK

Vieira got his stack in as a massive favorite and doubled his stack after the A river completed the board. Meanwhile, Vaqnin was left with less than 10 big blinds which he dusted off not too much later.

Cyril Vieira – 300,000
Meir Vaqnin – 0

Cyril Vieira

Late Registration Closed on Day 1c 3 Jun 22:05 by Jason Glatzer

Level 11: 600/1,200 (1,200)
Entries: 284/799

Players are back from dinner break, which means late registration has been closed. The Day 1c attracted a massive field of 799 entries with 284 players coming back from the dinner break to bring the total field up to 1,425 entries from the first three of five opening flights.

This means that Day 1c will conclude when there are 119 players remaining or fewer as each opening flight plays down to 15 percent of the field. All players that find a bag will advance to tomorrow’s Day 1c starting at 7 p.m. already in the money.

Dinner Break Chip Counts 3 Jun 21:11 by Arved Klöhn

Below are the biggest stacks we could find in the field. It looks like Romain Nardin and Angelo Onorato are the chip leaders now. Albert Keuftedjian, who is on his 5th bullet today finally managed to run his stack up and he’s among the big stacks as well.

Name Chips Big Blinds Table Seat
Romain Nardin 220,000 183 1 6
Angelo Onorato 210,000 175 20 8
Albert Keuftedjian 195,000 163 25 3
Feliciano Rosano 185,000 154 25 5
Christos Paparistodemou 180,000 150 14 9
Harald Redl 175,000 146 1 9
Mateusz Asztemborski 170,000 142 20 1
Alessandro Spata 165,000 138 21 4
Meir Israel Vaqnin 165,000 138 3 7
Edikas Jurgutis 160,000 133 21 5
Eylon Israel 160,000 133 27 5
Doron Peretz 155,000 129 19 1
Constantinos Miaris 150,000 125 28 4
Cyril Vieira 145,000 121 3 5
Mario Mancuso 145,000 121 13 5
Algirdas Saveikis 145,000 121 11 7
Vito La Barbera 140,000 117 4 8
Alex Montgomery 130,000 108 1 2
Matteo Liparulo 130,000 108 15 3
Wissam Ouertani 130,000 108 9 4
Christopher Campisano 130,000 108 11 4
Yiftach Atia 130,000 108 8 8
Herli Olop 127,000 106 11 8
Daniele Solidoro 125,000 104 9 1
Alessandro De Leo 125,000 104 27 6
Leonardo Romeo 125,000 104 10 7
Francesco Liberto 125,000 104 22 9
Mario Fontana 120,000 100 7 1
Pavle Pecelj 120,000 100 9 2
Erez Hen 120,000 100 24 3
Itamar Nachshon 120,000 100 12 4
Giuseppe Domicoli 120,000 100 26 8
Francesco Squillaci 120,000 100 27 8
Robert Cabral 115,000 96 26 4
Rain Moelderkivi 105,000 88 17 2
Martin Stoev 105,000 88 2 6
Emanuele Cassibba 105,000 88 7 6
Shaul Weinstein 105,000 88 9 7
Lucio Vito 105,000 88 2 8
Ronen Mirakov 100,000 83 17 1
Gaspare Sposato 100,000 83 10 4
Ann Reynolds 100,000 83 17 5
Rocco Ascia 100,000 83 4 7
Gal Yechezkel 100,000 83 14 8
Feliciano Montalbetti 95,000 79 20 5
Giuseppe Dedoni 95,000 79 3 6
Massimo Bruno 95,000 79 13 9
Stan van Dijk 95,000 79 23 9
Nuno De Sales 95,000 79 27 9
Itay Barak 90,000 75 13 2
Riccardo Arena 90,000 75 23 2
Kostadin Mihaylov 90,000 75 1 8
Dimitrios Kilintaris 85,000 71 23 1
Michael Funk 85,000 71 12 2
Dimitrios Sliakas 85,000 71 1 3
Vasilij Barna 85,000 71 7 3
Robert Robinson 85,000 71 28 3
Gregori Zubkov 85,000 71 7 5
Vincenzo Pellegrino 85,000 71 2 7
Yotam Ashkenazi 85,000 71 15 7
Francesco Della Sala 80,000 67 8 1
Nicodemo Piccolo 80,000 67 6 4
Guiseppe Spitale 80,000 67 19 7
Konstantin Poley 75,000 63 6 1
Yair Orbach 75,000 63 19 2
Arbel Hason 75,000 63 17 3
Shlomo Moalem 75,000 63 28 5
Danny Eihaiany 75,000 63 5 7
Gravagna Fausto 70,000 58 6 8

Registration is still open until the end of the day and turbo flight 1d is running in parallel as well.

We’ll be off on our own dinner break and be back at around 10pm.

Dinner Break 3 Jun 20:48 by Arved Klöhn

Have a break!

With the end of Level 10, all players of Main Event Flight 1c will go on a 75-minute dinner break.

During this break, we will do our thing and count the biggest stacks. We will be right back!

Gediminas Dirmantas Plays it Carefully 3 Jun 20:46 by Arved Klöhn

Level 10: 600/1,200 (1,200)
Entries: 289/795

Gediminas Dirmantas opened from middle position to 2.4k and Ahmed Abdulrahman called on the button.

Flop: 996

Dirmantas checked and Abdulrahman bet 5k. The bet was called.

Turn: 2

Both players checked.

River: T

Gediminas Dirmantas checked once more and now Ahmed Abdulrahman slid out an 8k bet. Abdulrahman quickly called.

Abdulrahman turned over 75 for a whiffed draw and Dirmantas showed down AA for a carefully played overpair.

Gediminas Dirmantas – 80,000
Ahmed Abdulrahman – 60,000

Telly Bartolo About The Perks of the Battle of Malta 3 Jun 20:27 by Arved Klöhn

Our very own Patrisha Rimfire met up with Telly Bartolo, Event & Marketing Director of the Battle Of Malta tournament. They chatted about the event, the atmosphere at the event, the Casino Malta, and the general player experience.

You can check out the full interview in the video below.

Rocco Ascia Hero Calls Vito La Barbera 3 Jun 20:22 by Arved Klöhn
Rocci Ascia and Vito la Barbera

Rocci Ascia and Vito la Barbera

Level 9: 600/1,200 (1,200)
Entries: 313/795

Rocco Ascia opened from middle position with a min-raise and right behind him, Vito La Barbera called. All other players folded.

Flop: 875

Ascia bet 4k and La Barbera instantly called.

Turn: 4

Ascia fired another bet, 12k. And again La Barbera called without much hesitation.

River: 9

Now Ascia slowed down and checked. In turn, La Barbera took over the betting and fired a fairly large 30k bet – close to the size of the pot. Rocco Ascia needed a few minutes to mull over the hand and eventually called.

Ascia showed JXJX for a weak overpair. La Barbera turned over 6X6X for a straight with almost perfect execution on the river for extracting maximum value.

Vito La Barbera – 130,000
Rocco Ascia – 76,000

Solidoro Wins the Battle of the Daniele’s 3 Jun 19:59 by Jason Glatzer

Level 9: 500/1,000 (1,000)
Entries: 344/789

Daniele Solidoro fired out for 10,000 into a pot of around double this amount with the 379A on the board after the turn. Daniele Gugliotta tanked for a couple of minutes before he called.

The J river completed the board. Solidoro jammed for 25,100. Gugliotta didn’t tank this time and made the quick call. Solidoro turned over the T8 for the nuts with a straight. Gugliotta was ahead until the river as he had AQ and paid off Solidoro after not staying ahead by the time the showdown took place.

Daniele Solidoro – 90,000
Daniele Gugliotta – 10,000

Daniele Solidoro

Turbo Flight 1d Starts at 8pm 3 Jun 19:38 by Arved Klöhn
Time to go into turbo mode

Time to go into turbo mode

The anticipation is building as the Battle of Malta Poker Tournament’s Main Event flight 1d is about to kick off in less than half an hour. With a €600 buy-in, players are ready to showcase their skills and compete for a shot at glory. The action begins at 8pm. The flight promises a fast-paced experience with 20-minute blind levels, ensuring that players need to stay sharp and make strategic moves to stay ahead. Re-entries are allowed for the first 10 levels, giving participants a chance to bounce back and secure a strong position in the competition. The stakes are high as players vie for a spot in Day 2, where they will continue their quest for the coveted title.

The pressure is on as players aim to survive until only 15% remain, securing a place in the money and a spot for Day 2. Every decision made at the table could be a game-changer, and the tension is palpable. As the chips continue to shuffle, the Battle of Malta Main Event flight 1d showcases the true spirit of poker, where skill, strategy, and a bit of luck can make all the difference in claiming victory.

We expect that this turbo flight will finish approximately as the ongoing Day 1c flight which just now enters the 8th level.

Lee Stewart in The Lead After Third Break 3 Jun 19:27 by Arved Klöhn

After doing my thing, here are the counts of the biggest stacks – all eyeballed and approximate, but hopefully good enough.

Name Chips Big Blinds Table Seat
Lee Stewart 175,000 146 33 7
Shlomo Moalem 160,000 133 28 5
Erez Hen 155,000 129 24 3
Eylon Israel 155,000 129 27 5
Christos Paparistodemou 145,000 121 14 9
Cyril Vieira 130,000 108 3 5
Rocco Ascia 130,000 108 4 7
Leonardo Romeo 130,000 108 10 7
Mathias Falandys 130,000 108 29 7
Riccardo Arena 125,000 104 23 2
Shaul Weinstein 125,000 104 9 7
Ugo Gasparini 125,000 104 30 7
Vikentios Fisentzou 120,000 100 51 1
Cosimo De Gennaro 120,000 100 35 2
Julian Selinger 120,000 100 43 2
Rytis Kriunas 120,000 100 36 4
Claudio Barone 115,000 96 15 2
Romain Nardin 115,000 96 1 6
Martin Stoev 110,000 92 2 6
Daniel Maunders 110,000 92 51 7
Ameed Khalil 110,000 92 19 8
Konstantin Poley 105,999 88 6 1
Edikas Jurgutis 105,000 88 21 5
Mateusz Asztemborski 100,000 83 20 1
Alex Montgomery 100,000 83 1 2
Andreas Pavli 100,000 83 47 2
Arbel Hason 100,000 83 17 3
Constantinos Miaris 100,000 83 28 4
Feliciano Rosano 100,000 83 25 5
Andrea Argnani 95,000 79 37 4
Algirdas Sukys 95,000 79 12 6
Marco Vaccarella 95,000 79 20 6
Krzysztof Michalik 95,000 79 20 7
Alvaro Da Silva 95,000 79 9 9
Emanuele Schembri 90,000 75 21 1
Pavle Pecelj 90,000 75 9 2
Angelo Patane 90,000 75 48 4
Gregori Zubkov 90,000 75 7 5
Grant Pirie 90,000 75 18 7
Michael Funk 85,000 71 12 2
Jose Vieira 85,000 71 36 2
Candido Cappiello 85,000 71 16 6
Jorge Barros 85,000 71 17 6
Mateusz Pawlowski 85,000 71 8 9
Riccardo Saraniero 80,000 67 34 1
Ann Reynolds 80,000 67 17 5
Zvang Shachar 80,000 67 21 6
Kevin Karenius 80,000 67 43 9
Itay Barak 80,000 67 48 9
Domenico Zappia 75,000 63 37 8
Gediminas Dirmantas 75,000 63 41 9
Alessandro LaBarbera 70,000 58 27 7
Dario Nittolo 65,000 54 22 1
Michal Anzulewicz 65,000 54 33 9
Lior Sahar 60,000 50 34 5
Well, That Was Fast 3 Jun 19:09 by Jason Glatzer

Time seemingly flew by as we are already on another break. Of course, the time gap for this break from the last one was in fact shorter than before as it was after two blind levels of 40-minutes each instead of the three levels we had earlier.

Arved will be doing his thing. Meaning he will be getting a beer. Meaning that he will be updating the chip counts of the biggest stacks at the break as we have been doing throughout the Battle of Malta each and every break.

Costly Mistake for Zappia 3 Jun 19:01 by Jason Glatzer

Level 8: 400/800 (800)
Entries: 386/780

Alfonso Simone limped from the hijack before Andrea Bracciali jammed for 10,000 from the cutoff. Domenico Zappia called from the button as did Alistair Sparrow from the big blind. Simone folded and Zappia turned his cards over as he perhaps didn’t see Sparrow’s call to show he had the AQ. The dealer forced him to keep his cards face-up as the 842 flop was dealt.

Sparrow fired out for 15,000. Zappia quickly folded and Sparrow and Simone showed their hands.

Alfonso Simone: AT
Alistair Sparrow: 66

Sparrow’s sixes were good to felt Simone after the K turn and the 2 river completed the board. Meanwhile, if Zappia was able to stick around, this same runout would have improved him to the nut flush.

Alistair Sparrow – 75,000
Alfonso Simone – 0

Alistair Sparrow

Picone Spikes a Lucky Jack 3 Jun 18:54 by Arved Klöhn
Giacomo Picone

Giacomo Picone with his newly found chips

Level 8: 400/800 (800)
Entries: 396/779

Slowly the action picks up pace. With 400/800 blinds and ante in play, players are enticed to play more aggressively and more and more players are working with shallow stacks, leading to more and more preflop all-ins.

One of those all-ins we just witnessed at Table 35. In a button vs blind clash, Alessandro Barone was all-in with AXQX against Giacomo Picone who held AXJX.

Picone was dominated but the board ran out KXJX4X2XAX, giving him two pair and awarding him the pot, and sending Barone to the rails.

Giacomo Picone – 55,000
Alessandro Barone – 0

Sparrow Rivers Straight, Gets Paid 3 Jun 18:34 by Arved Klöhn

Level 7: 300/600 (600)
Entries: 425/769

While strolling through the tournament area we witnessed the Maltese local Alistair Sparrow win a decently sized pot against Marco Siciliano from Italy.

We arrived at the hand on the flop with 6k in the middle and the board reading KJ8.

It was checked to Siciliano on the button who bet 3k. Sparrow called in the small blind and so did Andrea Argani in the big blind.

The 3 on the turn was checked by all players. After the river fell A and now Sparrow fired 7k. Argani folded but Siciliano called the bet.

Sparrow flashed QT – the nuts and Siciliano mucked his hand.

Alistair Sparrow – 44,000
Marco Siciliano – 32,000

Table Impressed by Schembri’s Hero Call 3 Jun 18:30 by Jason Glatzer

Level 7: 300/600 (600)
Entries: 433/764

Emanuele Schembre checked with about 30,000 in the pot and the 2T777 on the board. His opponent jammed for around 15,000. Schembre tanked for a few moments before he called.

Schembre’s opponent tried to toss his hand without showing it into the muck but the dealer fished it out and forced both players to show their hands. Schembre’s opponent had an open-ended straight draw but really had nothing at showdown with just the 98. Meanwhile, Schembre turned over the 62 and the table commented in shock at Schembre’s correct hero call.

Emanuele Schembre – 70,000

Emanuele Schembre

Day 1c Impressions 3 Jun 18:16 by Arved Klöhn
Something Better Than Ace-Queen for Pirie 3 Jun 18:01 by Jason Glatzer

Level 7: 300/600 (600)
Entries: 464/737

We caught up with the action with Ignazio Cugliandro having a three-bet for 4,900 in front of him. Grant Pirie four-bet to 12,000. Cugliandro tanked for a few moments before he called.

Cugliano checked the Q3A flop before Pirie jammed for his six-figure stack.

“Ace-queen?” asked Cugliandro.

Pirie shrugged his shoulders to say, ‘Maybe you are right, maybe you are wrong.’

Cugliandro called a short while later and the cards were turned over.

Ignazio Cugliandro: AK
Grant Pirie: QQ

Cugliandro was correct with his thought about being behind but he was close to drawing dead despite flopping the top pair with the top kicker with Pirie holding a set of ladies. Cugliandro was drawing dead after the 8 turn and was officially out of chips after the 7 river completed the board.

Grant Pirie – 160,000
Ignazio Cugliandro – 0

Grant Pirie

Four Cards, One Goal: The Battle of Malta PLO Side Event Unleashes 3 Jun 17:56 by Arved Klöhn
Four Aces

Four Aces (not that good in Omaha though)

The Battle of Malta Poker Tournament is about to unleash a frenzy of poker prowess in its latest spectacle, the Pot Limit Omaha (PLO) Side Event starts at 6pm. Get ready to dive headfirst into a world of four-card madness and jaw-dropping pot-building action!

This ain’t your grandma’s ordinary poker game, folks. We’re talking about PLO, the variant where players hold not three, but four secret weapons up their sleeves. Oh yes, you heard that right – four cards of sheer power, ready to lay waste to the competition. It’s like watching an octopus juggle chainsaws while riding a unicycle on a tightrope. Exciting? You bet!

Now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty details that make this PLO Side Event a must-attend shindig. First things first, the buy-in is a humble €200. Re-entries are allowed. It’s like getting a second chance at love, only with fewer sappy rom-com moments and more intense poker faces.

And hold your horses, because the structure is as fast and furious as Vin Diesel in a rocket-powered go-kart. With 20-minute blind levels, you better buckle up and prepare for a wild ride. It’s like speed-dating, except instead of awkward conversations, you’ll be throwing chips into the pot faster than a cheetah chasing down its dinner.

Romeo & Agnoletto in Front (Most Likely) 3 Jun 17:48 by Arved Klöhn

While at the break, we tried to count the biggest stacks. No guarantees, as there are way too many tables to accurately assess all stacks. But those should be the biggest stacks in the room:

Name Chips Big Blinds Table Seat
Leonardo Romeo 125,000 208 10 7
Andrea Agnoletto 125,000 208 49 9
Grant Pirie 120,000 200 18 7
Gregori Zubkov 115,000 192 7 5
Mathias Falandys 115,000 192 29 7
Vikentios Fisentzou 110,000 183 63 5
Candido Cappiello 110,000 183 16 6
Giuseppe Domicoli 110,000 183 26 8
Guiseppe Spitale 105,000 175 48 6
Ugo Gasparini 105,000 175 30 7
Paparistodemou Christos 105,000 175 14 9
Vyacheslav Barski 100,000 167 17 2
Andrea Argnani 100,000 167 37 4
Feliciano Montalbetti 100,000 167 51 5
Riccardo Saraniero 95,000 158 34 1
Jose Vieira 95,000 158 36 2
Harding Jamie 95,000 158 4 4
Sharon Moalem 95,000 158 28 5
Emmanouil Zografakis 95,000 158 45 7
Nuno De Sales 95,000 158 27 9
Gal Bar 90,000 150 25 9
Kevin Karenius 90,000 150 43 9
Olivier Klat 85,000 142 32 4
Eylon Israel 85,000 142 27 5
Domenico Condo 80,000 133 46 2
Yossef Cohen 80,000 133 6 3
Alexander Kulitsky 80,000 133 45 3
Meir Miron 80,000 133 24 6
Yiftach Atia 80,000 133 8 8
Gregory Telman 75,000 125 33 1
Fabio Frusca 75,000 125 8 2
Pavle Pecelj 75,000 125 9 2
Michele Messina 75,000 125 21 2
Andrea Tedesco 75,000 125 14 4
Lee Stewart 75,000 125 33 7
Lucio Vito 75,000 125 2 8
Rosario Gulisano 75,000 125 1 9
Riccardo Arena 70,000 117 23 2
Alessandro Spata 70,000 117 21 4
Giuseppe Liotta 70,000 117 44 5
Mario Sparta 70,000 117 13 7
Cristofaro Cozzolino 65,000 108 22 3
Alessandro De Leo 65,000 108 41 3
Angelo Patane 65,000 108 48 4
Alessandro Ercolani 65,000 108 24 7
Francesco Squillaci 65,000 108 27 8
Dario Nittolo 60,000 100 22 1
Ann Reynolds 60,000 100 17 5
Martin Stoev 60,000 100 2 6
Stan van Dijk 60,000 100 23 9
Matteo Liparulo 55,000 92 15 3
Break Time 3 Jun 17:36 by Jason Glatzer

Players are on their second break of Day 1c. We will have an assorted big stack update during the break as usual.

Blinds will increase to 300/600 with a 600 big blinds ante before moving onto 400/800 with an 800 big blind ante. Another break will take place after both of these 40-minute blind levels.

Friendly River for Cristiano 3 Jun 17:30 by Jason Glatzer

Level 6: 200/500 (500)
Entries: 466/721

Salvatore Cristiano opened for 1,500 from early position and was called by Ricardo Lukauskas before Oded Glam three-bet jammed for 6,300. Yaniv Tomsis flat-called before Cristiano four-bet shoved for 10,200. Lukauskas folded and Tomsis called having his two opponents at risk.

Oded Glam: 55
Salvatore Cristiano: KQ
Yaniv Tomsis: JJ

Glam and Cristiano both got out of their chairs after the 639 landed on the flop. The 3 paired the board on the turn before Tomsis muttered something under his breath after Cristiano got there on the K river to win the hand with a better two pair than both his opponents.

Yaniv Tomsis – 40,000
Salvatore Cristiano – 30,000
Oded Glam – 0

Salvatore Cristiano

Zuczkowski Flips Out 3 Jun 17:15 by Arved Klöhn
Yiftach Atia and Xavier Zuczkowski

Yiftach Atia and Xavier Zuczkowski

Level 6: 200/500 (500)
Entries: 484/709

Over at Table Eight, Xavier Zuczkowski just lost his last flip on his second bullet today.

The action was folded to Yiftach Atia in the small blind and he opened up with a raise. Zuczkowski moved all-in for 7,300 and after some deliberation Atia made the call. Showdown.

Xavier Zuczkowski: A9
Yiftach Atia: 55

Board: 863Q2

No help for Zuczkowski and he had to take his leave. He’ll have to fire a third bullet if he wants another shot at making Day 2.

Deuces Sometimes Loses 3 Jun 17:06 by Jason Glatzer

Level 6: 200/500 (500)
Entries: 502/694

There is a saying in poker that deuces never loses. Now between us, we know this isn’t always the case or even usually the case. But what if you flop a set of deuces? Typically you would expect them to never lose as well but that wasn’t the case just now for Danilo Scevola.

There were 6,400 in front of Alessandro La Barbera and a jam by Scevola that more than covered the 24,500 that La Barbera had behind with the 6428 on the board after the turn. La Barbera found a call and the cards were turned over.

Alessandro La Barbera: QQ
Danilo Scevola: 22

Scevola was ahead but La Barbera had some equity to survive with the two remaining queens still alive as well as any heart. Scevola slammed the table lightly before taking out his phone to snap a photo of the board in disbelief after La Barbera got there with a flush with the T river completing the board.

Meanwhile, Day 1c is approaching 700 entries and counting. Great job to the players and Battle of Malta organizers for an amazing day.

Chip Protector

Italia Play Side Event Takes Center Stage: Brace Yourself for Turbo-Charged Poker Action! 3 Jun 17:02 by Arved Klöhn

Italia PlayHold onto your poker chips and buckle up for a whirlwind of excitement, because the “Italia Play Side Event” is about to kick off at the Battle of Malta Poker Tournament!

Sponsored by the folks at “Italia Play,” this event promises to be a rollercoaster ride of chips, bluffs, and nail-biting moments. Get ready to dive into the adrenaline-filled world of No Limit Hold’em, where fortunes can change faster than a cheetah on Red Bull.

With a buy-in of €300, this tournament attracts poker enthusiasts from all walks of life. Whether you’re a seasoned pro with a poker face that could rival Mount Rushmore or a newbie looking to hit the jackpot, there’s a seat at the table for everyone. And hey, if Lady Luck isn’t on your side, fear not! Re-Entries are allowed, so you’ll have more chances to turn your poker dreams into reality.

The Italia Play Side Event brings the heat with its turbo structure, featuring lightning-fast 20-minute blind levels. That’s right, buckle up your seatbelts, because the action will be faster than a racecar driving through a tornado. So, grab your lucky rabbit’s foot, your favorite poker hat, and get ready to shuffle up and deal. The Italia Play Side Event at the Battle of Malta Poker Tournament is about to take the poker world by storm! May your hands be full of aces, your bluffs be legendary, and your opponents quake in their boots. It’s time to let the chips fall where they may and see who will emerge as the true poker royalty. Good luck, poker warriors!

Bored at the Tables? 3 Jun 16:28 by Arved Klöhn

EBook at the tableThere’s a saying that Poker is moments of sheer terror and hours of boredom. So what do the players at the tables do during those hours of boredom?

We did some counting on the side activities that the players pursue while at the tables. Here’s what we counted:

  • Listening to music: 83 players
  • Messaging on their phone: 72 players
  • Making phone calls: 1 player
  • Watching a movie or series on their phone: 9 players
  • Watching sports on their phone: 4 players
  • Watching poker streams on their phone: 1 player
  • Swiping through Insta or TikTok: 9 players
  • Playing games on their phone: 6 players
  • Playing poker on their phone: only 2 players
  • Browsing Sports Betting Sites: 3 players
  • Eating something: 2 players
  • Getting a massage: 2 players
  • Reading an e-book: 1 player
  • Reading a proper book: 1 player
Cowboys No Good for Morello 3 Jun 16:25 by Jason Glatzer

Level 5: 200/400 (400)
Entries: 499/634

Day 1c is now officially bigger than both Day 1a and Day 1b combined with the total field now approaching 1,300 entries. One player that will need to re-enter if he wants a shot at a massive payday in the Battle of Malta Main Event is Vittorio Morello after he lost his stack to Sharon Moalem as follows:

Morello fired out for 4,000 into a pot of around 12,000 on the 3T6 flop. Moalem called while Giuseppe Privitera folded. Morello bet 5,000 on the 5 turn. Moalem called and Morello bet another 5,000 on the 9 river. Moalem asked for a look at Morello’s stack before he jammed for far more than the 10,000 remaining in Morello’s stack if he folded.

Morello shrugged his shoulders before he called. He then attempted to muck his cards after Moalem turned over the A8. The dealer turned over Morello’s cards as it was an all-in and a call and he held an overpair with KK.

Sharon Moalem – 95,000
Giuseppe Privatera – 12,000
Vittorio Morello – 0

Set of Cowboys for Desmond to Felt Evert 3 Jun 16:03 by Jason Glatzer

Level 4: 100/300 (300)
Entries: 506/607

There were about 20,000 in chips in the pot when Cory Desmond jammed for more than the approximately 12,000 in chips Tanel Evert had left in his stack by the time the turn came around with the Q39K on the board.

Evert tanked for a few moments before opting to call.

Tanel Evert: AK
Cory Desmond: KK

Evert was drawing dead despite holding a decent hand with the top pair and the top kicker as Desmond held the top set. The blank 6 river made the hand official and Evert’s chips, at least on this bullet, went over to Desmond.

Cory Desmond

David Keuftedjian: The 4th Time Around 3 Jun 15:52 by Arved Klöhn

Level 3: 100/300 (300)
Entries: 497/583

Within the first four levels of today, David Keuftedjian entered the main event a whopping three times.

So far, he had absolutely no luck with any of his bullets as we just saw him lose another all-in.

Keuftedjian was already down to roughly 10k chips and we arrived at the table when the river was dealt: 76QTT. Keuftedjian moved all-in for roughly 6k and his opponent, Rocco Ascia called.

Keuftedjian showed JXJX – not good enough against Ascia’s top pair with KQ.

Rocco Ascia – 35,000
David Keuftedjian – 0

Without missing a beat, Keuftedjian re-entered. Maybe his 4th bullet will prove more successfull!

Player’s Perspective: Tarmo Tammel’s Journey through Battle of Malta 2023 3 Jun 15:40 by Arved Klöhn

Tarmo Tammel is one of the most accomplished Estonian poker players. Patrisha Rimfire sat down with him to talk about his Battle of Malta experience so far.

Tammel mentions that he has played in the Battle of Malta six times in the past, primarily in the main event, and although he hasn’t had any deep runs, he is satisfied with his overall performance and results. He describes Battle of Malta as a great place to compete.

When asked about the differences between Battle of Malta and other tournaments, Tammel compares the energy and players. He notes that in Estonia, where he usually plays, there are more Nordic players, while Battle of Malta attracts players from Mediterranean countries like Italy and Israel. He highlights that these players are generally more emotional and less aggressive, making it easier to understand their emotions and play styles.

Tammel shares some memorable hands from the tournament. He recalls a critical bubble hand where he successfully squeezed with a weak hand, causing an opponent with Ace Jack to fold, ensuring his survival in the tournament. In another hand, he played pocket Aces deceptively, extracting good value from an opponent with Jacks before the flop, resulting in a significant pot win.

Tammel mentions that Texas Hold’em is the most popular variant, with some players also enjoying Omaha and a few participating in an eight-game format. He acknowledges a slight influence from Swedish poker culture in Estonia, where unique games are played, though not as widely.

Check out the full interview here:

Assorted Big Stacks at Break 3 Jun 15:25 by Arved Klöhn
Card Racer

We’re racing to get all the counts

During the break, we did a super quick eyeballing of all the chip counts. We’re not sure we got all the big stacks (due to the sheer amount of tables right now), but we’re quite positive, we got the most of them.


Name Chips Big Blinds Table Seat
Nuno De Sales 95,000 317 27 9
Vyacheslav Barski 85,000 283 17 2
Angelo Onorato 85,000 283 20 8
Doron Peretz 80,000 267 19 1
Michele Cuomo 80,000 267 23 1
Andrea Agnoletto 80,000 267 49 9
Gal Bar 75,000 250 25 9
Nimi Cohen 70,000 233 49 2
Mathias Falandys 70,000 233 29 7
Yiftach Atia 70,000 233 8 8
Kevin Karenius 70,000 233 43 9
Meir Miron 65,000 217 24 6
Alaa Ganem 60,000 200 10 1
Martin Stoev 60,000 200 2 6
Theresa Elizabeth 60,000 200 7 7
Domenico Zappia 60,000 200 37 8
Charles Gritz 60,000 200 21 9
Roni Kagan 55,000 183 12 1
Dario Nittolo 55,000 183 22 1
Pavle Pecelj 55,000 183 9 2
Algirdas Saveikis 55,000 183 47 3
Gregori Zubkov 55,000 183 7 5
Fabio Rubino 55,000 183 15 8
Stefano Munafo 50,000 167 5 6
Giovanni Gentile 50,000 167 9 6
Victor Vozian 50,000 167 35 9
Dimitrios Koultoukis 45,000 150 1 8
First Break 3 Jun 15:09 by Jason Glatzer

Day 1c is on its first break. The field has climbed to 528 entries with 465 players still with chips in front of them.

We will update assorted big stack chip counts on the break and blinds will increase to 100/300 with a 300 big blind ante when the action resumes in 20 minutes.

Inaugural BoM Champion in the House 3 Jun 15:08 by Arved Klöhn
Nicodemo Piccolo

The very first BoM Champion Nicodemo Piccolo (Image via PokerListings)

Eleven years ago the first Battle of Malta was launched, back then by PokerListings.

The very champion was the Italian Nicodemo Piccolo who prevailed in a field of 349 entries.

This year, Piccolo is back, he just took his seat at Table 58, trying to repeat his success from more than a decade ago.

Good luck!

Bobbone Sticks With His Hunch 3 Jun 14:43 by Jason Glatzer

Level 3: 100/200 (200)
Entries: 442/474

The Day 1c field is approaching 500 entries! It won’t be a surprise at this point if Day 1c attracts around the same number of entries as Day 1a and Day 1b combined with the first two opening flights bringing in 626 entries.

Grant Pirie jammed for more than the 13,000 Christian Bobbone had left in his hand into a pot of nearly 15,000 and the Q4K6T on the board after the river. Bobbone tanked for three minutes before he tried to get a reaction from Pirie.

“You have ace-jack of diamonds?” Pirie asked.

Pirie went back into the tank for another three minutes before he tried again after getting no reaction the first time.

“Two pair, no good?” asked Pirie. “You have ace-jack of diamonds?”

Another few minutes passed by before another player not in the hand called for time. The floor arrived, chatted with the dealer, and Bobbone folded shortly after.

Bobbone was telling the truth as he showed his K4 for two pair before mucking his cards. Pirie quietly collected the pot without showing whether he indeed have the ace-jack of diamonds or any other cards that might have beat Bobbone’s two pair.

Christian Bobbone

All-In Madness at Battle of Malta: 26 Players Bow Out Early 3 Jun 14:36 by Arved Klöhn

Level 2: 100/200 (200)
Entries: 324/450

As the clock ticks away, we find ourselves in level 3, where the stakes are getting higher and the tension is palpable. The small blind is 100, the big blind is 200, and a sassy ante of 200 is keeping everyone on their toes!

A whopping 450 brave souls stepped up to the plate so far, aiming for poker glory and a chance to claim victory at the Battle of Malta. However, Lady Luck has been unpredictable, as 26 players have already hit the rail and are probably sipping cocktails by the beach. Will their fortunes change in future battles? Only time will tell! Re-entries are still up for grabs until the beginning of level 11, right around 10pm. If you’ve been bitten by the bad beat bug, don’t fret! There’s still a chance to dust off those poker chips and rejoin the fray. You never know when the poker gods might smile upon you!

BoM Day 1c

Some Impressions From the Tables (Day 1b Pictures) 3 Jun 14:07 by Arved Klöhn
Gentile Rivers Boat, Doubles Up 3 Jun 14:05 by Arved Klöhn
Giovanni Gentile

Giovanni Gentile after rivering a boat

Level 2: 100/100 (100)
Entries: 388/402

With so many players in the room, the action is fast-paced and after less than two levels we already lost 10 players. One player who will most likely not be among those anytime soon is the Italian Giovanni Gentile.

In a massive pot against Ga Bar-Gal he just doubled up. We arrived at the table with the board reading 882Q9. Roughly 11,000 chips were in the middle and Bar-Gal bet 3,100. Gentile quickly moved all-in and Bar-Gal called after he could not figure out a better course of action.

Bar-Gal tabled 83 for trips, but was crushed against Gentile 99. The Italian had rivered a boat and took home this massive pot.

Giovanni Gentile – 44,600
Ga Bar-Gal – 6,000

€500K Main Event Guarantee Already Met 3 Jun 13:45 by Jason Glatzer

Level 1: 100/100
Entries: 369/374

The turnout has been smashed for the €500,000 guaranteed 2023 Battle of Malta Spring Edition €600 Main Event with 374 entries already coming into today. The guarantee eventually be decimated as the prize pool will continue to grow and grow for the next couple of days.

Additionally, the tournament has reached its magic number of 1,000 entries and counting including 374 entries and counting on Day 1c.Battle of Malta Tournament Area


Lauretta Jams the River 3 Jun 13:31 by Jason Glatzer

Level 1: 100/100
Entries: 329/331

While the pots have been relatively small as expected at many tables during Level 1, there have been some bigger spots already at other tables.

In a recent hand on Table 32, Igor Buda checked with more than 10,000 in the pot and the 94553 on the board. Claudio Lauretta jammed for 17,400. Buda tanked for a couple of minutes before giving up on the hand.

Meanwhile, Grigoris Kyriazi and Kostadin Mihaylov hit the rail at around the same time at other tables.

Claudio Lauretta

More Than 300 Entries 3 Jun 13:27 by Jason Glatzer

Level 1: 100/100
Entries: 306/306

Our predictions look like they will be correct that Day 1c will grow into the largest opening flight of them all in the Main Event. There are already more than 300 entries and this will continue to climb with late registration not closing until the start of Level 11.

Day 1a attracted 273 entries with Day 1b coming in even bigger with 353 entries to bring the Main Event closer and closer to smashing its guarantee. At this point, it would be shocking if the guarantee wasn’t broken soon and then it is just a matter of how big the Main Event will grow as in addition to Day 1c there are two turbo flights taking place tonight and tomorrow before the start of Day 2 on Sunday at 7 p.m.

Best of luck to all of the Main Event players. The atmosphere is buzzing, so be sure to have some fun as well.

2023 Battle of Malta Spring Edition Main Event


Let’s Get the Party Started – Shuffle Up and Deal 3 Jun 13:08 by Arved Klöhn

This is going to be a big one. With 200 players registered for Day 1c already, we expect a full house in the Casino Malta today for the “Battle of Malta” Main Event.

Just as on the last two days, Patrisha Rimfire opened the action and welcomed all the players before “Shuffle and Deal” was announced, marking the beginning of most likely 16 levels of play today.

Patrisha Rimfire

Patrisha Rimfire

Today’s Main- and Side-Event Schedule 3 Jun 11:55 by Arved Klöhn

The action is set to reach new heights today with an array of thrilling tournaments designed to cater to every poker enthusiast’s taste. Prepare yourself for an exhilarating day as we break down the lineup of events that will keep players on the edge of their seats.

Main Event Day 1c (€600 buy-in) – 1pm

The centerpiece of the Battle of Malta, the Main Event, continues with Day 1c, offering players another chance to showcase their skills and compete for a share of the colossal prize pool. With a buy-in of €600, the competition promises to be fierce as seasoned professionals and rising stars battle it out on the felts.

“Itlia Play” Side Event (€300 buy-in) – 5pm

For those seeking a unique and thrilling poker experience, the “Itlia Play” Side Event steps into the spotlight at 5pm. With a buy-in of €300, this tournament offers a more accessible entry point while still providing ample opportunities for players to demonstrate their expertise. Expect a lively atmosphere and fierce competition as participants vie for a coveted spot among the top finishers.

Pot Limit Omaha Side Event (€200 buy-in) – 6pm

Pot Limit Omaha enthusiasts rejoice, as the Pot Limit Omaha Side Event takes center stage at 6pm. With a buy-in of €200, this tournament presents a fantastic opportunity for players who excel in the four-card variant of poker. Brace yourself for thrilling hands, strategic maneuvers, and the unmistakable intensity that Pot Limit Omaha brings to the felt.

Main Event Day 1d Turbo Flight (€600 buy-in) – 8pm

As the day progresses, the stakes are raised even higher with the Main Event Day 1d Turbo Flight at 8pm. This fast-paced turbo flight injects a sense of urgency into the competition, pushing players to make quick decisions and adapt to the accelerated pace. With a buy-in of €600, participants will need to bring their A-game to secure their spot in Day 2 and keep their dreams of claiming the ultimate title alive.

The Battle Rages On: Day 1c Promises Nail-biting Action at Battle of Malta 3 Jun 11:47 by Arved Klöhn

Battle of Malta Tournament AreaToday marks an exciting milestone of the Battle of Malta as we embark on Day 1c, the third and final regular starting flight of this thrilling competition. Players from around the globe have gathered at the stunning Casino Malta venue, eagerly awaiting their chance to showcase their skills and claim their stake in this intense battle of wits and strategy.

At precisely 1pm, the cards will hit the felt, signaling the commencement of gameplay. With 40-minute levels and breaks scheduled every 2-3 levels, the action promises to be non-stop, with players engaging in calculated moves and bold bluffs to outwit their opponents. As the day progresses, anticipation builds towards the evening’s dinner break, a moment of respite for participants to recharge and reflect on their progress thus far.

Late Registration remains open until the dinner break, allowing those who wish to join the fray a chance to test their mettle against the formidable competition. Today, we expect a formidable turnout of over 500 players, each with their eyes set on victory and the coveted title of “Battle of Malta” champion.

Surviving Day 1c is no small feat. Only the top 15% of the field will advance to Day 2, where the intensity will undoubtedly escalate. However, there is an added incentive for those who make it through the day: all players who survive Day 1c are guaranteed a share of the prize pool, adding an extra layer of excitement and tension to this leg of the tournament.

But the action doesn’t end here. For those who miss out on Day 1c, two turbo starting flights lie ahead. The first turbo flight will take place tonight, providing a second chance for players to make their mark. Tomorrow morning brings the final opportunity with the last turbo flight, ensuring that every contender has a shot at glory.

Please note that we will not provide live blog coverage of the two turbo flights except the final chip counts.

Already, the “Battle of Malta” has proven its appeal, with a staggering 623 entries after the conclusion of Day 1a and Day 1b. Out of those entries, a formidable 94 players have managed to secure a seat at Day 2, a testament to their exceptional skill and resilience. As we move forward, the excitement mounts, and the anticipation for who will emerge as the ultimate victor intensifies.

Stay tuned as we bring you live updates, riveting hand analyses, and exclusive interviews with the competitors throughout this enthralling poker tournament. Brace yourselves for the Battle of Malta, where fortunes will be won, legends will be born, and the spirit of competition will reign supreme. Let the cards fall where they may, and let the games begin!

Here you can follow yesterday’s action in one video: